2015 Beauty Favourites

Hello and welcome to my 2015 Beauty Favourites, a post celebrating my most beloved items and brands of the year thats been! 2015 was definitely the year I got well and truly into the makeup world, thanks to the hours of YouTube I watched and countless discussions with my friends about what Mecca Maxima is currently stocking. I found some Holy Grail items this year and used them for all their worth, but can’t wait to try out more brands and products in 2016. So without further ado, here’s my Beauty Favourites for 2015!

My first favourite is a product I’ve only started using in December, but I love it so much already that I couldn’t leave it off my list! It’s the Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous foundation and I am blown away with how much I love it! Inspired to try this out after seeing how often Shaaanxo uses it (and how flawless her complexion always looks!), I’m so pleased that this foundation also works for me. Another plus is that it’s a perfect match to my Revlon Colourstay concealer, which is another favourite of mine! I repurchased this concealer, changed my foundation to a Maybelline one, and it suddenly looked overly yellow and highlighted my blemishes rather than concealing them, so I’m so pleased that I can actually use this concealer again!


Speaking of Maybelline, I loved heaps of their products this past year. The foundation that didn’t work with my Revlon concealer is their new Fit Me! Matte + Pourless foundation, which I used for almost this whole year! I loved this foundation, it’s affordable, doesn’t make me look oily or cakey and doesn’t wear off throughout the day. Fit Me! has a light to medium coverage, which I found great for school, but now that I’ve graduated I’ve found myself using the Covergirl foundation heaps more because I have that freedom to use more coverage.


I jumped right onto the bold brows bandwagon this year thanks to Maybelline’s Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara in Dark Brown. My natural brows don’t need much filling in but I really love the fullness and definition this product gives to my brows, and has become an everyday staple in my makeup bag that I will surely be using well into 2016 before I revamp my brow routine.

Along with bold brows, I can’t leave the house without some mascara. After buying into the hype surrounding Maybelline’s new Lash Sensational mascara, my old Holy Grail Too Faced mascara hasn’t been touched in months! I’m not sure if I’ve bought the waterproof version, but I’m so happy that this mascara doesn’t smudge under my eyes like my Too Faced one did, while still giving my lashes length, volume and flutter.


My favourite lipstick this year goes to the Hourglass Femme Nude lipstick in the shade Number 4 Pink Beige, purely for sentimental reasons as this is the lipstick my makeup artist picked for my Year 12 Formal. It’s more of a lip crayon than a lipstick, and she paired it with a glossy nude Hourglass lip gloss. They were my first Hourglass purchases and made me feel so special and sophisticated that night that no other lipstick this year came close to giving me that feeling!


2015 was definitely the year of contouring, with Kardashian inspired makeup tutorials popping up everywhere and contour kits hitting the shelves from what felt like every brand, including both drugstore and high end. After realising I didn’t have a proper bronzer I stumbled across this Smashbox Step By Step Contour Kit and instantly knew it was the kit I wanted. A lot of brands like ABH and Australis brought out kits with at least 6 contouring and highlighting shades, and I personally found that overwhelming and unnecessary for someone like me who just wanted something basic and essential. I was hesitant to use this kit at first, but it soon became an everyday staple for me! The contour shade is cool toned so it suits fair skin and doesn’t make me look muddy and the bronzer shade is perfect without going overboard. This kit also came with a bonus contour brush which I loved as I didn’t own a contour brush prior to this. For getting a contour shade, bronzer, highlighter and brush for only $60 is pretty great to me.


A cult classic amongst Narcissists like, my favourite blush this year was the Nars Orgasm blush. I’ve used this everyday since February 2014 and I hasn’t even hit pan yet! It’s the most gorgeous pink shimmery shade and my first Nars product, so its definitely become sentimental to me. Although I love it I do want to branch out in 2016 and try other blushes, particularly the Too Faced Love Flush blushes as I’ve heard their shades and pigmentation are amazing.


How could this be a 2015 Beauty Favourites without mentioning my ultimate favourite this year, the Too Faced Natural Eyes palette! I got this as a birthday present this year and it’s honestly been the most amazing palette ever. From the packaging, to the creamy texture and pigmentation of the shades to the amount of looks I’ve been about to create, this palette honestly wins at life. I’ve recommended this to so many of my friends and even gifted it to some of them, purely because I love it so much and think it would suit anyone. Whether you want just a wash of colour on your lids when you’re in a rush to creating a beautiful gold smokey eye, this palette has you covered. Plus it’s so handy and small yet sturdy it’s the ultimate travel buddy. I could talk about this product until I’m blue in the face, but basically this palette was the best purchase this year hands down and you need it in your life.


To create your beautiful eye shadow looks you’ll need some brushes, and my favourites this year were these two brushes from Too Faced that came in a set. The blender brush is the perfect crease brush to buff in a transition shade while the all over shadow brush distributes the perfect amount of feature colour onto your lids. My go-to eye shadow routine consists of using the blender brush with Cashmere Bunny from the Natural Eyes palette in my crease then taking the all over shadow brush and patting Honey Pot all over my lids, and then I’m good to go.


My final beauty favourite this year goes to my makeup bag! I’ve been using the Zoella Beauty “Just Say Yes” cosmetics bag for a few months now and I absolutely love it! It sits on my bathroom counter and is so neat but fits honestly my entire makeup collection with room to spare. I use it everyday plus take it travelling with me and still looks good as new, plus if you do spill something on it the material it’s made from makes for an easy clean up. I’ve loved all the Zoella Beauty products I’ve owned this year, but this bag was definitely a stand to me and thought it would make the perfect end to my favourites this year.

So that’s it! Those were my favourite, holy grail stand out items of the year that’s been. I’m so excited to try new products and write about them here on the blog during 2016, so stick around for that and you might discover a favourite of yours as well! Leave a comment with what you loved in 2015, whether it’s beauty related or a tv show or book or person or what! I’d love to hear from you and know what you’ve been enjoying.

All the love,



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  1. I have been loving the Lash Sensational mascara too! It does wonders to my eyelashes even though they are already so long! I have never tried any hourglass products so thanks for introducing me to that nude lipstick 🙂 x

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