Affordable Gift Guide | Blogmas Day 4

I’m back with another gift guide! This time I’ve curated an Affordable Gift Guide dedicated to the bargains of the beauty world, which also make perfect stocking stuffers or Secret Santa presents! For more gift ideas check out my “High End Gift Guide” or last years “Christmas Gift Guide” as I still 100% recommend those products too! So, if you like this post, give it a “like” so I know, and let’s jump into it!



Ultra Satins & Ultra Mattes $8 | ColourPop Eyeshadows $6.70

There is one brand I highly recommend this holiday season, whether you’re on a budget or not, and it’s ColourPop! They finally ship to Australia, but not only that, they currently have FREE international shipping to Australia until the end of the year! Their products are insanely good value and such good quality, so it’s the perfect time to snap up some products for yourself or others. The have Ultra Matte, Satin and Metallic liquid lipsticks which come in a huge range of shades, so you’re bound to find something you like! 


I also absolutely love their Super Shock Shadows. The matte shades aren’t anything special so I’d give them a miss, but their shimmer shades are to die for and have such good staying power! Just look at those swatches! Shown here are my top three favourite shades that I own — La La, Kathleen Lights and Game Face. If you’d like to know more on these products, check out my ColourPop Haul + First Impressions post here!


Zoella Beauty 

Wonder Hand $9.35 | Blissful Mistful Fragrance $17 |  Fizz Bar $11.90

I featured Zoella Beauty in last years gift guide, but this year us Aussie beauty junkies and fans of hers can actually go into the shops and buy her products! Woo hoo! I only got some of her products last year as my sister travelled to the UK, but this year Target started stocking Zoella Beauty, and while we still can’t get our hands on her new Christmas collection, we can finally get her Classic Collection whenever we want! My favourites from that range include the Wonder Hand moisturiser, her Blissful Mistful fragrance, and the Bath Fizz bath bomb (that you can get multiple uses out of)! This entire Classic Collection has the same, fresh, heavenly, creamy scent that I love. It smells so relaxing and feminine and is the perfect gift for yourself or someone special, or definitely a fan of Zoe’s if they haven’t gotten some of this for themselves already! You can check out my full review and haul post on Zoella Beauty here!


Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette $24.95

Highlighters are all the rage right now and I think they all look so gorgeous and special and would make such a nice gift. A beautiful, and affordable, one I own is the Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette which comes with four amazing shades in a variety of powder and cream formulas! The pigmentation and shimmer of these highlighters rival high end brands, so it’s no wonder influencers from Jaclyn to Nikkie to Jeffree have raved about this. If you’d like to see swatches of this, check out my review and comparison post on it here! Also, look at that gorgeous, gold mirrored packaging! You can pick this palette up from Target! 


Stila “Stay All Day Naturally Nude Liquid Lipstick Set” $28

Christmas is when brands bring out a bunch of sets of mini products, so it’s the perfect time to try out products you’d had your eye on for a while but haven’t wanted to buy full size. Last year Stila brought out a bunch of mini liquid lipstick sets and I regretfully didn’t buy any, so I held out all year for their sets and I’m so happy I did! I bought the Naturally Nude set as soon as I could as it’s such good value for money. For just $28 you get three mini liquid lipsticks, whereas just one full price, full sized Stila liquid lipstick is $30! This set contains the ever so popular shade Patina, which is a dusty rose, and two limited edition newbies — Perla, a pale dusty pink and Serenata, a cognac rose. 


Too Faced Let It Glow Highlight and Blush Kit $36

Again, another amazing set full of sample products! I’m so happy Too Faced brought this set out because I have been wanting to try the Love Hangover Blush and the Snow Bunny Bronzer all year but just can’t commit to buying a full sized one, so this is perfect for me! This set also includes a mini Candle Light Glow highlighter in the shade Rosy Glow and a little brush to use with any of the products! This set is perfect for trying out more products from Too Faced or for someone starting out in makeup. 


Zoeva Coco Blend Eyeshadow Palette $38

Finishing off my Affordable Gift Guide is an item that is starting to get a bit pricey, but it’s such amazing quality at a really surprising price point, so I had to include it! I definitely recommend the Zoeva Coco Blend Eyeshadow Palette as it’s hands down probably my favourite and most used palette. I only got this half way through the year, but I find myself reaching for it almost every day. Zoeva is such a high end, expensive and luxurious brand, so the fact that such an amazing palette with 10 big eyeshadow pans is under $40 blew my mind and made my year. The packaging is gorgeous and covered in a reflective gold pattern, it’s slim, sturdy and lightweight, and it’s just so freaking chic! There are also a bunch of other palettes in this size and price point that Zoeva has, so you might find something you like even more than this one! I think any beauty junkie would be amazed to unwrap something like this on Christmas morning as it’s just such a special item. To read more about this palette and see swatches, check out my full review on it here


So that’s my Affordable Gift Guide complete! I hope you enjoyed this and that is sparked some gift idea inspiration for yourself or someone else! If you did enjoy this gift guide, give it a “like” so I know!

All the love, 


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