Balancing Blogging When You’re Busy

It feels slightly premature and ironic to be giving time management advice when I’m ignoring looming university assignments and creeping due dates, yet here we are. Real world responsibilities aside, I think I do a pretty great job sticking to my blogging schedule of posting twice a week while also balancing work, university, family and me time. I haven’t done a “blogger advice” sort of post in a while, so I thought now would be the perfect oppourtunity! My last post was “A Guide To Flatlays” which you can check out as well and I hope you enjoy my tips and tricks on how I stay on top of my blog! 


1. Make Lists Of Blog Post Ideas

I’m obsessed with making lists and I will do it for anything. What I need to study for… what future makeup I want to buy… what movies I need to watch – I could go on. In fact, I just made this whole blog post a list. I always write down ideas for future blog posts because I know I will forget them if I don’t. I make little blogging lists on my phone, in my laptop, and even have some ideas written down in notebooks. Recently I mashed all those mini lists together and realised I have 26 (!!!) future blog post ideas that I’m excited to write, and that list will just keep growing as time goes on. This makes it incredibly easy for me to get motivated to blog because I have so many ideas right in front of me. Even if you have an idea and you don’t think it’s good enough, still write it down, because in future it could evolve into something better or could be combined with another idea.

An example of that was my “All That Glitters | Highlighter Review + Comparison” blog post. I felt bad I never got around to doing a solo review of the Balm highlighter, and then I bought the Sleek highlighter and got obsessed with that, and then very quickly bought Champagne Pop right after that. I was about to do three separate reviews, but then I just decided to combine them all together and ended up really enjoying that post. It even inspired one of my friends and fellow bloggers Morgan to publish her own version of the post because she enjoyed it as well! 

2. Have A (Vague) Posting Plan

Below is a photo of a monthly calendar in my current planner and how I plan out my posts. The amount of detail I give this plan varies month to month, but the general gist is that I write all my ideas for that specific month on the right hand side and then write on which days I want to post them. Every month I do a Monthly Favourites post, so I always write down when I’m going to post that. Sometimes I have product reviews I’m really excited to post, so they’ll be written down as well. Sometimes I also throw in ideas of stuff I want to do in the future. It’s good to have stuff laid out in front of you, either in a planner or online, so you can see what the month ahead of you looks like. It’s also great to add in when important events or assignments are happening so you can work around them. This is a photo from February, so I had no university to deal with and plenty of time to blog!


3. Stick To Your Schedule 

It’s important to have a blogging schedule that’s regular but also realistic. Once university started I made the decision to only blog twice a week. Can you believe I used to blog three times a week? I used to be really strict with myself and say “okay you’re posting Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the rest of your life”, but after I while I realised that while I enjoy posting a specific amount of times a week, I didn’t like the strict weekdays I had chosen. My current schedule is now twice a week, and sometimes that’s Monday and Thursday or Tuesday and Sunday. Heck, even this post is going up on a Wednesday. This means my schedule is regular and I’m able to keep up with it but it’s also flexible. Don’t stress if you had planned to get a post up on a specific day and you just ran out of time or life got in the way. Things happen, and you can always just post it the next day. 

4. Take Photos In Bulk 

Putting aside a certain amount of time each week to take photos for multiple posts will be the biggest help in keeping on top of your blog. You can write your posts at any time of the day, but there’s only a small window of oppourtunity for lighting. I take all my photos with natural lighting, so I’ve gotten into the routine of taking blog photos on either a Saturday or Sunday at around midday. If I leave it too late into the afternoon the sun won’t be as bright and will cast an annoying yellow glow. At this point in the week I’ve planned out what I want to write about next, so I gather all my products and props, set them up, and then take my photos. Once that’s done, I do it again for another post, and that’s the bulk of my blogging for the week done in under an hour! I’m someone who takes photos and then writes the text in relation to them, so once the photos are done I find it so easy to just write a post and can do it at any time.  

5. Write When You Can, and Don’t Force It

If you have a good line for a blog post, write it down in the notes on your phone. I started drafting my August Favourites post weeks ago because I felt inspired to do so and I knew if I didn’t, I’d sit down this weekend with nothing to say because I would have forgotten. I also started working on my “Create Your Own Eyeshadow Palette Tag” blog post weeks before I posted it because I wanted it to be perfect and Photoshop can take some time, but I was also very inspired to start it. If I told myself “don’t bother working on that now you won’t post it for ages”, chances are I probably never would have made it. Write when it feels right and if you’re trying to force the words and nothings happening, it’s okay to walk away and come back to it. I’ve had people say to me “oh I’d love to start a blog but I don’t know what I’d write about”, but I’ve personally never faced that problem because a) I create so many damn ideas lists and b) I only write when I want to and if I’m excited, and fortunately I’m always excited to blog. 

So that’s my advice for keeping on top of your blog when you’re busy, or just keeping up with it in general! I hope this was helpful in some way, and if it was please leave me a comment below so we can chat! If you did enjoy this post please give it a “like” so I know, and don’t forget to follow my blog on WordPress or Bloglovin’, or follow my Instagram to see when I update. 

All the love and thank you for reading, 

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