Thank You For 100 Followers!

Last week my little blog hit 100 followers! I know to some that’s a small figure to get excited about, but to me it means so much! I just wanted to write to post to thank you all but to also share why I started my blog.

Basically, I started my blog because I love talking, communicating and writing of any kind. Pair that with my intense love for beauty and my knack for taking and editing photos, and I got myself a little space on the web just for me and my musings! 

I’ve spent hours of my life watching people on YouTube recommend me products and show me how to apply eyeshadow and talk about what they’ve been loving that month, so one day I decided to join in on the conversation and start publishing my own thoughts.


I’ve loved blogging so far, and I can see myself enjoying it for a long time into the future. I love feeling inspired with a new idea, or getting the perfect Instagram, or realising that I know enough about a topic to write a pretty solid blog post on it. But by far the thing that’s made me happiest about my blog so far is the positive response I’ve gotten from it. 

When I announced on Instagram to my friends I was starting a blog, I got such lovely comments back with people being excited and proud, and I was once again reminded at how supportive and loving my friends are. But having strangers on the internet like my posts and leave genuine comments showing that they read my post and want to write to me was such a cool surprise! 

Every time I get a notification on my phone telling me someone has liked my newest post, or liked my Instagram photo or followed my blog, I still smile and that sense of surprise hasn’t dimmed in the slightest. 

So, thank you so much to every single person who has ever clicked on my blog for a quick read, or commented on a post, or liked an Instagram picture because all those little things add up and mean something so much bigger to me! So cheers to 100 followers and here’s to 100 more. 

All the love and thank you so much for reading,

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 10.48.13 pm

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