August Favourites

August was the first month all year that didn’t fly by in the blink of an eye. In fact, I felt like it dragged on for far too long – and that’s not the type of drag that I like. I think August felt so long winded because it was filled with so many highs but also a bunch of existential crisis inducing lows. In August I was finally met with the soul crushing question every university students asks themselves at one point (or many) … “is this actually what I want to do?” I also got the flu (sort of) in August and having to miss work and university was actually terrifying because things move so fast. But those concerns were temporarily soothed when I got to see two of my favourite YouTubers live on stage and my drag queen idols returned to the silver screen for a chance at “rudemption”. These are my August Favourites for 2016!


In terms of beauty, I found two new affordable favourites in August. The first is the L’Oreal Brow Artist Plumper which I bought after my Maybelline Brow Drama finally bit the dust. I mentioned in my in second “Empties, Regrets and Reviews” post that I really wanted to try this out, and I’m so happy I found it half price at Terry White Chemists! I picked up the transparent version as the brown one was out of stock and I’m quite pleased with it so far! It does everything I expect it to, shaping my brows and keeping them in place without making the hairs feel too stiff when the gel sets. The tiny brush is also so easy to use! I do miss the colour my Maybelline brow gel had, so I will definitely get the brown version of this L’Oreal one when I can!


The second product I discovered this month was the Maybelline Matte Maker Pressed Powder. Again, my Rimmel Stay Matte had run out, so I was in dire need of a setting powder. I was thinking of getting the Maybelline Fit Me one, but I noticed in store it has glitter in it? Which I think is so pointless and weird? I worried I wouldn’t be able to find one until I spotted this on the bottom of the Maybelline stand, and I really like it! It does exactly what I want it to do, keeping me matte throughout the day and making my makeup last longer. However, my concealer continues to crease under my eyes even when I set it with this, so it doesn’t fix all my problems! I really want to try the Australis Fresh & Flawless Pressed Powder, so that’s on my list for next time. I also want to try the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder, but that’s a lot more expensive!


Moving away from affordable products, I’ve been really enjoying using the Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Kit with the Zoeva 110 Face Shape Brush! You can read my review on both the palette and the brush in my “Kat Von D Shade + Light Review” as I cover everything there!

Of course, being the eyeshadow addict that I am, there are two palettes in this months favourites. I bought the Zoeva Cocoa Blend Eyeshadow Palette in my “First Ever Sephora Haul” and it straight away became a favourite product of mine. I am obsessed with the shades and how they blend, as they’re not insanely pigmented which results in the most effortless and gorgeous looking (and perfectly blended) eyeshadow look. You can read all my thoughts on the palette in my “Zoeva Cocoa Blend Review” post! I used this palette for when I went to a family picnic and the first thing someone said to me was “omg your eyes look amazing what did you do?”, so it gets great results!


I’ve been working really hard to give some love to my neglected beauty products and I’ve had so much fun rediscovering my Too Faced Natural Eyes Eyeshadow Palette! This is perfect for work and those mornings I’ve still too tired to function as there are no crazy colours inside that I’ll make a mess out of on my face. My most used shades are Honey Pot, Heaven, Silk Teddy, Push Up and Cashmere Bunny. It’s so simple but wearable and gorgeous, and I think I’ll have so much fun with this in Spring and Summer where I just want something really light in terms of eye makeup. That being said, you can create so many dramatic looks with this palette too, so I highly recommend this for anyone looking for a “go-to perfect for any occasion” palette.

Now onto my non-materialistic favourites I can’t capture in a flatlay!

  • Apple Music

Bit of a cheat as I mentioned this last month, but discovering new music and listening to old hits was so fun this month, so here are all the artists I fell in love with in August! I’ve become obsessed with Britney Spears and have been unashamedly and constantly playing her greatest hits for weeks now. I think reminiscing in Britney music from years ago was due to my crisis about the future. I highly recommend Britney Spears “The Singles Collection” from 2009 as it features my favourites 3, …Baby One More Time, Oops!… I Did It Again, I’m a Slave 4 U, Me Against The Music, Toxic, Piece Of Me, Womanizer, If You Seek Amy- basically the whole damn album!

I also discovered Sharon Needles’ Taxidermy and my favourites songs from that are Dracula, Dead Dandelion, Taxidermy, Hollywouldn’t, Glow In The Dark! and Whammy. Along with the bangers RuPaul and Alaska 5000 releases, Needles is one my favourite musical queen.

I discovered and repeatedly played the song Hold Up by Beyonce and thought I’d include it because, while I haven’t even listened to the whole album, as soon as I heard this song in H&M I fell in love with it.

I also rediscovered all the songs covered by Glee on Apple Music. It’s so weird listening to them all again as I was obsessed with Glee all throughout middle school but lost interest in the show in its final seasons. I keep listening to all my favourites from Rachel and Mercedes like Try a Little Tenderness, My Man, Survivor/I Will Survive, All I Want For Christmas and more. Yes, I listened to a Christmas song in August.

  • The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire – I got to see Dan and Phil live on stage! It was, as the title hints, amazing. It was so weird seeing them on stage with my own eyes and not a screen like I have been doing for years. They are so lovely and genuine and authentic inside and out and that comes through in real life. I loved every minute of their show and I’m so proud of everything they’ve achieved!

Finally, saving the best for last:

  • RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 2 – OKAY. THIS SHOW. THIS FREAKING SHOW. I have been waiting for this for what feels like my whole life and the first episode premiered in August. RuPaul got all girls back for a chance of rudemption (get it) and I’m am so alive and ready for it. I’m on #TeamAlaska and #TeamKatya, but I’m also a strong fan of Detox and think Roxxxy will go far as well. I’m not fussed on Ginger, but I’m excited to see how Phi Phi will go as her drag has changed the most since her season. This show, and Britney, is what is going to get me through this second semester of university. I only ask for one more thing of RuPaul, and that’s to get all the past winners back for a season of “All Winners All Stars” because I need to see Raja, Sharon, Jinkx and Bianca again.

So those were all my favourites for August of 2016! What did you enjoy this month? Leave me a comment below so we can chat! Also don’t forget to give this post a “like” if you enjoyed it and to follow me on WordPress or Instagram to get notified when I post!

All the love and thank you for reading,

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