Chi Chi Viva La Diva Lipstick Collection Review

Chi Chi brought out some amazing holiday gifts last Christmas which included lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, bronzers, blushes, perfumes and more. I ended up picking up the Viva La Diva Lipstick Collection in Nude (it also came in another set of four red and purple lipsticks) as I had been wanting to try out Chi Chi lipsticks for a while and also wanted to find a perfect nude shade for Summer, so I thought this set was the perfect thing for me! I picked this up after Christmas as it was on sale for $26.00 down from $38.00. If you bought all these lipsticks separately they would have cost $75.80, so I think I found a great bargain!


The four lipsticks came in this really sweet box which would have made a perfect little present for Christmas for someone or a nice treat for yourself. This box is also a really sturdy cardboard which you could repurpose as a jewellery tray for your vanity, drawer dividers for your makeup or even just as another small (and pretty) box to keep whatever you want in.

The four lipstick sahdes you get inside are (from left to right in the photos) are Checkin In, Sex Bomb, Drop Dead Gorgeous, and Game On. You can also buy these separately as they aren’t exclusive to this holiday set!


I am so happy with the quality, formulation and pigmentation of these lipsticks! I had heard good things about them (thanks to Shaaanxo‘s YouTube channel) and hoped they would work on me as well and they did! The shades are beautiful and makes really nice collection for someone like me who doesn’t own many nude lipsticks yet and doesn’t know where to start. Chi Chi has heaps and heaps of lipsticks and I think this collection had a really nice rage of shades and variety but also very focused on that nude theme.

The first shade, Checkin In, is in my opinion the most nude of them all. I’ve got fair skin so I worry this shade might wash me out but it could be the perfect option for when I’m wearing a smoky eye and don’t want to look too dramatic. Next is Sex Bomb, which is a really nice natural nude colour which I think compliments my skin tone better than Checkin In. I think it’s the perfect Kylie nude lip and could make a lovely everyday choice.


Second to last is my favourite out of the four and that’s Drop Dead Gorgeous! It’s the darkest nude out of them all and has really nice plum or berry undertones. I don’t wear this one everyday but it’s my go-to when I want to focus on my lips rather than eyeshadow on certain days. I can already see this shade being perfect for me during Autumn when paired with gold and bronze eyeshadows. The last shade is Game On and was one I only started wearing recently but I think I’ll try and wear it heaps more as it’s the perfect pink shade for Summer! It looks fresh and vibrant but it still a subtle and natural looking nude.

Overall I’m so happy with all of these shades and how much wear I’ve been getting out of them recently. Nude lips are super trendy right now and are a really nice change after wearing red for so long during Christmas! They’re also a really nice introduction into the world of lipsticks if you’re someone who isn’t really into them yet or prefers something lighter like a gloss or a balm.

I hope you enjoyed this post, give it a “like” if you did and comment with what your favourite lipstick is at the moment!

All the love,

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