Chi Chi Dynamic Duo Eyeshadow Palette Review

Last week I popped into Target to check out the Chi Chi Cosmetics stand and saw that everything was reduced! I have been wanting to pick up another Glamourous Eyeshadow palette from them since I fell in love with their Spices palette, so when I saw that Chi Chi was selling some of their palettes as duos, I jumped at the chance. I ended up buying the Rich Gems & Smokeys Dynamic Duo for several reasons, the main one being it was originally $30 reduced to $21, so I basically got one palette for free as they are normally $22 each!


I’m in love with this duo, and I think selling them together was really smart of Chi Chi. I never would have bought Rich Gems on its own because it’s so bright and colourful, and I never would have bought Smokeys on its own because it’s so dark and dramatic, but putting them together lets you create any sort of coloured smokey eye!


The first palette is the Rich Gems palette which I haven’t seen in stores before, but I think the shades are gorgeous. I’ve been wanting to play around with colours more as I have so many neutral shades so I think this palette is the perfect starting point.


The shades are amazing as they’re bold but also quite muted and deep, not bright and neon, therefore making them more wearable. I’m in love with the pinks and purples but also the golds and yellows as I think they would make blue eyes really stand out. Just like the Spices palette I own, the quality of these shadows are insane! They are so pigmented and blendable and stay on for hours. You can also wear them dry or wet, and I haven’t even tried them wet yet so that means they would be even more pigmented! Here are some swatches of the colours I was most excited to try out.


The second palette is the Smokeys palette which I am in love with also! It’s got an amazing range of shades that I don’t own yet, heaps of dark shimmer shades and blues, silvers and a deep purple, as well as some beautiful highlight shades.


I can totally see myself reaching for this palette during winter as I love darker shades for that time of the year. Again, the quality of the shadows is amazing and I highly recommend them! Chi Chi has so many palettes that you’re bound to find one (or many) that you love. Here are some swatches!


So those are my thoughts on some more palettes from Chi Chi! I really love these palettes individually or used together and am so happy with the combination of the Rich Gems and Smokeys shades! What’s your favourite palette from Chi Chi? Leave me a comment and we can chat below! I hope you enjoyed this post and if you did feel free to give it a “like”!

All the love and thank you for reading,

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 10.48.13 pm

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