Chi Chi Spices Palette Review

For Christmas I asked for the Spices palette from Chi Chi and thought it would be a nice idea to review it for you all and share my thoughts on this product here on the blog! I’m a huge fan of eye shadow palettes, they are my guilty pleasure product that I wouldn’t question spending any amount of money on because I just think they are so special and pretty. Thankfully for my wallet Chi Chi has brought out round 20 eyeshadow palettes that are only $22 each, with retailers like Target sometimes having sales on them. I think Spices is a relatively new release from Chi Chi, as in the past I have eyed off their Mocha, Bronzes and Naturals palettes.


Spices was my first purchase from Chi Chi and it certainly won’t be my last as I am currently in love with this palette! In my opinion the colours and shades are so gorgeous and unique and look like they could be from a much more expensive brand. This palette is very warm toned with 12 neutral, gold, bronze, rose gold, burgundy, red, purple, and brown shades coming in a combination of matte, satin, shimmer, and (not overly) glitter formulations. I think a wide range of skin tones would suit this palette and the endless amount of eye shadow looks you could create would suit basically every eye colour.


I think this eye shadow palette is so unique and definitely not like anything else really on the market at the moment. The only thing that lets me down about this product is the packaging and it’s such a superficial little complaint I have but I thought I’d mention it anyway. The silver lettering on the front where it spells “Spices” started to easily scratch off whilst it was in my makeup bag. I pulled it out after only having it in there for a day and it already looks quite well loved and old when I only got it a week ago! I don’t mind though as it’s what’s inside that I’m more concerned about. The pigmentation and formulation of these shades is amazing so the fragile packaging is the only indicator that this palette is cheaper than higher end brands.


Overall I absolutely love this palette and will certainly be looking into buying more palettes from Chi Chi after having such a good experience with this one. I’ve already recommended this palette to a couple of friends and fangirled about its beauty with my friend Morgan who also owns it.

Do you own any Chi Chi palettes? If so, what one should I buy and review next? Leave a comment with your thoughts on this product and we can chat in the comments!

I hope you enjoyed my first ever product review post on my blog! If you liked this post please give it a thumbs up or a “like”!

All the love,

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  1. Hi! I was going to get the ZOEVA Cocoa Blend palette but with it heading up near the $40’s rather then low $30’s I just can’t justify it at the moment, plus shipping! This seems to have similar colours?

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    1. This does! I think this could be a great dupe for the Cocoa Blend palette! Chi Chi shadows are more pigmented and also cheaper so I think it’s a great palette anyway, even if you want to get the Cocoa Blend in the future! Xx


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