Violet Voss Holy Grail Eyeshadow Palette Review

It’s here! I’m finally reviewing the Violet Voss Holy Grail Eyeshadow palette! I ordered this baby off Beauty Bay back in August when it was in stock for a hot minute, and I’m so happy I was able to get my hands on it! Overall, I love this palette, just not for everyday use. It’s dramatic, deep, bold and full of warm toned, burgundy goodness, which is what I am 100% about, but I don’t find myself wanting to wear this to work or uni for exactly those reasons. I’ll soon be on holidays though and will have plenty of time and opportunities to experiment more with this palette! So, here are my thoughts on the palette and I hope you enjoy this review!



I bought this palette off Beauty Bay for around $55, but I can’t remember the exact price. Beauty Bay’s prices fluctuate daily, but not by an insane amount. I think what I paid for this palette is entirely worth it as the Too Faced Natural Eyes palette at Mecca Maxima is $52 for only nine eyeshadows, and with the Holy Grail palette you get 20 shades and so much more variety!


The packaging on this palette is so hard to explain, it reminds me of the velvety NARS packaging, but it’s made out of cardboard so it’s not as sturdy and hard as the NARS compacts. Since it’s made of out this soft cardboard, grubby finger prints do leave a bit of a smear on the palette if you reach for it when you still have foundation on your hands, which is annoying, but you can always give it a wipe down afterwards. The silver writing and detailing on the front is gorgeous and I love the overall design, but I feel like this lettering could easily scratch off.

Violet Voss Holy Grail palette 2.jpg

In the top corner of mine you can see the lines aren’t printed perfectly on the palette, so that was a bit of a bummer. If you’re someone like me who loves keeping their makeup in perfect condition, you’ll feel a bit hesitant taking this travelling with you as I feel like damage can easily show up with it.

Violet Voss Holy Grail palette 3.jpg

Speaking of travelling though, it comes with a huge mirror that has amazing quality! I love that it’s large enough so you can see your whole face in it, however the palette doesn’t stand up on it’s own, so if you want to use the mirror here to do your makeup you’d either have to hold the mirror up with one hand, or lean it against something. I don’t use the mirrors I get in my palettes so it’s not an issue of me, but it’s something to consider.

Violet Voss Holy Grail palette 4.jpg

I’m absolutely in love with the inside packaging and how the shades are set out! I love that the shade names are still written in the same silver, shiny lettering, but the cardboard is proper, smooth cardboard, it doesn’t have that velvety texture. This different cardboard means it’s super easy to clean around the edges of the shades. The layout of this palette and the shades is actually what inspired me to do the “Create Your Own Eyeshadow Palette Tag” and have all the shades named after my favourite drag queens. I took just one look at it and went “oh my god I can see Trixie and Bianca and Jinkx in these shades”. I didn’t even own this palette at the time of writing that post. I just saw it online and insanely fell in love with what was inside! Luckily the shadows matched my high expectations!


Now to the fun part! Overall, the shimmer shades in this palette are incredible. They’re absolutely stunning. Violet Voss is known for their amazing loose glitters, so they have the shimmer side of things down to a fine art. There are some shimmers in here which are so intense they’re basically metallic. The mattes in this palette are also gorgeous, however one or two are less pigmented than I expected, but it works for the better as you can build them up and get a better end result. The shades in this palette are incredibly soft to touch and insanely easy to blend. So, I highly recommend this palette! I’ve broken the palette down into rows and I have swatches and shade descriptions for each one.

First Row

Line 1.jpg

Crystal – A white, satin shimmer shade that’s reflective and perfect for highlighting the inner corners of the eye and under the brow bone.

Ploof – A beautiful, light pink version of Crystal.

Thanks A Latte – A matte, off white bone colour that’s perfect for setting the eye so all the other colours blend seamlessly on top, or for helping blend the edges of other colours out.

Transition – A flawless warm, light brown shade that’s perfect for the crease, hence the name.

Hashtag – A bold matte orange that doesn’t apply as pigmented as it looks in the pan, which is for the better. It’s actually really wearable and blends like a dream, just like all the shades in this palette do.


Second Row

Line 2.jpg

Awesome Sauce – A GORGEOUS shimmery metallic bronzy gold, it’s one of my favourites and I always use it on my lids.

Bestie – Another easy to blend, soft matte transition shade. It’s a cooler toned version of Transition from the row above.

Toffee – The main event of this whole palette! Toffee is a gorgeous, metallic, dramatic gold that’s more yellow than Awesome Sauce, which is more orange and bronze.

Chill – This shade is literally a chilled out version of Awesome Sauce, it’s lighter in tone to it and less metallic but still has shimmer to it. I use this a lot on my lids as Toffee and Awesome Sauce aren’t really “everyday” casual shades.

How U Doin – Like rose gold in a shimmery eyeshadow form. It’s gorgeous! From the swatch below you can see it isn’t as metallic as Awesome Sauce and Toffee which makes it wearable.


Third Row

Line 3.jpg

Bat My Eyes – A dark, shimmery, metallic brown. I’m struggling to figure out whether it’s warm or cool toned but whatever it is it’s freaking gorgeous.

Cool Beans – I have no idea how to describe this shades but it’s like a super light, warm browny copper that’s super reflective and metallic and it’s one of my favourites!

R U Kitten Me – A matte transition shade that’s darker that Transition and so pigmented and smooth!

So Jelly – An insane metallic pink that I think is duo chrome as it’s so reflective. Sadly it’s nowhere near as pigmented as it looks in the pan, and this is probably the only shade in the entire palette that I feel slightly disappointed with. You can still build it up and work with it though!

On Fleek – A darker version of How U Doin, but still in that gorgeous metallic burgundy family.


Fourth Row

Line 4.jpg

Brownie Points – A deep chocolatey matte brown. Not insanely pigmented which I like because it’s really easy to control how much you put on and it’s effortless to blend.

Teddy Bear – A darker brown with purple undertones when compared to Brownie Points.

Glamping – A darker, less metallic, less rose gold version of On Fleek from the row above.

Cranberry Splash – A SUPER metallic burgundy wine shade. It’s freaking amazing. Look at that swatch. I’m in love.

Wine N Dine – Similar situation to Hashtag as it looks like an insanely bold, deep matte burgundy, which it is, but it’s not insanely pigmented. It applies quite lightly but you can definitely build it up. It’s therefore really easy to use and wearable, but it just doesn’t slap you in the face with colour.


So those are my thoughts on the Violet Voss Holy Grail Eyeshadow palette! I hope you found this helpful and if it did, please give it a “like” so I know! What are your thoughts on the Holy Grail palette? Leave me a comment below! 

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All the love,


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