Welcome To The 12 Days Of Blogmas!

The shops are filled with decorations, my email inbox is flooded with Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, and my wish list is getting quite lengthy – Christmas is coming! I absolutely love Christmas, but in recent years I’ve gotten so excited about how it’s celebrated online. Being Australian and never experiencing a White Christmas as left me slightly bitter, so I always look forward to Vlogmas where I can follow around my favourite YouTubers while they pick out their trees and decorate their houses!

It was only last year when my queen, idol, favourite YouTuber Zoella sleighed the whole game with her 24 Days of Zoella where she uploaded a Vlogmas video, main channel video and blog post every day in the lead up to Christmas. I died. She’s also doing it this year, and I can’t wait for it to start! While I don’t plan to upload that much content, I was definitely inspired by her, and with that I’m announcing I’m doing the 12 Days of Blogmas! 


Starting tomorrow there will be a new blog post up on my blog every second day in the lead up to Christmas! I have so many posts planned and I can’t wait to share them with you, so I hope you enjoy this as much as I will!

What type of blog posts would you like to see from me? I’ll try and incorporate them in somehow!

I’ll see you tomorrow with the first day of Blogmas 2016!

All the love,


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