2016 Non-Beauty Favourites | Blogmas Day 10

If you read my monthly favourites you’ll know I finish every post by discussing my “non-materialistic favourites I can’t capture in a flatlay”. As time’s gone on that section of my posts has become longer and longer as I’ve felt more comfortable to share what I’d been loving recently, whether it range from 2000’s pop music to weekly web series run by two drag queens sitting in front of a green screen. I said in my January Favourites that if something makes you happy and you want to share it and celebrate it, then it deserved to be shared and celebrated! Since I’ve documented my monthly favourites for the past year and did a 2016 Beauty Favourites post, it only seems fitting to write a 2016 Non-Materialistic Favourites post rounding up my favourite things I can’t capture in a flatlay! These are the things I couldn’t stop watching, reading or listening to, the things that made my life easier, the things that got me through long lectures and made me laugh at the end of an exhausting week. So, let’s crack on with things, and if you enjoy this post please give it a “like” so I know! 


Please enjoy this stock image flatlay I created for this post which was such a struggle considering I can barely photograph anything on this list. When in doubt grab Zoella and rose gold anything.

Nestle Mocha’s + My Favourite Mug

Seems only fitting to start this post how I’ve started most morning this year – with a Nestle Mocha! I do not want to know how bad these are for my health, but your girl needs a boost in the morning and this delivers every time. Pair it with my favourite mug from Target that has a gold handle on it that makes me feel like a princess (when I definitely don’t look like one in the morning), and you’ve got a very happy me. 

Boost Juice

While I was at uni this year I did actually go get a literally Boost and I DO know how bad these are for my health, which is why I reserved them for Semester 2 Monday afternoons when I had back to back lectures in the same room for hours. They were a God send. My usual is the Strawberry Squeeze if you ever need to persuade me. 

How To Get Away With Murder Season 1 & 2

Switching from lecture halls to the silver screen, I was well and truly obsessed with How To Get Away With Murder towards the end of 2016. It is actually phenomenal. It takes so much to get me to sit down and watch a show as I find YouTube a quick and easy alternative, so that fact that I started a new show (that doesn’t involve drag queens) with many, long episodes and was hooked from start to finish is just amazing. I highly recommend it! 

Orange Is The New Black Season 3

What. A. Show. It’s actually amazing. Wonderful, well rounded, dynamic, gritty characters, such a gripping storyline and amazing writing. I think it took me less than a week to watch the newly released Season 3 and it still left an impression on me when looking back on this whole year. 

Gogglebox Australia

This show was such a winner in my books and I only watched half of Season 2. When I saw the concept I rode the show off as ridiculous, but when I found myself watching it one night I enjoyed it so much! It’s so relatable and they watch heaps of shows from so many channels, plus it’s a great way to catch up on an entire week of tv and see the highlights. My favourites include the mother/daughter/nana trio, the gay couple and the family with the two blonde daughters. I’m so glad it’s coming back next year so hopefully all the same people I love are there!

(The Best Of) Britney Spears

The original Pop Princess. Probably the most random favourite of mine from 2016, but belting out some, or all, of Britney’s best hits was such a therapeutic way to get through university. Discovering her 2009 “The Singles Collection” on Apple Music literally changed me and now I know every word to every song and have dance sequences mapped out in my head.

Poundcake by Alaska 5000 

Jumping from Pop Princesses to Queens, one of my ultimate favourites released her second album in 2016 and used her time on All Stars 2 to promote it on the main stage like the marketing genius she is. I can’t say anymore other than yes gawd. 

RuPaul’s Drag Race 

My all time, hands down, without a doubt favourite thing from 2016. I discovered my favourite show in the world at the start of this year and 12 months on I’m still obsessed with everything about it. This year we were spoilt for choice as Ru gave us two seasons, Season 8 and All Stars 2, but before that I watched every season and got my life from every episode. It was an amazing reward to curl up to at the end of every university week as a new episode was released that day. I’ve raved about this on my blog at every chance, so it’s no surprise it’s here. I could talk about this for hours, so I’m going to stop it here.

