L.A. Girl Pro Concealers Review

In my search for the perfect concealer I’ve tried products from brands like Revlon, Rimmel, Maybelline and now L.A. Girl. I’ve seen this brand’s concealer (along with the British Collection Lasting Perfection concealer) on YouTube for ages, but since it’s not sold in Australia in stores I never bothered to try it out, until now! In my hunt for affordable colour correcting products I found the entire L.A. Girl range online at Peppermayo, so I picked up one skin toned concealer aimed to “brighten” my under eyes and two colour correcting concealers. I’ve featured these products in both my “April Favourites” and my “Crash Course to Colour Correcting” blog posts, but I’m yet to do a review on them, so here it is!

I have mixed feelings about every aspect of this products, so I’ve cut this review into elements so hopefully I don’t forget anything!


I bought the “Green” and “Yellow” corrector shades and overall they are decent, better than some other correcting products out there but not ground-breaking. The first time I used them I was a bit heavy handed and was convinced the green seeped through my foundation towards the end of the night. If you’re darker than me (you most likely are) then I think these correctors would be fine but for a pale person they might stand out a bit, so it’s important to apply small amounts and make sure they’re properly blended in.

I also bought the shade “Porcelain” as I was promised by the beauty community that it is great for fair skin tones and that i would completely brighten up my under eyes – woo hoo! But it doesn’t do that at all, at least for me. It’s more pink toned when swatched which freaked me out, because at first glance I thought I would never use it and be a complete waste of money. However, when applied it actually looks quite nice and matches my skin well, and the pink tone isn’t there. While it’s not light enough to “brighten” my under eyes, I do think it works at concealing and giving me more coverage in certain areas.

However, it does crease – a lot. It also has the potential to look cakey if you’re not careful, so in my opinion you only need a small amount or else it’ll built up and crease. It’s very hard to actually get a “small” amount considering the applicator is the most frustrating thing I’ve encountered, which is a good segway into my next point.



After taking just one marketing course at university this semester I’m convinced this applicator  was chosen so that the customer accidentally uses more than necessary and then have to go out and buy another one. You have to squeeze the tube to make the product flow through this brush applicator on the top, then you swipe it on your face and the brush sort of helps blend and distribute the product.

My issue is when you squeeze it it’s very easy to get too much out or not enough, and after using this for a month I have discovered you will never be happy with the amount you get. I’ve learnt that if a small amount comes out it’s better than if you have too much on your face. The less you put on the less cakey your under eye area will look and the less product you’ll waste. I just find a doe foot applicator more controllable and will probably switch to that once this runs out.


I love the outside packaging and how the true colour of the concealer is easily seen and therefore easily comparable to another shade (I can only imagine though, I had to order online so I just went for the lightest shade). I also love how it’s made of soft plastic and not something that might shatter if you drop it or when you travel.

However, since it’s in a squeezey tube, once you use it a couple of times it ends up looking almost empty? The tube goes flat and makes me use less of it because I don’t want to run out of it any time soon, whereas if it was in a normal sturdy tube with a doe foot applicator you wouldn’t have that paranoia.



I bought mine for $11 each from Peppermayo and I’m happy to pay that price. They are sold on other websites for cheaper if you’re hunting for a bargain, however I only trusted the Peppermayo site at the time and would shop with them again as their delivery is super fast. Would I repurchase? Not right now, as I want to try concealers and colour correctors from other brands.

So that’s my review on the L.A. Girl Pro Conceal concealers! Have you tried them before? How do you rate them? Leave me a comment below so we can chat and don’t forget to give this post a “like” if you enjoyed it!

All the love and thank you for reading,

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