Treat Yo’ Self Makeup Haul

Throughout the last few months I slaved over assignments, hurdled over weekly quizzes and stumbled through an exam block, all the while keeping my eyes firmly on a light at the end of the tunnel – treating myself with makeup. I actually hate spending my money and feel like every beauty product in Australia is overpriced and not worth it. However, every now and then a sale sign will come up, or something I’ve had my eye on forever is actually in stock, or a highly anticipated eyeshadow palette has finally landed in Australia, and I will gladly treat myself. If you’re someone who struggles to justify buying something, or have worked your butt off in school, university or work so far this year, take this post as a sign it’s time to Treat Yo’ Self in a very Parks & Recreation fashion. Here’s a makeup haul of the things I treated myself to throughout the university semester! 

After the first few weeks of uni I saw that the much loved and highly rated Mary-Lou Manizer by The Balm was in stock at my local David Jones’ and that it was 30% off! I thought it was the perfect time to pick it up as it came to around $20 or less if I can remember properly. I don’t own a highlighter brush yet (I see a lot of people using “fan brushes” to apply highlighter so I need to go find an affordable one!) but it’s a gorgeous shade for any skin tone for both a natural and more dramatic glow. 


Speaking of sales, in the middle of the semester Peppermayo had a 20% sale so I decided to take advantage of it and order myself one Jeffree Star liquid lipstick and one Lime Crime liquid lipstick to try the formulas out before buying more. They only had very bright and bold Jeffree Star colours left, so I bought Anna Nicole as I know I’ll wear this when the festive season comes and don’t actually own any light reds. 


I bought Riot from Lime Crime and it’s much darker than the swatch showed online, but I’m sure I’ll find a use for it at some point. It applies amazingly, dries quickly and feels really light on the lips. I bought a Kylie Lipkit the other day so when that arrives I’m going to compare its formula to the Lime Crime and Jeffree Star formulas and see how they stack up to each other, so keep an eye out for that if you’re interested! If you’re interested in these brands Peppermayo currently has a 30% off sale, so it’s worth checking out if you want to try these brands for a cheaper price. 


In the week I had three assignments due – worth 30%, then 50%, then 60% – a palette I had been dying to get my hands on for months landed in Australia. The amount of stress I had been under and the fact I got through all of them alive was enough to make me justify buying the Too Faced Sweet Peach Eyeshadow palette. It’s gorgeous, its selection of shades are nothing like I own and the quality is the same if not better than Too Faced’s already high standard. If you’d like to know more about my thoughts on this palette you can read my review here! 


A few weeks after that horrendous week of assignments I had my first and last exam and went straight to the shops when it was done. It was a morning exam, so buy 11am I was already finished and dressed and didn’t just want to go home. I went to Chermside to check out the sales and found the Sleek Highlighting palette at Target! The entire Sleek and the Balm stand was a sad sight with all its stock pretty much gone, so I gave up hope of actually getting it. Then I saw I staff member and asked if they had any out the back and she said they have heaps in lockable drawers underneath the stand! I think they keep them out of sight as people have been stealing them? Which sucks, but I thought I’d mention that if you’ve been looking at the Sleek stands wondering why there’s never much in stock besides gross testers. This palette is GORGEOUS. I’m going to do a review on it soon, so keep an eye out for more flatlays and swatches of these gorgeous highlighters! 


So that is everything I bought throughout the last few months to help me survive the semester and treat myself! Have you bought something recently to reward yourself? Or do you have your eye on something special? Leave me a comment below so we can chat! 

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    Secondly, Chi Chi has a really nice fan brush that I don’t think is too expensive! I have one from Real Techniques now which I love but I’ve been wanting to pick up the Chi Chi one bc it’s quite thick and fluffy and I think it would pick up product well!! Xx

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    1. OMG I know right I was like “self, TREAT YO SELF” over a long period of time not all at once though hahaha, I think that brush is for contour though (or can be multipurpose)? And they’re apparently scratchy which is annoying but if I see it on sale I might get it one day! There’s a Smashbox one I kind of want because I have a Smashbox contour brush and I like things looking similar hahaha xx

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      1. Ooh I hadn’t heard that about the Chi Chi brushes! I have the angled eyeliner/eyebrow brush and it’s fantastic but I guess those are supposed to be very stiff and a bit scratchy! I’ve never had any luck using anything other than dense ‘sculpting’ brushes for contour, so the fan brush appeals to me more for highlighting but I think the Chi Chi one probably is multipurpose! xx


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