Victoria’s Secret Skincare Haul

A few weeks ago I stumbled past a Victoria’s Secret outlet store with “SALE” signs everywhere, so of course I went in. I ended up picking up this “Let’s Get Cozy – Bedtime Beauty Kit” and thought it would be a nice idea to share my thoughts on it here on the blog!


Victoria Secret stores aren’t common where I live, the closest being in the domestic terminal in my city’s airport. Previous to this I only owned a passport case with a gold VS emblem on it which I’m still yet to use and a fragrance mist my friend Bec got me when she visited New York City. That mist has actually become my favourite scent and I spray it almost everyday, and it’s only half empty! The store was a little overwhelming, but all the beauty kits were reduced so I decided to get the “Coconut Passion” scented kit in the pink packaging, as there were other red and purple kits with different scents. These bundles were originally $50 and were on sale for $33.60.

I really love the “Coconut Passion” scent, as it’s a mix of vanilla and coconut, resulting in something warm and soothing – a perfect bedtime combination.


Inside the “Bedtime Beauty Kit” you get a “deep-softening body butter, hydrating body lotion and an ultra-moisturising hand and body cream”, plus a pair of cosy socks with little grip pads on them, which in my opinion are actually quite hard to find. I think it’s hilarious I entered a VS sale and was surrounded by bras and undies only to emerge with a pair of socks. The set also comes in a handy bag that you can repurpose as a makeup or toiletries bag, so I think you get quite a lot for $33.60.


Moving on to the actual products, I love the packaging of each of them. They’re the perfect size to have on display without taking up space or take traveling with you, but aren’t tiny little mini products that will run out after a couple uses. The difference within each of these products are the consistency. The body lotion on the left has the same texture as a moisturiser, while the hand and body cream is slightly thinner to make it quickly sink into your hands. The body butter in the middle is super thick and almost spongy to touch, but incredibly moisturising and nourishing. I’m yet to try on the socks as we’re still in the summer months, but I can’t wait for the weather to get cold so I can use these products after a lush bath then huddle up in bed with my cozy socks on.

Overall I think these products are great value as they’re super nourishing but not overly sweet and scented. I’m a huge fan of nighttime beauty routines and chilling out at home, so if that sounds like you then I think you’ll enjoy Victoria’s Secret products!

All the love,

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 7.35.13 pm


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