Beauty Profile On: Maybelline

I’m so excited to announce I’m starting a new beauty series on my blog! Starting with this post, every now and then I’m going to do a profile on a brand I own quite a few items from and give you a break down of what I love and would improve about their products. Today’s post is going to be all about Maybelline New York as over the years I’d gathered quite a nice little haul of what they have to offer. So, let’s see how they stack up!


Why I Like Maybelline

Before I discovered the world of YouTube and online makeup tutorials, my knowledge on beauty and affordable brands was limited to what my local Priceline and Healthy World could offer me. I grew up with Revlon foundation and Covergirl mascaras being staples in my bathroom, but without realising it I always seemed to enjoy Maybelline products more. I think the brand has a great balance of keeping up with new beauty trends but making their products simple enough for everyday people. They aren’t bringing out a giant contour kit with six different browns just to confuse you, instead they brought out a small range of individual contour shades with a complementary highlight shade – simple. Same goes with their eyebrow products, there are so many simple products for any need that can be used on their own or in conjunction with another product from the line, and I really enjoy that element.

Ride or Die Products

Lash Sensational Mascara

I’ve used this mascara every single day since last October and I’ve never felt the need to look at another brand ever again. It just works so well? It adds so much length and volume but has never clumped together or smudged on my lower lash line. This mascara is highly raved about in the beauty community, so if you’re one to avoid hyped up products in fear of being let down, I recommend picking this up now as it’s so worth it!


Brow Drama Brow Gel

This is such an amazing little tube of product, let me tell you. As someone with average sized brows in terms of bushiness but has quite long eyebrow hairs, this brow gel is so damn good. All I want to do in the morning is make them look neat and give them some colour as setting powder can wash them out a bit, and this does the job. It provides definition and colour but still looks natural, plus sets my brows all day and makes them feel natural and not dry. The brush applicator is a bit weird though and turns people off completely. I foolishly forgot to photograph it, but it’s basically a big round ball on top of a skinny stick, and you run the ball through your brows. I personally don’t mind it has my brows are thick enough for it to not get messy, but if you’re someone with more sparse hairs or thin eyebrows, this applicator might darken the hairs around your brows and not give you a super sharp shape.

 Master Precise Eyeliner 

A holy grail product amongst many, this eyeliner is amazing. It has a felt tip that is so tiny and precise and allows me to get a sharp wing every single time. Like any eyeliner though you do have to take your time, but I feel like the tiny tip allows for less stuff ups and you can easily get thin, even wings. It stays black all day on my eyes, doesn’t smudge (unless you rub it a lot, then it that case it will) and the actual product as well lasts ages because it starts to slowly run out, and when it does you just have to do another coat to get jet black application. I also love the sleek packaging, so very happy with this.

Products That Could Be Better But I Still Enjoy

Fit Me Foundation in Matte + Poreless 


My relationship with this foundation is complicated, every time I think it’s the one it freaks out on my skin and does something weird – maybe it’s afraid of commitment? Whatever the case may be, it’s the only foundation I’ve found that’s light enough for my skin tone (I’m in the shade 1110 Porcelain) and doesn’t oxidise on me throughout the day (I hope, I always live in fear of my foundation never matching me as I don’t fake tan). It feels lightweight and not cakey at all, but it also has great coverage. I say it’s in the light-medium range but can be built up in certain areas. However, recently I’ve felt it has gone a bit weird on my skin, I feel like it doesn’t sink in like it used to and that it just sort of sits on top of my face waiting for me to accidentally touch it and transfer it everywhere. I have no idea if it’s because the change of weather has maybe changed my skin, but to combat that problem I’ve been mixing a few drops of my Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation in to add some warmth and better coverage, and I think that’s helped Fit Me.

Fit Me Concealer 10 Light

Whhhy do brands always seem to have such limited colour ranges? I picked up the Fit Me Concealer in the lightest shade which is 10 Light and it’s darker than my foundation, which was disappointing. The next shade is called 15 Fair, which might be better, but why give a product a higher number but a name that sounds lighter than “Light”? I used this to contour today and liked it, it looks natural and just adds a tiny bit more depth than just powder alone can do. I’m obsessed with the packaging though I think it looks so great and will be so happy if they release something lighter.


The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette

This palette is a bit of a mixed bag as some of the shades are really pigmented and some not very, while some blend really nicely and others need some more time. The shades are also really dark that a better name would have been “smokey” as a lot of the shades aren’t really skin tone “nudes”, but that’s just me. As you can see, they have some fall out because they’re a more powdery formula compared to creamy fomulas like Too Faced. However I feel like the fallout is only in their shimmery shades and their dark matte shades are fine. The applicator they give you is weird and I’ve never used it, so I think if you get this  and don’t have brushes yet, just use your fingers as I’m not sure how well that little sponge works! I do give this palette points because I’ve been able to create some really nice looks, it’s small and easy for travel or to be a handbag product, and looks and works better than other drugstore shadows I’ve tested.

Products I Just Never Reach For, But Probably Should More

Master High Light Highlighting Blush

I love the pattern of this blush and highlight duo that I almost don’t want to use it! You’re meant to swirl your brush in it and so you’ll get lovely glowy, blushy cheeks, but I also think you can dap a small brush into the highlighting sections for a brow bone or inner corner highlight. I like this but don’t think the highlighting part is on par with other highlight products, like the Mary Lou Manizer by the Balm. This product does have a lot of fall out though, but the packaging is ready sturdy so it won’t run thoughout your makeup bag. You also get a brush and mirror in this compact, so it’s quite handy!


Colour Drama Lip Pencils

I like these but I rarely wear anything on my lips. I’m not sure why? I think with my fairer skin tone I feel too dramatic to wear something on my lips during the day as everything looks bold. I should probably give these a bit more love, but I don’t know if I’ll buy any more. They’re really moisturising and look natural, but can wipe off easily.


So those are my thoughts on the Maybelline products I own! All in all I really love the brand as so many of their things are considered my holy grail items. What do you love from Maybelline? Leave me a comment below so we can chat and don’t forget to give this point a “like” if you enjoyed it!

All the love and thank you for reading,

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