Finally Cutting My Hair Short

If you know me well, you’ll know that I’ve dreamt about cutting my hair short for about, mmh, maybe a good year now. I know, it takes me forever to finally make a change. I’m someone who sits on an idea for ages and then randomly will just go and do it. A couple days ago that moment came and I thought I’d do a blog post on it! I hope you enjoy this post and find it to be the final nudge to take the plunge and make a change, whether it be about your hair or something else entirely!

I’ve had long hair my whole life. Growing up as a ballet dancer, who still dances weekly, you needed hair long enough to be able to easily twist it up into a bun everyday. Since I had long hair my whole life I hated wearing it out at any time because it always felt hot and heavy and would just get in my way, especially at school. All throughout last year I wanted to chop my hair off to around my shoulders but was always sceptical of what it would look like and the fact I’d be stuck with hair too short for my everyday ponytail. I also wanted long hair for my formal which happened right at the end of the year, so big hair changes were off the table!

It was only in the last few months were I really wanted shorter hair. To me “short” hair is the “lob” hairstyle, which is a long bob. I’m also not allowed to dye my hair, so “drastic” haircuts like this are as adventurous as I get! My hair was in need of a cut to keep it healthy, and since I just went on University and work holidays, I thought now would be the perfect time to change it up.  I’m so happy I did! Here’s a before and after of my hair:





I’m obsessed with my shorter hair now! I can’t believe I can actually wear it out and how healthy it looks. I also feel like it’s changed how my face looks and actually frames it properly. I don’t feel the need to straighten it every morning to get a “sleek” ponytail, but rather just leave it and let my natural waves give it some volume. I feel like I can now also pull off cute hairstyles that were just weighed down before my the length of my hair.

Example Of Cute Hairstyle


That’s all I have to say about my hair! I’m just so happy with the change and encourage anyone else thinking of cutting their hair short to just go for it! My hair is still long enough to put into a pony tail but it just looks so much better now and takes no time to wash and dry!

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Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 10.48.13 pm

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  1. It looks so good! I went for the chop like two years ago now, but then I was lazy and didn’t cut it for a year so it grew back haha 😛 I then cut it short again last October, and even shorter this year! I just love the style so much and I do so much more with it than I did with my long hair. Styling it just used to take so long!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

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      1. Haha aw well I spend so much time on markup I have no time for my hair and it never stays in one style hahaha so short hair for me is a first and it’s amazing!


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