Beauty Products That Are Worth The Splurge

While I’m a huge fan of brands you can pick up from your local Priceline, sometimes I do justify forking out a fortune for some amazing products from high ends brands. I thought I’d gather up and share what products I happily paid a pretty penny for and didn’t regret a single bit because they’ve just proved to have been so worth it!


Disclaimer: Prices have risen since the time I bought these products. The prices displayed are the current prices according to and

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette $78


While I don’t personally own this specific palette (special thank you to my sister for letting me feature it in the flatlay!) I have tried it out and own the Chocolate Bon Bons palette and think they are incredible! They are so raved about and the reviews are true, they really are beautiful eyeshadows with amazing shades and pigmentation. The packaging is sturdy and feels expensive and it’s not going to look dirty or old after a few uses.

Even though my heart sank when I saw that these palettes had gone from $70 to $78 (last year they used to cost $64, imagine that) I still think it’s justified as you get heaps of shadows in a compact case. I also didn’t purchase my Bon Bon’s palette on a whim, I waited for months and saved my money for when it was released at Mecca Maxima. You can read my review on the Chocolate Bon Bons palette here.

Smashbox Step By Step Contour Kit $71


Next on my list of items I don’t regret even though the price tag is terrifying is the Smashbox Contour Kit! This was my first purchase from Smashbox and I’ve really enjoyed using this palette! I was super new to contouring and the whole concept of it was a bit overwhelming, and I’m so happy to have found a high end contour kit that doesn’t have 6 or 9 different contour shades that would have just made things harder. This kit is essential and gets straight to the point with it’s contour, bronzer and highlight shade. I bought this in the middle on last year (I think) and it was $60 at the time.

However, it’s gone up to $71 and that makes my heart hurt. The highlight shade when applied to my fair skin doesn’t really do much in my opinion, however the contour shade is my HG contour product and has made it really hard for me to find an alternative that I like enough to officially swap over to. I’ve heard the Too Faced Milk Chocolate Bronzer is a great shade for pale people, as it the middle shade in the Kat Von D Shade and Light palette, so I might look into them when I start running out of this palette.

Nars Orgasm Blush $47


The next product I’ve loved using even though it’s super expensive is the Nars blush in the shade Orgasm! I think Nars blushes are amazing quality, and so do a lot of other people, as 744 people have given their blushes 5 star reviews on alone. I’ve used this everyday for about a year and haven’t hit pan yet because it’s so pigmented that you only need a light hand to get a great flush of colour. This product is a bit of a cheat as I received it as a gift so I didn’t buy it, but I still think it’s totally worth it’s price.

Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil $41


This product changed my opinion entirely about lip products and it’s only a sample, not even full size! I got this mini Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in a Mecca Beauty Loop Level 1 box, and I’m so in love with it! The shade is Dolce Vita and it’s a perfect everyday shade that gives my lips a wash of colour without looking over done or dramatic. I’m so obsessed with these that I now want more and can justify the $41 price tag, even though my bank account probably can’t. My only annoyance with this range is that I think the shades look very different online than they do in person, so I recommend testing them out in store if you live near a store and are really interested in these. To read my about my thoughts of these lip pencils you can read my Perfect Valentine’s Day Red Lipstick post.

Too Faced Pro-Essential Teddy Bear Hair Brush Set $104


Okay my jaw dropped when I saw how much the price of these Too Faced brushes have risen. I got these for Christmas 2 years ago and they were $81 then for 5 brushes, and now they are over $100! In saying that, if you’re a Too Faced fanatic like I am and thought they were the perfect set of brushes (they are), then I think your money would be well spent. I owned a complete total of zero brushes before I owned these, and they meet my every need. I needed a powder brush (which you can use for powder, bronzer, blush etc) and some eyeshadow brushes (a blender, shadow, liner, and contour brush) and they were all there in gorgeous pink and gold packaging.

I’ve used these and washed them many, many times and they haven’t shed a single hair, so I promise they’re amazing quality. I think they’re an amazing thing to own but the new three digit price tag is now turning me off, but I don’t regret getting them for $81. Featured here is the blender brush as it’s my favourite from the set.

Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Set $126


This is what I’m talking about, for a three digit price tag the Zoeva brushes are a better bet in my opinion. My main present when I turned 18 (a milestone birthday in my family so it was a big one) was the Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Set of 8 brushes and a large brush clutch bag to store them in when you travel. Shown here in my favourite brush from the set, the 127 Luxe Sheer Cheek brush which goes perfectly with the Nars blush! The prices for these brushes vary, as them for cheaper than does, but just take into consideration the currency conversion and shipping costs if you do buy them off zoeva as the prices will change. These brushes are amazing quality and in my opinion brushes can improve or ruin your makeup, so investing in them is always a good thing.

So that’s it for what products I think are worth the splurge! While I think finding drugstore dupes is fun, in my opinion nothing beats saving up for something expensive that you really want and actually getting the real product, not the knockoff. These are some of the only expensive makeup products I own, and I’m super picky and strict when it comes to how I spend my money on makeup, so I hope you found this little review post helpful!

What’s a product you think was totally worth the splurge? Leave me a comment below and we can chat and don’t forget to give this post a “like” if you enjoyed it!

All the love and thank you for reading,

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9 thoughts

  1. Completely agree about the Chocolate Bar palettes! I think it’s probably my favourite palette…? Such amazing formulas and the shades are so wearable. It sucks that the price has increased so drastically but still worth it like you said, when you divide the price by the number of shadows – it’s cheaper than singles at the drugstore! I can’t wait to get my hands on the peach palette :)) I love the Zoeva brushes too – I really want to get more!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes the Too Faced palettes are amazing!! Oh my god I want the Sweet Peach palette so badly but I’m so scared I’ll never get it as it’s so hyped up and it’s limited edition, fingers crossed though! Yes the Zoeva brushes are gorgeous! They are coming out in full rose gold packaging and I am in love with how they look 😍 Thank you for the lovely comment! Xx


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