Reviewing YouTube Beauty Guru Collaboration Products

YouTube’s Beauty Gurus have come a long way. From once just sitting in their rooms doing makeup tutorials and talking about their monthly favourites, to having millions of fans and being able to collaborate with iconic global makeup brands. It’s an understatement to say I’m incredibly proud of these people! So many creators now have collaborations and I’ve purchased quite a few in my time from my favourite YouTubers, so I thought I’d dedicate an entire post to reviewing their creations! I hope you enjoy this post and if you do, please give it a “like”! 

Reviewing YouTube Beauty Guru Collaborations.jpg

Jaclyn Hill x BECCA Champagne Pop Highlighter 

I’m going to start with my favourite thing ever and it’s the Champagne Pop highlighter that Jaclyn Hill created with BECCA Cosmetics! I love this for so many reasons; I love Jaclyn, I love highlighters, I love this shade, plus I bought this during my first ever trip to Sephora so it’s so special! This is the most luxurious makeup item I own and every time I use it, it just makes me feel amazing, and not any makeup product can give you that feeling. 

BECCA Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop.jpg

After watching her for a while I can 100% confirm this collaboration has Jaclyn all over it. The packaging is gorgeous and the same as the other BECCA compacts which makes it all so professional and sophisticated. The actual product inside is freaking out of this world gorgeous. Even the little cardboard box it came in is this amazing reflective gold! I couldn’t be happier with this product or prouder of Jaclyn. 

Manny Mua x Gerard Cosmetics Serenity Liquid Lipstick 

I love Manny Mua, so much so that I’ve always been incredibly tempted to spend an insane amount of money on his Makeup Geek collaboration palette just to support him and own a little piece of his journey. It was only until one day I was browsing the different shades in the Gerard Cosmetics liquid lipstick line that I saw Manny had collaborated with them! He created a warm, dusty rose liquid lipstick and called it Serenity as it was inspired by one of his biggest childhood inspirations – Sailor Moon!

Gerard Cosmetics Serenity Hydra Matte.jpg

He says the character and the show takes him to a place of serenity in the same way that makeup does. That’s why his logo and branding is also inspired by the moon! I love this lipstick formula and shade, however mine looks so much darker compared to the swatches I saw online which ultimately made me want the product? I’m not sure if it’s professional lighting online that makes it look lighter, or my skin tone that makes it look darker, but either way I’m still happy with the product! 

Kathleen Lights x ColourPop Where The Light Is & Ultra Satin Lips

If there’s one Beauty Guru who’s done an insane amount of brand collaborations, it’s Kathleen Lights. So far she’s worked with ColourPop, Makeup Geek, Ofra Cosmetics and Morphe, just to name a few! One of her biggest and most well known products is her Where The Light Is eyeshadow quad she created with ColourPop.

Kathleen Lights ColourPop Collaborations.jpg

The quad consists of a matte white shade called “Glow”, a light brown named after her dog “Cornelious”, the most stunning bronze gold metallic shade called “Kathleen Lights” –  which was inspired by MAC’s popular “Amber Lights” – and a gorgeous shimmery darker brown called “Blaze”. I’m head over heels in love with the bronze “Kathleen Lights” shade, I think it’s outstanding and if I ever got the chance to create makeup, I’d definitely name a shade this gorgeous after myself! “Cornelious” is the perfect crease transition shade, however I’m a little let down with “Glow”.

Kathleen Lights Where The Light Is Swatches.jpg

I don’t find myself wanting to use it as it isn’t very pigmented and it just feels a little pointless on my fair skin as it doesn’t show up too much. I did use it once as a base to conceal my eyelids and to create a seamless base for other shadows, but it just didn’t work well and I get a better result using concealer. I really love this quad, but it’s just this one shade that is a let down! If you’re thinking of buying ColourPop shadows I highly, highly recommend the metallic and shimmer shades, but the mattes aren’t anything insanely special! 

Kathleen Lights ColourPop Ultra Satins.jpg

Kathleen has also created many lip products with ColourPop, and I own two! I recently bought November, which was named after the month she got married in, and Alyssa, which is named after her niece! November is a gorgeous, dusty rose on me, and Alyssa is a pinky, purple mauve! They’re both Ultra Satins which means they are like liquid lipsticks that don’t dry down fully. This way they aren’t drying on your lips so they are more comfortable to wear, but they do transfer! Overall, I love Kathleen’s Ultra Satin shades and formula!

Serenity Alyssa November Swatches.jpg

Left to Right: Gerard Cosmetics Serenity, ColourPop Alyssa, ColourPop November 

Chloe Morello x Revlon Sculpt & Highlight Contour Kit

My final and most recent YouTube Beauty Guru collaboration product was Chloe Morello’s contour kit she created with Revlon! I haven’t bought Revlon products in so long, but I used to all the time before I got seriously into makeup as their ColourStay foundations are incredible. It was really refreshing to see an Australia Beauty Guru collaborate with a more traditional brand I’ve grown up with!

Revlon Chloe Morelle Sculpt and Highlight.jpg

To start with, I really love the outside packaging of the compact as the black and white with the handwritten font looks chic but also youthful. It does, however, remind me so much of the Maybelline packaging which is basically the exact same, so I think Revlon is trying to target a younger demographic, which I’m totally up for!

Revlon Chloe Morelle Sculpt and Highlight 2.jpg

Inside the kit you get a Banana powder for concealing, a highlighting shade (which isn’t that pigmented, however it’s decent for work, school, or anywhere casual and easy!), a bronzer, and a contouring shade. I’m such a big fan of small contour kits as ones with six different shades just get a bit ridiculous to use on a daily basis. While I love my Kat Von D kit, sometimes I don’t want to use it everyday, and I especially don’t want to take it travelling with me as it’s heavy and bulky! So something like this with everything inside is perfect.

Revlon Chloe Morelle Swatches.jpg

I think all the shades are pigmented and easy to apply and blend out, without blending into nothing. The contour shade is nice and cool toned so it looks believable and is great for fair skin, and the bronzer shade isn’t orange or fake looking at all! All these shades tend to kick up product, so I just have to remember not to be heavy handed with it. The only down side to this product is that it’s made of this plastic that I find so incredibly squeaky?  I’ll pick it up and it’ll squeak, I’ll open it and it’ll squeak, I’ll press down on the centre and it’ll squeak (loudly this time). It’s the only thing about this palette that is a let down as it comes off feeling a little cheap. But, I completely over look it as I love the powders inside.

So those are my thoughts on all the YouTube Beauty Guru collaborations products I currently own!

What’s your favourite product collaboration one of your much loved gurus has done? Leave me a comment below so we can chat!

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