Kate Moss 15th Anniversary Lipsticks Review

Rimmel London has recently celebrated their 15 year partnership with supermodel Kate Moss by releasing a limited edition collection of her favourite lipstick shades! There are six shades in the range consisting of three of Kate’s favourite reds and three of her favourite nudes. I’m a neutrals gal and the nude collection was right up my alley, so when I saw them half price I jumped at the chance and bought all three! Here are my thoughts on them and I hope you enjoy this review!

Kate Moss Lipsticks 1.jpg


For starters, I love Rimmel lipsticks and these are no exception. The formula is amazing, they’re so smooth to put on but are also firm, which means it’s incredibly easy to apply but you won’t accidentally draw them on unevenly. I also love how they wear, they are pigmented and they stay like that for ages, and when they do wear off they seem to fade really evenly and still look pretty! I can’t say much for the darker shades so they might wear off and look patchy, but these nudes still look lovely hours later and it doesn’t feel gross to reapply. The finish isn’t matte, it has a touch of a sheen to it but I wouldn’t describe them as glossy or shiny.

Kate Moss Lipsticks 4.jpg


The three nude shades in the range are 54 Rock ‘N’ Roll, 55 My Nude and 56 Boho Nude, and I love them all so much! These have become my favourite nude lipsticks I own. Every time I wear one I say “okay this is my favourite shade from the trio”, only to say the same thing when I apply a different one in the collection the next day.

Kate Moss Lipsticks 2.jpg

On my arm they look lighter than what they do in the bullet, but they would look a tiny bit different depending on the colour of your lips and your skin tone. 54 is the lightest and the most pinky of the three. 55 is a darker, more brown toned pinky nude than 54 and is literally the perfect “my lips but better shade”. 56 is the most brown toned nude of the three and gives the ultimate 90s vibes and it great when you’re still a little cautious of brown lipsticks. Also, those swatches are just one swipe! I love how pigmented these are.


I am obsessed with this rose gold/copper and silver packaging! I love how they kept the same look and design of the normal Kate Moss lipsticks with the red signature too, so they look great amongst your collection. The only thing that makes me realise these lipsticks are on the more affordable side is that they are really light to hold in your hand, but it also makes them perfect for travelling.

Kate Moss Lipsticks 3.jpg


These lipsticks are $13.95 AUD each which is great however I bought all three when they were half price so I only paid $6.97 each! I would recommend waiting for them to go on sale because high end makeup is never reduced but at least brands like Rimmel sometimes are!

So those are my thoughts on the new limited edition Kate Moss lipsticks! Do you own any lipsticks from Rimmel London? If so, leave me a comment below and we can chat!

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