Too Faced Merry Macarons Review | Blogmas Day 2

It happened. I finally caved and bought one of the annual Too Faced Limited Edition Holiday Collection kits, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision! Today I’m reviewing the Merry Macarons Eyeshadow Collection, something I went back and forth between buying and trying to ignore, but it eventually won me over! This is my first holiday purchase from Too Faced as for the last two years I’ve tossed up buying their Christmas products, only to regret it when it eventually sells out and I see everyone online swooning over it! I hope you enjoy this review post and if you do, please give it a “like” so I know! 

Too Faced Merry Macaroons 1.jpg


Too Faced nails it every time with their packaging, and during Christmas they go appropriately overboard. This years collection is actually the same as last years but with different colours and this year it’s “Christmas In New York”, whereas last year it was “Christmas In Paris”. I was a bit surprised they kept things quite similar, but this “doll house” concept, and the “hotel” concept from the Grand Hotel Cafe were huge hits last year for their functionality and adorableness, so why fix it if it ain’t broke?

Too Faced Merry Macaroons 4.jpgToo Faced Merry Macaroons 5.jpg

The Merry Macarons set comes in a study pink box that opens to reveal an ice skating scene where a mini Better Than Sex mascara and eyeshadow palette are housed inside! I freaking love this years concept because it’s set in New York City, and I’ve been to New York City, and I’ve gone ice skating at the Rockefeller Centre! This palette is literally me. I love this box and am already planning where I’ll display it in my room after Christmas. Too Faced holiday products definitely have that special, collectors item vibe about them, and this years set is no exception. 


I used to be obsessed with the Better Than Sex mascara and wear it everyday until I decided to branch out and try other brands, so I’m so happy I can use it again! Now to the main event — the Merry Macarons eyeshadow palette! There were three huge reasons this palette won my heart. 

  1. It was $57 so it was cheaper than the Grand Hotel Cafe which is $70. 
  2. It’s full of everyday shades I know I can wear day in, day out, all year round.
  3. Once all the fancy packaging and “doll house” is taken away, it’s actually the perfect size for storing in my makeup collection (unlike my Violet Voss Holy Grail palette which is just that little bit too big and needs its own, separate home!) 

Too Faced Merry Macaroons 2.jpg

I was so close to buying the Grand Hotel Cafe, but I was hesitant about buying three small, individual palettes and I knew I wasn’t going to use every shade. This Merry Macarons palette is an entirely different story. Firstly, it smells faintly of vanilla, which is such a small detail but it makes all the difference! Secondly, this shade range is absolutely amazing and the pigmentation is incredible! I’m always low-key hesitant about buying Too Faced palettes that come in cardboard packaging as opposed to their permanent palettes which have tin packaging. I know sometimes that formulas need to be altered in order to last in cardboard packaging, therefore making them slightly different to the original Too Faced eyeshadow formula I, and many others, have fallen in love with. This palette kills those concerns instantly, and the swatches speak for themselves! Every single formula in this palette, whether it be matte, satin, shimmery, metallic or glittery, are all so pigmented, soft, creamy, easy to blend and long wearing!


First Row

Coconut – A creamy matte beige that’s perfect for setting the lid, using to blend the edges of other shades or highlighting the brow bone and inner corner.

Dulce de Leche – A mid toned matte brown, perfect as a transition shade or for deepening the outer v.

Banana Cream – A medium toned coppery bronze (?? these shades are so unique and therefore so hard to describe!) with the shimmery metallic finish. One of my favourites from the palette!

Almond Mocha – A dark, warm toned matte brown, perfect for deepening the outer v.

Too Faced Merry Macaroons Swatches 1.jpg

Second Row

Champagne Rose – A very light white gold with a hint of pink and a frosted, sparkly finish. It practically duo chrome and I love it!

Mint Chocolate – A matte, muted, medium-dark purply taupe with neutral undertones. I don’t own any other eyeshadow close to this colour, it’s so unique!

Tiramisu – The perfect warm, light toned matte brown transition shade. Every palette needs a shade like this for the crease area and it’s probably my favourite shade out of the whole palette!

Chocolate Raspberry – A dark, plummy purple with warmer undertones and a frosted sheen. Look at our gorgeous and pigmented this shade is!

Too Faced Merry Macaroons Swatches 2.jpg

Third Row

Praline – A medium gold with warm undertones and a metallic sheen. I love this shade, another one of my favourites!

Honey Lavender – A light-medium lavender with warm undertones and a sparkling, metallic finish. I’m obsessed with this shade it’s so gorgeous and unique!

Violet Cassis – A bright, medium-dark fuchsia magenta with cooler, violet satin finish.

Cookies & Cream – A deep black with neutral-to-cool undertones with silver and purple glitter, however it’s mostly matte.

Too Faced Merry Macaroons Swatches 3.jpg

Overall, I’m so impressed and happy with this palette! It’s such good quality and so special to own, plus the shade selection is like nothing else I own. If you’re still debating getting this, I highly recommend you do if you can still get your hands on it!

Do you own any of the Too Faced Holiday Collection items? Leave me a comment below so we can chat!

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