Festive Home Bits

I’m so much more festive this year and if you’ve been watching #24DaysofZoella and other YouTubers Vlogmas everyday like me, I bet you’re feeling the same way. So for today’s post I wanted to share a new little festive edition to my bedroom, which is a mini Christmas tree complete with mini baubles and dog ornaments!


Everything in these images, from the tree to the ornaments, tree topper, baubles and even the little lights are from Typo. I noticed this year that a lot of stores carried mini Christmas trees which is a perfect idea for people living in apartments or for someone like me who just wants to decorate their bedroom. Typo went all out and provided everything you could ever need to decorate your mini tree, even giving you pre cut strands of twine to hang your baubles and ornaments with! I did however find this material to slowly bend out of the knots I tied, and just ended up wedging the baubles onto the branches are the hooks are quite large, so there’s a tip.



I couldn’t leave without picking up this pack of dog ornaments, especially considering Dachshunds and Pugs are two of my three favourite dog breeds (Corgis make up my golden trio).  You also got a discount when you bought three Christmas tree items, so it was a sign!


I think this tree satisfies how festive I want to make my bedroom, but if you want more inspiration I would suggest maybe hanging some spare fairy lights somewhere in your room or lighting a Christmas scented candle if you see one in the shops (Glasshouse have an annual Christmas range but they only come in the large $40 sizes). I’ve only ever experienced Christmas in Australia, so watching British  vloggers has definitely been my biggest influence this holiday season.


I’ll leave you with a little finish product of the tree. I hope you enjoyed this festive post and keep an eye out for more Christmas inspired updates in the lead up to the big day!

All the love,

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 7.35.13 pm

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