May Favourites

Every time I sit down to write my monthly favourites I always try to start with a phrase that summarise the whole month. May was fast, intense, riddled with due dates and word counts and, frankly, just all round horrendous. Anyway, I’m currently curled up in my doona with only one – yes! just one – thing to study for before I complete my first ever semester of university, so let’s crack on to the monthly favourites.


I didn’t get to try out a bunch of new beauty bits this month, so I’m hoping that June brings me more time to shop and midyear stocktake sales to take advantage of. What I did use of a lot of this month compared to others was moisturisers. May brought cooler weather but also winds that dry my hands out a tad, so I’m beginning to become a fan of hand creams. I have two sitting on my bedside table currently that I reached for all throughout the month, and they’re the Zoella Beauty Wonder Hand Moisturising Hand Cream and the Victoria’s Secret Coconut Passion Hand and Body Moisturiser.


The Zoella one smells incredibly fresh and light and can be great for day and night use while the Victoria’s Secret one smells of coconut and vanilla and, in my opinion, smells cozy and is perfect for before bed use. I feel like hand creams and moisturisers are an inexpensive (or expensive, depending on your brand preferences) way to add a little luxury to your daily routine. I use a QV moisturiser for my face and body that’s completely scentless, colourless, basically it’s very basic and boring. So I find little things like these fun and interesting but also super gentle on your skin.


I discovered and fell in love with something new this month and it’s a sponge cleaner from Daiso! I’ve seen beauty gurus raving about this for months all over my Facebook feed so I put it in the back of my mind for when I’m out next. Earlier in May I found myself in Daiso for a quick look around and spotted this as I was leaving the store! It’s an amazing detergent for your makeup sponges and works like nothing else I have tired before.

I’ve tired cleaning my sponge with water, bars of soap, liquid soap, shampoo, lotions, everything, and there’s always a tiny bit of foundation still in the sponge – until you use this. It’s amazing, I just put some drops onto my wet sponge, rub it in and before I know it foundation just starts falling out of the sponge. It does take 2 or 3 rounds of dropping some detergent onto the sponge and squeezing it for it to be 100% clean, but it works so much better than anything else I’ve tried. Also, it’s only $2.80.


I’ve been loving jewellery throughout May as I approached the end of my university semester. I feel like a necklace or earrings have made me look put together on mornings I definitely do not have myself together and would rather be at home in bed. Pictured is the necklace Molly bought me from Pigeonhole for my birthday and my Mimco earrings. I also wear turtlenecks nine times out of 10 these days so I love the look of layering a necklace over the top of one.

In my Outfit of the Day post I featured this bag from She Envy Boutique and I am in love with it so I thought I’d mention it here! Shoutout to Morgan for seeing this in store and getting one for each of us as there was a store wide sale happening! I know I’ll get so much use out of this once the holidays come as it’s compact but fits so much and works with any outfit.


Now on to some non-materialistic favourites that happened this month!

I got a 7 on one of my university assignments! I wasn’t expecting it at all as once I submit something I have to move to worrying about the next thing, so it was an amazing surprise and I’m so chuffed!

I changed my blog layout ever so slightly and now I’m so happy with it! I’ve started using the Featured Image feature and it’s made everything look heaps better in my opinion and it was only a small change. It’s also made me so happy and excited for the holidays where I’ll have so much more time to blog.

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 8 ended and the winner was crowned! I won’t spoil it for you but my absolute favourite from before the season even began won and I almost cried because she deserved it so much. I was also dying while seeing all my favourite queens from past seasons come back for the reunion/crowning episode. Sadly I have to wait for another season to happen, but rumour has it RPDR All Stars Season 2 is airing in the second half of this year and all my favourites are rumoured to be on, so you’ll definitely hear about that on this blog when it starts!

So that’s it for my May Favourites! June has already gotten off to a great start so I can’t wait for next month so I can show you all the new things I’ve been loving! What have you been enjoying recently? Leave me a comment below so we can chat! Also don’t forget to give this post a “like” if you enjoyed it!

All the love and thank you for reading,

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  1. I live for that Daiso brush cleaner! I even have a huge back up stash hidden away in a cupboard haha. That Zoella hand cream looks interesting. I might have to try it out. Great review 🙂

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