My Perfume Collection

The other day I was setting up my new vanity (a blog post about that project is coming in a few weeks!) and I realised I don’t really tend to talk about perfumes much on my blog. I thought today I would do a little “perfume collection” blog post about all the ones I’ve got so far and which ones are my favourites!

The first perfume I ever received is Oh, Lola! by Marc Jacobs, which I got for my 15th birthday. I remember seeing this bottle and smelling it and completely falling in love with it all, and I’m so happy I got it for my birthday. It was the first perfume I actually really wanted as growing up I always considered perfumes to be a sophisticated thing, so getting it at 15 was really special. Even though I use this on and off, I’ve had this for years and it’s still got more than half left in the bottle! I thought Marc Jacobs creating scents on the more youthful side was a really nice thing as it was an amazing introduction into perfumes and designer brands and has become my signature scent.


In quite a cute and symbolic way, this year I was actually gifted Daisy by Marc Jacobs from my Uncle and Aunty! I was so happy to get this as I’ve always eyed off Daisy and thought it looked so classic and chic, so the fact that I ended up getting one was amazing! While Oh, Lola! has fruity and vanilla tones, Daisy has a more floral edge.

Moving away from perfumes slightly and into fragrance mist territory, two absolute favourites of mine are the Zoella Beauty body mists! Like I said in my Zoella Beauty Haul, my sister bought these for me when she was over in the UK and they smell amazing! The first one that was released is Blissful Mistful which carries that classic, fresh Zoella Beauty scent all the original products have. It’s a really refreshing and clean scent which is perfect for everyday and is a great introduction into perfumes or body mists.


The second mist that was released was Let’s Spritz! which is similar to the original but it carries a more fruitier punch compared to the first. I love both these mists so much and think the packaging and spray bottles are a really great quality, so I highly recommend them if you can get your hands on them! I’ll be so sad the day these run out as the UK is a little far away from me!

The final scent I own is actually my most used one ever and it’s the Victoria’s Secret Dream of Love fragrance mist! My friend Bec bought this for me in Year 10 when she was in New York and it’s probably one of my favourite scents ever. It’s defined as “frosted pear and sugared woods” which is correct as it’s fruity but also smokey and warm? Describing scents is always weird, but it really does smell amazing! I think this was limited edition so hopefully I never finish this as I spray this on myself all the time! I have had it since Year 10 and I’ve only used half the bottle, so hopefully I have a few more years of it left!


So those were my thoughts on all the perfumes and mists that I currently own! Which perfume is your favourite that you own? Is there one out there on the market that you’d love to own one day? Leave me a comment below and “like” this post if you enjoyed it!

All the love,

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