UNHhhh w/ Trixie Mattel + Katya Zamolodchikova

Where do I begin. Two of my all time favourite queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race (Season 7, highly recommend) got their own YouTube show on WOW Presents and it’s been wild. They sit in front of a green screen (and have freaking incredible editors) and discuss anything from dating to “Thanxgiving” to travelling. Any fan of Drag Race needs to watch it and there are currently 38 episodes to get you addicted.

All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven 

One of those books you were always recommended, read it and absolutely loved it and then hated the fact that you put off reading it for so long. Highly recommend! I can’t believe that I don’t read as much anymore, so I really need to get on that. I’ll have a Summer Reading List blog post going up in January! 


I feel like this needs no explanation but I basically lived in turtleneck clothes for as long as the Australian climate allowed me to in 2016 and I loved it. I think I own around eight different clothing bits that had a turtleneck collar and just rotated between them.


I got so into Pinterest this year! I think I started it, didn’t use it much, and then used it constantly for a while. It reminded me of my old tumblr days but this time I’m actually looking for inspiration and ideas for projects and it’s so fun! I even baked brownies I saw on the website and they turned out so well, so I just need to do a DIY and I’ll be a certified #PinterestMum. You can follow my account here where I pin ideas for flatlays, future makeup I want, haute couture fashion looks I drool over, makeup looks I want to create or feel inspired by, plus the rest!

Nivea Lip Balm 

Since I went on Roaccutane this year my lips needed extreme TLC, and Nivea is a brand that doesn’t make my lips worse! I used Blistex for so long and once I made the move to switch after still being unhappy with it, I’ll never go back. I heard a bunch of reviews from other people and they all agreed Nivea was good as even Paw Paw ointment can dry your lips out further!


I wrote half of this list at midnight before falling asleep and I wrote down Zoella as a favourite, so I’m going to keep her on the list. She’s been a constant source of inspiration for me, way before I even started blogging. I really admire her dedication and seeing her wildest dreams of creating her own line of products is unreal. It’s also just been so nice to switch off after a hectic week and watch a few of her videos. I even wrote an entire university assignment about her! So yas Zoe, keep doing you. 

My 2016 Weekly Planner

I picked out a planner from Typo last year for 2016 as it was going to be the first year in a long time that school didn’t provide me with one. Holy crap, this thing worked like a charm. I sometimes find myself using planners and then dropping off randomly when I don’t need them, but I have written so much detail and planned things so much on every single page of my planner this year! I think that’s because the layout has so much room for writing and notes, plus its big monthly pages help so much with overall blog planning. I managed my first year of university, first year working and first year of blogging all thanks to this little pink book. I even hunted all over my city for another pink weekly planner from Typo for 2017, and I’m proud to say I found one!

Instabeautyau & Everything Beauty Related 

I joined two Facebook beauty groups this year and they have been the biggest help! From asking for advice to seeing when products will be released to hearing horror stories from bad online shopping websites, I’ve learnt a huge amount about beauty, the industry and its community through these groups!

My Blog

To finish off with, my final favourite from 2016 is my blog! I get so much joy from every aspect of my blog, from the idea generation to the planning. flatlaying, editing, writing, publishing, promoting and then finally getting such positive feedback, it’s all so much fun even a whole year on! I blog as a hobby, but the fact that the beauty and blogging communities are so welcoming and supportive is amazing! It’s been so good for me to have a side project away from work and university where I can be as creative as I want and write and publish whatever I feel like. I can’t wait to see what I produce in 2017!

So, those were my Non-Materialistic Favourites from 2016! I know there were a few items I could have captured in a flatlay, but I wanted to include them in this post anyway! There were so many things I enjoyed this year but these definitely sprung to mind first and I was passionate enough about them to mention them in my monthly favourites. Hopefully I didn’t forget anything super important!

What are some things you loved in 2016? Leave me a comment below so we can chat!

If you enjoyed this post please give is a “like” so I know!

All the love,



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  1. Great roundup of favorites! I totally agree, if something gives you joy, go ahead and share it! My monthly favorites seem to be getting longer and longer too 😀 I used to be really into Pinterest earlier in the year but haven’t been using it much lately. But I went ahead and followed you 🙂

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

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