Summer Style Staples 2016

As we’ve well and truly hit the hotter months of the year, I thought it’d be a nice idea to share with you my summer wardrobe essentials! Up until this year I’ve always hated summer and the fashion that comes with it. Growing up with a curvy hourglass figure always made me feel self conscious, with tight denim shorts and strappy singlets just not making me feel good. I like covering up but accentuating my small waist, and as I’ve grown up this year has become the first time in a long time that I’ve actually really enjoyed dressing for summer and felt happy, confident yet effortless. That calls for a celebratory blog post! I’ve gathered together the items I’ve been wearing heaps recently to create a little flatlay look book, so I hope you enjoy it and find some summer style inspiration!


If I had to describe my style in one word is would be “basics” – not to be confused with “basic”. I just love plain clothes that you can mix and match but also layer up with when the weather gets cooler. Before I list where I purchased everything, you’re probably going to think “is this girl sponsored by Supre? Literally everything here is from Supre.” While basically everything I wear right now is from Supre, I’m not being sponsored at all (although I’d take free clothes any day!). I just love what they have in at the moment, it fits me perfectly, is what I’m looking for, affordable and their clothes are good quality and super comfortable.

Up Top


A couple weeks ago I went in to one of their stores and saw a grey bodycon dress I’d seen variations of everywhere. The annoying thing is I find stores like Topshop and H&M to sometimes have really difficult proportions to fit into, but this dress was completely different! It was stretchy yet slimming and the high neckline but figure hugging shape makes me feel great. I loved the dress so much I bought it in grey and black and white stripe! I’m also happy to report back these dresses don’t ride up your body when you walk, something that always happened to me in the past and made me only want to wear a line skirts to avoid that problem. Just recently I bought two high neck singlet tops from Supre in olive green and white which are double lined and super thick so they don’t ride up or crease on you, and I pair them with two different skirts (which I talk more about further down!).


I wanted to add something to the dresses though because I felt they could look a little plain on their own and as I was walking around the store I spotted one of those black and silver western inspired belts. I’d always wanted one but never gave into their popularity as a) I never really had something to wear them with and b) they were always $40 or more. I almost fell over when I saw the buckle belt was only $20!


The second belt I bought was actually one from Dissh Boutiques and I can’t remember its price but I know it was affordable and I bought it because I knew I’d be able to make a couple more outfits with it instead of always wearing the same buckle belt.

On The Bottom


To go with the green and white singlets in the top photo I pair the olive green top with the black skirt and black sandals, and the white top with the light blue denim skirt and either white or black sandals. I love these skirts to much! They’re a fake denim material which would turn some people off but they are so stretchy and comfortable and are the first skirts to actually have some length to them! They hit just above my knee so when you sit down and they ride up they still cover your thighs, unlike skirts I’ve worn in the past! I can’t remember the exact prices of any of these items but they are all $30 or under each.

On The Toes

Recently I’ve realised that Rubi Shoes is my go-to place for shoes now. It all started one day last year when I was walking through the shops with my friends in a pair of white Forever 21 wedges when I heard “riiiiiipp” and stumbled, then realised my entire heeled wedge had ripped off. It only stayed together because the sole didn’t come off the ball of my foot. My first proper fashion emergency had happened right outside a giant Cotton On store. I saw out of the corner of my eye the little Rubi Shoes section of the store, so I hobbled in to find something. That day I ended up buying my now favourite pair of flat sandals I’ve ever owned. They’re stylish, super comfortable, make my feet look flattering, and have never given me a single blister, something I can’t say about my Windsor Smith sandals. The best part? They were only $10.

So recently I went shopping for more shoes, trying to hunt down something that was casual and stylish but also appropriate for university days. Everything I gravitated to was basically what I already owned, my little flat white Rubi Shoe sandals, plus everything was $100+, so I wasn’t digging it. When all hope was lost and I didn’t even know what I was looking for anymore, I spotted another Cotton On store and made a bee line for the shoe section. There I found not one new pair of shoes I liked but two!


The first pair I tried on were these black sandals and I’m so happy with them. They remind me a lot of the Windsor Smith Chunk sandals my sister owns, but without the tassels and bulky style. I have a narrow foot and Rubi Shoes shoes always seem to fit me well and look flattering. The second pair of shoes were a bit of a risk and not something I would usually go for but they’re rose gold coloured sliders. I had my eye on a few pairs of sliders but again, all the pairs I tried on were quite big and felt already to wide. A few minutes before I saw these shoes though I tried on a pair of lace up rose gold sneakers which I sort of liked but the $90 price tag for something I wasn’t sure about made me leave them. I ended up really loving the sliders (and wore them to IKEA the next day) so I’m so happy I bought them and branched out from my normal monochrome shoe colours. I can already see these shoes brightening up a pair of black skinny jeans and a grey sweater I will wear to uni!

What’s In The Bag


Finally you need a bag to put everything in as you’re rushing out the door and my absolute favourite this season has been this black bag from H&M! It’s fake leather with a velvet detail and gold hardware, and it fits an incredible amount of stuff! Plus it goes with any outfit for any season. To make it a little bit more personal and casual for summer I recently added this pink and purple tassel key chain also from H&M. It also has gold hardware so it actually looks like part of the bag, which I thought was a nice touch.

So that’s it for this Summer Style Staples blog post! This was a big one so if you made it this far I commend you! I hope you enjoyed this post and that it helped inspire you in some way. “Like” this post if you enjoyed it and leave me a comment with what you consider a summer wardrobe essential!

All the love,

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 7.35.13 pm

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    1. OMG thank you so much! I just use my iPhone 6s camera but it isn’t amazing! I up the brightness, contrast and sharpness heaps to get it looking really clear. My iPhone photos also look blurry when viewed on a desktop which is annoying haha, but omg thank you for such a lovely comment! Xx


      1. omg just an iPhone!! I have an iPhone 6s too and I swear I can never get mine to look that good! haha I’ll have to try turning up the brightness, contrast and sharpness then! yeah that is really annoying, you can’t tell though! xx

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