Mecca Beauty Loop Level 1 Unboxing 2#

It’s Beauty Loop Unboxing time! Beauty Loop Boxes are part of the Mecca Beauty Loop where you get a box of free samples to try from Mecca four times a year, and the second box of the year is here! I’m still on Level 1 has I haven’t bought much from Mecca lately (I’m holding out for all those precious new releases from Too Faced which are apparently going to drop in stores at the end of May!) but I thought I’d show you what’s in the box anyway!

I’m actually so happy with this box as 2 of the 4 samples are from products I’ve actually wanted to buy. Just like in my previous Mecca Beauty Loop Level 1 Unboxing post, the descriptions of the products are quoted from he little information card you get in the box. 

 The first samples is the Too Faced Shadow Insurance eyeshadow primer, which is something I’m thrilled to try out! I’ve been looking at getting this for ages so I think since I have a sample now I’ll actually get it instead of just looking at it in store. The primer is “the perfect base to stop eyeshadow from smudging, creating, fading or moving. Soothes eyelids, evens out skin tone and instantly transforms eyeshadow into a more intensified, easy to blend formula”. You use the primer by “blending a drop evenly from lashes to brows before applying eyeshadow to ‘grab’ the colour and intensify it”. Woo hoo! 

The next product is something else I’m so excited to see in the box, and it’s the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer! This stuff is incredibly expensive but it’s been so raved about so maybe it’s worth the price! It’s a “satin-finish, oil-free mineral primer that creates a porcelain-smooth complexion to give your foundation longevity whist minimising shine and protecting against sun damage”. You apply this “after moisturiser, over the entire complexion, before makeup”. 

The next sample is so cute because it’s in a teeny tiny bottle with a fully functioning glass dropper applicator, and it’s the Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil. This was actually in the last BL box for L1 people, so a double up is a bit disappointing, however I love the fact it’s in a bottle instead of a sachet because I’ll actually use it now! The problem with sachets is that I think they can get messy and you end up using it all in one go and not really being able to control what you use. It’s apparently “loaded with Vitamin E and essential fatty acids, this multitasking wonder product heals, conditions and protects skin, hair and nails”. You use this “as a daily serum after cleansing and before moisturising onto a clean bare face”. Having an oily T zone this product kind of scares me because I’m not really one to add oil to my face, but since it’s in a bottle that I can use, close, and then reuse I think I’ll actually give it a go! 

And the final sample is the Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Cleanser which will “gently polish away impurities, oil and makeup with this sulphate free, daily foaming and exfoliating cleanser”. I love any exfoliating products so I think I’ll give this a go tonight! 

So that’s my unboxing post for the second Mecca Beauty Loop box! Are you subscribed to any beauty subscription boxes? Leave me a comment below so we can chat! Also don’t forget to give this post a “like” if you enjoyed it!

All the love and thank you for reading, 

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7 thoughts

    1. It goes against my nature to apply an oil to my oily face hahaha, I’m so freaking glad I have a bottle because last time I think I put too much on! I wish they put more makeup minis in the boxes there is always so much skin care and primers! Not complaint though 💖


      1. I’m the same! But there are some oils that actually counteract the sebum (oil) your skin produces! I think grapeseed oil is one that helps, or so I’ve heard! Definitely agree, I wish we got more mini samples!

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