Empties, Regrets and Reviews

This past week I’ve run out of some beauty and skincare bits and pieces and thought it would be a nice to do a post where I briefly review each empty product and decide if I’ll repurchase them. Is it just me or does everyone else tend to finish a lot of makeup products suddenly at once? I guess that’s maybe due to me buying and trying out a few things all in one go! Whatever the case may be, let’s get on with the reviews!


The first product I’ve run out of is my Maybelline Fit Me! Foundation in Matte + Poreless. While there is still foundation on the inside walls of the bottle there’s hardly any left, and that’s because I love it! I’ve just recently started using this product again after getting sick of my Revlon Colourstay foundation, and I’ve forgotten how beautiful this makes my skin look! I had a tiny bit left over in this bottle that I’ve now finished, and I’m so pleased with myself for purchasing a back up bottle months ago for me to move straight onto. I really like changing up my makeup routine every now and then as it really makes me realise how good a certain product is, and this is one of them! I mentioned this foundation in my “2015 Beauty Favourites” blog post so you can read that as well if you’re interested in it!


The next product sort of goes hand in hand with the foundation, and it’s the Rimmel London Match Perfection concealer. Like a lot of my affordable makeup I own I purchased this when it was on sale after discovering the Fit Me! concealer I wanted was out of stock. In terms of packaging I personally dislike it as I think it looks a little dated and old. I also think having a transparent cap where the applicator is makes the product look dirty after a few uses when it’s not. The applicator itself is also odd as it’s a brush not a sponge. I find I have to squeeze the tube a lot to get the product flowing throughout the brush so I get a good amount onto my face.


But apart from all the odd things about the packaging, the actual product is quite decent! The shade works really well with my Fit Me! foundation and conceals my blemishes nicely, which is all I can ask for from a concealer. When I apply a lot of it under my eyes I do find it creases a bit even after setting it with a powder, but I think that’s my fault for applying too much. What I really want is an even lighter shade of concealer that will counteract my dark circles instead of just sitting on top of them. So all in all I think this concealer did its job for hiding my blemishes and even though I liked it I want to try other products on the market before repurchasing it.


The next product I’ve run out of is my bottle of Micellar Water from Garnier. I purchased this after seeing and hearing so many great reviews of it and thought I’d give it a go as well and I’ve really enjoyed using it so far! I have my own makeup removing routine, which is just me in the shower with my QV cleanser, so finding a way to work this into my nighttime routine was a bit awkward at first. After a while I started using it when I hopped out of the shower to take off any left over makeup my cleanser missed, which is usually smudged mascara under my eyes or foundation around my hairline. I grad a cotton bud, tip some water onto it until it’s half soaked, and slowly rub it around those areas. It works really well with getting my leftover makeup off and I only realised how much I liked and relied of this product until I had finished it and was a bit lost without it! So this is definitely one I will be repurchasing in a bigger size!


The next product I’ve hit pan on is my Holy Grail setting powder, my Revlon Colourstay pressed powder! I’ve been using this for years and have lost track of how many of these I’ve gone through by this point. This works perfectly with the rest of the Colourstay range, but ever since I changed to my Fit Me! foundation I think it makes the foundation look a bit off in colour and finish, so maybe they’re not a perfect match. I’ve started using the Rimmel pressed powder that so many people have raved about and that’s a better match for the Fit Me! foundation, but I think I will repurchase this as it’s something I trust and will return to using in the future, and a back up is always handy.


The final product I’ve finished is my Olive Branch shower gel from Lush! I mentioned this in my “February Favourites” as I’ve used it all through the month and have really enjoyed it! The scent is hard to describe but on the bottle it says it’s made from “olive oil, fresh mandarins, bergamot oil and vine leaves”, and it smells amazing! It’s made my skin super soft and is so refreshing to have in the shower next to all my other mundane products. This is the first shower gel I’ve used from Lush and I’m now looking forward to trying out more of their stuff. I may repurchase this if I can’t find another one in the store that I like, but Lush has so many nice things that I think I’ll be in luck!

So those are my thoughts on some things I’ve used up completely! I hope you found this helpful in some way! I always find it interesting to see what things people use up and would definitely try again or move away from. What’s something you’ve run out of recently and will repurchase?

All the love and thank you for reading,

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