Spring Makeup Picks

Let’s all collectively ignore the fact that my seasonal beauty picks is a little later than normal. While Summer is right around the corner, we still have a solid few weeks of Spring and with that I bring you my Spring Makeup Picks! To me, Spring makeup is all about that perfect transition from heavy Winter foundations and dark hues to more natural and glowing Summer shades. During this time of the year I’ve found myself leaning towards pastel pink shades, focused more on highlighting and have opted for a slightly warmer foundation. I’ve been wearing these products everyday since Spring sprung a few months back and I’ve been enjoying them so much, so I hope you enjoy my beauty picks for this season too!

Spring Makeup Picks.jpg


Starting with my base, I’ve started using my Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous foundation in the shade 105 again. My Revlon foundations are lighter and tend to wash me out now that Winter is gone and I can’t wear my beloved turtle necks anymore to hind the colour difference (cue gentle sobbing). This foundation doesn’t lean too pink or too yellow, has a great amount of coverage without looking or feeling heavy and cakey and it lasts all day!

I’ve also really been enjoying using the Rimmel Sculpting Palette! For the price I think it’s great as all the shades have the slightest shimmer to them which is barely recognisable on the face but it stops it all from looking muddy and dull. The contour shade is quite cool toned so it’s perfect for pale girls like myself and the blush is actually quite pigmented! The only shade that doesn’t knock my socks off is the highlighting shade, it’s decent and can be built up and is fine for work or everyday makeup.

To get a proper glow on I’ve been reaching for my Mary-Lou Manizer by the Balm highlighter which I’ve raved about time and time again! It’s so subtle but effective and perfect for everyday or can be built up for a stronger glow. I’ve been putting this on my cheekbones, tip of my nose and cupids bow.

Spring Makeup Picks 2.jpg


My favourite part! Of course I whipped out my Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bon’s eyeshadow palette the moment Spring sprung in action. From the pastel pink packaging to the hearts to the shades and everything else, this palette has been my favourite thing these past few months. So far the transition colours I rotate between are Almond Truffle, Cashew Chew, Pecan Praline, Divinity and Mocha, and my lid shades are always either Molasses Chip or Sprinkles mixed in with some Cotton Candy. I also add a bit of Bordeaux in my outer corner.

Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Palette.jpg

The freaking star of the show in this palette is the iridescent shade Satin Sheets which is the most gorgeous highlight. I put this in my inner corners and insanely look more awake, sometimes in the centre of my lid, under my brow bone and, if I’m feeling adventurous, as a highlight on my cheek bones.

On the rare occasion where I’ve had a bit more time in the morning I’ve also started using the Maybelline Colour Tattoo eyeshadow in the shade Inked In Pink, which mysteriously isn’t on the Priceline website anymore? This is a subtle, metallic gel eyeshadow and I really like the effect it gives as it’s not matte but it’s definitely not glittery or shimmery, so there is zero fallout! The consistency is a bit weird, I expected it to be super soft but it reminds me much more of a balm, so I swirl my finger around it a couple times thinking there’s not much pigmentation but there is when you apply it. It adds the perfect hint of pastel pink shimmer to your Spring look!

Spring Makeup Picks 4.jpg

To finish off my eyes I always use my Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara which gives my lashes so much length, volume and lift and doesn’t smudge on me at all! I’ve also been adding a small flick to my eyeliner using my Too Faced Sketch Marker liquid liner in the shade Deep Expresso. I really like this as it’s a dark brown and not jet black and therefore looks a tiny bit more casual and “natural”.


Finally, I couldn’t not include the Kate Moss Rimmel London lipsticks because the rose gold/copper packaging and the natural, everyday nude shades scream Spring. I’ve been loving every single one of these three shades in the collection and think Rimmel do amazing lipsticks.

Spring Makeup Picks 3.jpg

Finishing Touches

Most of the time I forget to add some perfume before I leave the house, but when I do remember I always reach for my Marc Jacob’s perfumes in Oh Lola and Daisy! Both scents are fruity and floral with Oh Lola being a little bit more stronger, and they’re both perfect for this time of the year.

Spring Makeup Picks 5.jpg

So those are my Spring Makeup Picks! What makeup do you tend to wear around this time of the year? Leave me a comment below so we can chat!

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