Party Proof Lip Products | Blogmas Day 5

Since we’re well and truly into the festive season, that means we’re also beginning the party season! From Christmas parties to New Years Eve festivities, it’s no doubt you’ll have a celebration or two to dress up for. That’s why today I’ve gathered up my “Party Proof Lip Products” that all share the same long lasting, light weight feeling that won’t let you down or pull you away from the festivities to touch up in the bathroom. So, let’s crack on with it and if you enjoy this post, please give it a “like” so I know!


For The All Nighter 

Starting with the boldest and most festive red from my collection, Jeffree Star’s Anna Nicole is a sure winner in my books. From feeling super light weight on my lips to having great staying power, Jeffree’s entire Velour Liquid Lipstick collection is a cult favourite. He has a million and one shades available in this liquid to matte formula, from the brightest neons to the most everyday nudes, so there’s surely something for everyone. I really need to get my hands on his more neutral shades, but this time of the year is where Anna Nicole shines. 


For Chic After Work Drinks 

While a heavy liquid lipstick might feel too over the top for a casual work related event, something more lightweight and natural looking (but still as festive as ever) is the NARS Velvet Lip Pencil in the shade Dolce Vita. I’m obsessed with the formula of these lip pencils as they really sink into your lips and are almost like a stain or a tint (but can easily be removed if need be). This formula then means they stay on your lips for ages and don’t smudge around or transfer onto glasses. I only own a sample size of the lip pencil, but I’m sure as heck going to buy a full sized product when I run out! You do need to sharpen these pencils though, which I always find a bit of a drag, but I’m just nit picking! 


For The Family Christmas Party 

One of my favourite liquid lipstick formulas are the Lime Crime Velvetines which to me are the perfect option for a day full of great food, amazing drinks and a bunch of laughing and talking. They glide on effortlessly, the applicator is small and precise, they do not budge one bit and they don’t make my lips look wrinkly! They can withstand a lot and still look perfect for photos. My favourite shade I own from them is Bleached as it’s such a natural, fresh looking nude, however Lime Crime has an insane range of colours so they’re something for everyone! 


For The New Years Eve Festivities

To me New Years Eve is entirely about glitter and shimmer, so naturally when I do heavy eye makeup I tend to lean towards a really natural lip option. For those occasions I really love the NYX Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks as they have a much more mousse like texture and consistency compared to the Lime Crime ones which are on the runnier side. This means these NYX ones are super easy to apply, they feel so moisturising and feel so comfortable and lightweight on the lips. I also think a beautiful nude shade like Bedtime Flirt, which I’ve featured, looks amazing with a gloss paired on top, so they also make the perfect base for layering as they aren’t super drying and won’t crack on your lips. 




So, those are my “Party Proof Lip Products”! I hope this helped you narrow down what you’ll wear this festive season! I hope you enjoyed this post and if you did, please give it a “like” so I know! What are some of your favourite liquid lipsticks? Leave me a comment below so we can chat! 

All the love, 


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