Makeup Tools Every Beauty Lover Should Own

Whether you’re just starting out in makeup or a self proclaimed beauty junkie, there will always be those ride or die makeup tools everyone should own at some point. I’ve gone back to the basics and gathered up only the essentials I think contribute to the perfect makeup routine and run through how I use them. A lot of these brushes can be used for a variety of things, so I decided to keep it simple and leave the precise brushes, such as a sharp wing liner and petite crease brush, for another day! I recommend all these brushes, however cheaper alternatives with the same sort of brush design would still get the job done! So, let’s jump into it.


1. Creating a Flawless Base – Beauty Sponges

Blending sponges have somewhat revolutionised the makeup game. While they’ve been used for years by stage performers and professionals, the brand beautyblender introduced the technique to the masses and its popularity inspired a slew of similar products. The reason why the beautyblender is so popular is because you’re meant to soak the sponge in water, give it a squeeze so it inflates, and then use that to blend whatever you want. This way you get no streak lines like brushes can give you which results in a seamless, gorgeous makeup application. The only catch is the original sponge that started it all is $30 AUD and it needs to be replaced every couple of months for hygiene reasons, so I settled for the Chi Chi alternative which I got on sale for $5.95 at Myer.

I really like it so far even though I’m paranoid it soaks up too much of my foundation and therefore makes me waste product. I think any beauty sponge is a great purchase because you can use it for a bunch of products including blending liquid foundation, liquid concealer, creme products such as blushes, bronzers and highlighters, and even buffing fake tan or skincare products (though I’d get a second sponge and dedicate it only to tanning if you were going to do that to avoid it mixing with your makeup!). It’s recommended you give it a wash during each use to keep it clean!


2. Setting the Face – Large & Small Powder Brushes

Once you’ve blended all your products to your hearts desire, it’s time to set it all with powder! A large brush is perfect for larger areas of your face such as your cheeks, forehead, chin and also down your neck if you want to. A small brush is perfect for getting into those more delicate areas, such as underneath your eyes and on your eyelids, on and around your nose and anywhere around your eyebrows if you’re going for a precise look. Shown above is the Zoeva 106 Powder brush and the Real Techniques Setting Brush, both of which I recommend.


3. Shaping The Face – Contour and Blush/Bronzer Brushes

These tools are somewhat optional depending on whether you just used creme products, but since I always use powder products these are the two brushes I always use. I’ve started using my Zoeva 110 Face Shape brush to “carve” out my cheek bones and then buff it upwards. Any small to medium sided brush with tightly packed bristles will apply powder well and would (hopefully) work well for contouring! What I love about the Zoeva ones though is that even though they are dense, they’re also really great at blending as they’re not overly fluffy. Once that’s done I then move onto using my Zoeva 127 Luxe Sheer Cheek brush to add some blush to my face. I freaking love this brush and think everyone should own something like this. It’s angled and fluffy so it’s great for blush but also for blending out contour products or bronzing up the face.


4. Easy On The Eyes – Blending, Packing and Gradient Brushes

There are two brushes I would recommend to everyone but mainly beginners, and that’s an eyeshadow blending brush and an eyeshadow packing brush. The blender brush is used for shades you’d blend in your crease area to get a perfect transition, while the packing brush is a flat paddle brush you would use to press shadows onto your lid. Shown above are the Blender and All Over Shadow Brushes from Too Faced! The third brush I love is optional but it always takes my eye makeup to another level so I’m including it anyway. The Zoeva 227 Luxe Soft Definer is like the love child between a blender brush and a packing brush. It’s got soft, long bristles so it blends like a dream but it’s also quite flat so it’s perfect for adding colour and smoking out other shades. I always use it with slightly darker colours when I want to deepen my outer corner or blend any harsh lines I created with my Too Faced Blender brush.

So those are all the brushes I recommend everyone has at one point or another! What brushes would you recommend? Or is there something you think I should have included? Leave me a comment below so we can chat!

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All the love and thank you for reading,

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