Makeup Wishlist

It seems like every week a new beauty product is either hitting the shelves, being released online for purchase or being extravagantly revealed on Snapchat to send the Internet into a panic – I’m looking at you, Miss Jenner. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all these releases and the online hype can lead to regretful impulse buys. Even worse, it can lead to not much money being left in your beauty bank for something that you actually really want when it comes back in stock. I always have a mental makeup wishlist, but Mecca has recently revealed when it will bring in new products that I’m dying to get my hands on, so I thought I’d do another official “Makeup Wishlist” blog post to help me get organised on what I really want! You can read my one from January here, and I hope you enjoy this updated one!

I’ll start with Kylie Cosmetics, as her exclusive birthday collection almost broke the beauty part of the internet! While I won’t be getting anything from her new limited edition collection, what I do really want it her new bronze Kyshadow palette. I think the shades are gorgeous and I’m a sucker for eyeshadows and Kylie. Hopefully when I order her palette I’ll be able to add some more of her lip kits and metals to my collection, especially Heir, Koko K, Kristen and Reign. I have a special place in my heart for her lip kits as they’re the first lipsticks to actually get my obsessed with any brand of liquid lipsticks. I think her gorgeous yet everyday shades is what I love the most, plus their weightless feeling on the lips.

Onto my favourite brand ever – Too Faced! Their new products will be coming into Mecca Maxima on August 23rd, and I cannot wait to get them! I’m interested in the new Born This Way concealers, the new Sketch Markers and Melted Matte liquid lipsticks! I’m so happy they brought out their own matte liquid lipsticks as I was never too interested in the original melted lipsticks that don’t dry down.

I also still haven’t bought some older Too Faced products, so on my list is the Born This Way foundation in the shade Pearl, one of their Love Flush blushes and their new Waterproof Better Than Sex mascara!

Jeffree Star won’t slow down and keeps releasing new products and collections, which is amazing, but it also means he doesn’t stock his original shades as often. When he does, I’d love to get Mannequin, Gemini and Rose Matter!

Sticking with liquid lipsticks (yes, Kylie got me very obsessed) I’d love to try out some of the NYX Lingerie ones! They’ve only recently come to Australia, and the range of shades is amazing. I swatched some on my hand the last time I was in Priceline and the hype was right – they felt amazing!

So that’s everything that is in the “top priority” section of my make up wishlist! There are a bunch of other products like the Urban Decay palettes, but I can get them anytime and they’re a little bit too pricey. What’s on your makeup wishlist? Leave me a comment below so we can chat!

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