2016 Beauty Favourites | Blogmas Day 9

It’s finally time for my 2016 Beauty Favourites, a post celebrating my most loved makeup items from the past year! While so many of these items have featured in my monthly favourites series, this post is a round up of the best of the best! One thing I really wanted to do in 2016 was try out way more brands, and looking back on it I think I completed that goal! With the help of Mecca, a new Sephora store and the entire world of online shopping, in 2016 I was able to try out brands like Kat Von D, BECCA, Violet Voss, Zoeva, ColourPop and more! If you’d like to see more, check out my 2015 Beauty Favourites to see how the years stack up against each other. I hope you enjoy this post as much as I do, and if you do please give it a “like” so I know! So, let’s get into it!


I’ve broken everything into categories, and when the product name is highlighted you can click on over to my review of that product!

Daily Lifesavers

To start with, here are the products that saved my life on the daily and made getting ready in the morning so easy and foolproof! I know I mentioned it in last years annual favourites, but the Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara is so fantastic that I never want to try another brand! In just a few strokes it makes my lashes so long, fluttery, adds so much volume and is such a black formula. Plus, it never ever smudges on me! I can’t recommend this enough and have repurchased in heaps through 2016!

One of the most brightening, full coverage, creamy concealers I have tried in my life is the Maybelline Master Concealer and oh my lord it’s so good – and affordable! It’s yellow based so it really counteracts your under eye bags and has a really nice brightening effect, plus it only creases the tiniest amount on me, but it still looks really natural as it doesn’t harshly emphasise any lines.


A brow gel I reached for 24/7 throughout 2016 was the L’Oreal Brow Artist Plumper thanks to seeing Shaaanxo use it all the time in her videos! It really locks your brows in place, gives them volume and texture without looking fake, and doesn’t have that gross, hard feeling once it’s set. I really recommend this as the wand is super small and precise too, unlike the Maybelline Master Brow!

Finally, a foolproof contouring kit I used in 2016 was of corse the Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Kit. I can’t recommend this kit enough as no other contouring product as come close to topping this. It’s so pigmented, but it blends out so well and quickly and gives the most natural looking shape to your face. It’s definitely worth the hefty price tag if you have your heart set on it because I definitely feel like I’ve gotten my money’s worth out of it. My only concern with this kit is that I never use the column on the far right, so I feel like it might be a waste, but I love the four other shades so the good outweighs the bad!

Getting The Glow

In my opinion, 2016 was the year of obsessive highlighting, with brands bringing out full highlighting collections, entire palettes and larger than life pan sizes (ehem, Jeffree Star) to keep up with the trend. In 2015 I owned no highlighters, and now I have three (technically 6 shades) that I absolutely love! Read my All That Glitters | Highlighter Review + Comparison post to see swatches and a more in depth review on the following highlighters!

Sitting comfortably in the number one spot in my heart is obviously Champagne Pop by BECCA x Jaclyn Hill. This product is just so luxurious and high quality and fully made me understand why highlighting was such a THING. It’s so finely milled and the shade is so hard to explain because it’s just so dimensional and unlike anything I own. It changed my makeup game, boosted my confidence, cemented my love for Jaclyn and BECCA and highlighters, and is definitely one of those all time, hands down favourite makeup items I’ve ever bought.


Since I love Champagne Pop so much I reserve it for special occasions, so for everyday purposes I always, always reach for my Mary-Lou Manizer by The Balm. It’s the perfect everyday shade, it’s not shimmery, it gives such a nice, normal glow to your skin and blends like a dream. The only thing I don’t like about this product is the packaging!

I do however love the packaging and selection of shades you get in the Sleek Solstice highlighting palette! It’s a very frosty, colourful formula, so I don’t reach for it often, but when I want a blinding highlight, this delivers every time!

The Best of Matte Liquid Lips

I know matte liquid lipsticks have been huge for ages, but 2016 was the year I went crazy and bought one (or quite a few) from so many brands in search of the perfect formula! I am still yet to lock down a clear winner and there are some shades from certain brands I want to get before I make my decision, but here are the top four brands and shades I were my favourites in 2016!

I freaking love the Lime Crime formula, it feels like nothing on your lips, doesn’t feel dry, crack or flake off, stays on for ages and is straight away so pigmented! I highly recommend these! My favourite shade that I own is Bleached, which is shown below.


A fairly new favourite of mine is the Too Faced Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick in the shade Sell Out. The applicator makes it so easy to apply, it feels weightless on your lips, isn’t drying, has great staying power, is so pigmented and doesn’t transfer at all! I have literally nothing bad to say about this one!

2016 was Kylie’s year as her products sold out in minutes, sent the internet into a frenzy and divided the beauty community. I have her Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit in Candy K and I love it! It honestly feels like nothing on your lips, is so pigmented, doesn’t flake off or crack and has ridiculous staying power!

I found myself reaching for the NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipstick so much in 2016 so I had to add it in. It is the most mousse like formula compared to the rest, but that’s good because it feel really hydrating and comfortable on the lips! I have the shade Bedtime Flirt which is featured above!

