Getting Organised For 2016

2016 has well and truly started, and even though most of us are still enjoying the holiday season, I thought it would be nice to share with you the planners and notebooks I intend to use throughout the next year to help me stay organised and on top of everything.


I’ll be starting university this year, and since Year 6 my school provided all students with a weekly planner – I was one of the few who actually loved it and used it weekly. This solidified my love and preference for a weekly layout as opposed to a daily planner. Originally having my heart set on a big peach coloured Kikki K planner, I had to find an alternative after seeing it was about $60/70. The only thing worse than abandoning a planner is abandoning an expensive planner. So I was pleasantly surprised to find a peach coloured weekly planner from Typo for only $19.95!




We’re only a week into 2016 and I already love this planner and can see myself using it throughout the year. It’s minimalistic but practical, pretty but also no guilt attached if August rolls around and I haven’t touched it yet. There is a big monthly calendar at the start of each month, and then it breaks down into the weekly layout. I’ve already starting noting down monthly blog ideas in the “Notes” section, then plotting them out and arranging them in the monthly calendar section, then making bigger notes and mapping them out in the weekly section. That’s just for the blogging aspect of my life!

Another alternative if you find planners too constricting is looking into plain subject notebooks, which are organised but much more flexible. I found this notebook at Target and was blown away by the fact that it was only $2.



IMG_7678There are four sections with corresponding coloured post it’s, and I can already see myself using this for heaps of different things. It’d be a great subject notebook for school or uni, or alternatively you could apply it to an aspect of your life you want to organise, for example I could make it a “blogging” journal and have each section a different aspect or category for my blog and organise it that way. It has plain pages so the world is your oyster with this one!

The next two items in my somewhat of a stationary haul are these two Hello Kitty themed items, both from Typo. These are more funny items rather than serious, organisational ones, but I wanted to include them none the less. I saw these in store, sort of wanted them, then saw them on sale for $2 each, then really wanted them. The first is this Hello Kitty notebook which I just find so cute and could see myself using for anything but ultimately not using it at all because I don’t want to ruin it!


I really like it when stores like Typo or Peter Alexander get the license to use themes like Hello Kitty because it makes for really nice merchandise if you’re a fan. The second Hello Kitty item and the last in my stationary collection is this daily planner notepad where you can organise and reflect on your day.


I don’t know how much I’ll use this but I think it’s hilarious and cute, plus you’re not limited to using this in just 2016 as it’s not dated anywhere.

I know a lot of people would look at my pile of notebooks and ask “why don’t you just write it on your phone or laptop?”, but I just find a pen and paper so much more therapeutic and effective. I hand wrote all my notes during school for every class (my laptop died in Year 9 and I lost half a year of notes so I am forever traumatised) plus hand wrote all my revision notes, and it helped me commit everything to memory. Plus I just find the little Apple Mac calendar so small!

So that’s how I would get organised for 2016! I hope you enjoyed this post! Leave a comment below saying if you’re a planner, diary, or journal person. Do you stick it out if you’re a planner person or find them abandoned after a few weeks?

All the love,

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 7.35.13 pm



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