Limited Edition Mecca Beauty Loop Unboxing

When the Australian Federal Election was happening a few weeks back, Mecca Maxima jumped on the campaign trail and created their own election, calling for all beauty junkies to cast their votes to decide which products were the best of the best. Well, while the final seats in our nation’s political system are still being counted, in makeup land the votes are in and this quarters Mecca Beauty Loop boxes are filled with samples of the winning products! If you’d like to read more Mecca Beauty Loop Unboxing posts, you can find the rest of the series here. Below is what was in my limited edition box and my thoughts on the products, so I hope you enjoy it!


I made the mistake of assuming I was finally on Level 2 of the Mecca rewards system. It’s never good to assume. I thought the Mecca lady made a mistake when she handed me a Level 1 box. “I’ve bought so much, we put every product and every gift card purchase on my card, how far off Level 2 am I?” I wondered as I walked out of the store.

$8. I’m eight whole dollars off. I thought that was hilarious considering the average Mecca product is around $50. Anyway, as I was walking out I opened the box and was AMAZED to see a Too Faced Melted Lipstick in there! I’ve always wanted to try these, but the packaging put me off and I feel like they’re just a sensationalised lip gloss. Also, they’re expensive at $30 each for a huge tube of product you’ll never finish. So I’m so happy to get a mini version (that still has heaps of product in it!) for free! This is the shade Chihuahua. Also, a new batch of Melted lipsticks are coming to Mecca soon. They’re going to be matte liquid lipsticks with a clear tube and an applicator, and I’m so excited for them!


I think I’ve gotten a Kate Somerville sample in every box and I am still yet to use any of them, so this next sample will just get added to the pile. It is interesting though, it’s the EradiKate In A Snap acne product which will dry out any blemish you apply it to. I don’t fully understand the snapping part, and I’m already on acne medication so I’m not sure if I’ll bother using this, but I think it’s very unique so I’m glad I got it and not another cleanser sample from this same brand.


It wouldn’t be a Beauty Loop Box without a Argan Oil sample from Josie Maran. But this one is different, instead of an oil formula it’s a Whipped Argan Oil Face Butter. Yes, it’s whipped and it has the word butter in it. I’m excited for this as I’ve never tried anything like it and have really liked the oils (and liquid highlighters) from Josie Maran!


The final product in the box was from a brand I’ve never tried before, and it’s the Korres Wild Rose Brightening and Line-Smoothing Serum. I don’t have lines (I hope) but I am always up for some brightening, so I’ll give this a whirl around the stressful weeks of the semester to see if it makes a difference!

So that’s everything that was in my limited edition Mecca Beauty Loop box! What’s products do you use in your skin care routine? Leave me a comment below so we can chat! Also don’t forget to give this post a “like” if you enjoyed it and to follow my blog to stay up to date!

All the love and thank you for reading,



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