Tools of the Trade

Before I round this post off with my favourite palettes, I need to mention the brushes that I used day in, day out in 2016! I received the Zoeva Rose Golden Set for my 18th and oh boy, they are the best investment I’ve ever made.

106 / Powder – I, of course, love using this to apply powder. I used to use my Too Faced powder brush all the time but found it to sort of loose its shape quickly, but I’ve never had this problem with this Zoeva one.

127 / Luxe Sheer Cheek – My favourite brush for applying blush and sometimes bronzer! It’s so soft and the shape of it is perfect to easily warm my face up with.

110 / Face Shape – This brush paired with the Kat Von D contouring kit is a match made in heaven. It’s the perfect size for getting into my cheek bones and slimming everything right down.


231 / Luxe Petit Crease – The most amazing crease brush/pencil brush you will ever use.

227 / Luxe Soft Definer – I lightly press the flat side of this brush into a dark shade and than lightly press it onto my outer v and it completely transforms the look and makes everything look amazing.

Too Faced Blender Brush – My all time favourite brush! It blends shadows into the crease effortlessly, blows everything out so well but also is great to erase certain shades and can add highlighting shades easily too – this brush can do so much!

Too Faced All Over Shadow Brush – Another one of my favourite brushes, this brush picks up product so well and easily glides shimmers onto your lids.

Real Techniques Setting Brush – I loved using this brush to set my under eye concealer with powder, but I’ve switched things up and now use this for highlighting my face and it works really well! It’s so versatile, soft, insanely easy to clean, and sleek, so I really love this little brush!

Eyeshadow For Days

Now for the big enchilada – my favourite eyeshadow palettes from 2016! To start with, one of the most hyped up palettes that recently inspired an entire peach themed collection is the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette! I freaking love this palette as it’s so versatile and different yet perfect for everyday. I also love the ombre packaging and the unison of the pan sizes inside. I’m so happy I was able to get my hands on this at the start of the year when it launched as it’s only come back in stock this month!


Going hand in hand with the Sweet Peach palette is the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons palette! I instantly fell in love with this palette when I saw it online and bought it the day it launched at Mecca Maxima after watching countless reviews on YouTube, much like I ended up doing with the Sweet Peach palette! I love how this palettes leans more of the cooler side however the shades never look frosty or overly shimmery on the lids, which I sometimes find with the Too Faced Natural Eyes palette. There are so many perfect everyday shades in here as well as pops of colour that as surprisingly super wearable!


I was torn on whether or not to include this next palette as I only got it this month but I decided to anyway because it’s just so freaking amazing! A Christmas present to myself was the Too Faced Merry Macarons Eyeshadow Collection which comes in gorgeous holiday packaging and is such a special item!


The shades are so pretty and shimmery without being glittery, which is something Too Faced tend to bring out for the holidays. The matte shades in this palette are incredible as well, I am obsessed with using Tiramisu in my crease, and there are so many purples I’ve never owned in a palette, which is amazing!


Detouring into smaller palettes and single shades for a moment, I absolutely love the NARS Isolde duo I picked up this year. It’s such a cult favourite and, like Champagne Pop, is so sophisticated and high quality that it makes me feel so grown up and put together when I use it. There are only a few items that can make you feel like that and this is one of them!


I also ventured into ColourPop single shadows this year and the shimmer shades are phenomenal! I highly recommend them and my three favourites are (shown left to right) La La, Game Face and Kathleen Lights.


Back to bigger palettes now, a palette I didn’t expect to fall so in love with is the Zoeva Cocoa Blend Eyeshadow Palette! Holy freaking crap, this palette gives me life. From the reflective gold, sleek, slim cardboard packaging, to the quality of the shades inside, to the perfect shimmery gold called Pure Ganache, this palette is such a winner in my books. I could talk about this all day, it’s just that good. The shadows are that perfect formula I love which is pigmented but not WHOA PIGMENTED, which means they blend so beautifully and easily on the eyes. Every damn time I wear this palette it turns out perfectly and is such a fool proof choice. It’s warm toned without being over the top too. It was also under $40 AUD, which is such a steal.


Finally, my last favourite from the year was of course the Violet Voss Holy Grail palette! It. Is. Stunning. Look at that warm toned, golden bronze burgundy goddess realness that you get inside. It literally is a Holy Grail palette amongst the beauty community, if you can get your hands on it! Violet Voss is an indie brand so their stock sells out super quick, so when I missed out on it once, I was poised and ready for the next time it came back! The quality of the shades is unreal, they are so pigmented, soft, creamy, buttery and blend out so easily. Don’t even get me started on the shimmer shades which are insanely metallic and ultra shimmery! It’s just a wonderful palette.

Annnnd I’m done! Those were all my beauty favourites for 2016! This was such a huge post but it’s reflecting and summarising such a big year, beauty wise, for me! My blog just celebrated its first anniversary and my love for beauty and its community is still as strong as ever. 2016 had so many insane launches and products and, as overwhelming as it was at times, I cannot wait to see what 2017 brings!

What were some of your 2016 Beauty Favourites? Leave me a comment below! Also don’t forget to give this post a “like” if you enjoyed it!

All the love,



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