New Years Eve Makeup Picks

New Years Eve makeup is all about being ultra glam with enough glitter and sparkle to rival the ball that drops in Times Square! Since New Years celebrations are at night I take that as permission to go big or stay home. From statement earrings to metallic eyeshadows, I’ve gathered up what I know I’ll be rocking in a few days time when I finally wave everything that was 2016 goodbye! So, let’s crack on with things and I hope you find some inspiration on what makeup to wear as you bring in the New Year! 


Give your cheekbones a better structure than the American Electoral College and use the Kat Von D Shade + Light Contouring Kit. It’s so pigmented, blendable and easy to build up that I always achieve the perfect look when I use this, especially paired with my Zoeva Face Shape brush. 


Shine brighter than the Chicago Cubs after they won the MLB World Series and dust on some (or a lot of) highlighter! My top picks are BECCA’s Champagne Pop for a warm glow or the Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette for a cooler glow. Or heck, mix and match them together and even throw on some glitter for good measure! If you do use glitter, avoid using it near your eyes as some glitters aren’t eye safe and can cause damage! 


For a bold eyeshadow look that even Ziggy Stardust would be proud of, I always reach for either my ColourPop Super Shock Shadows or my Australis Pearl Jammin’ Metallix single shadow. The ColourPop shadows are so incredibly pigmented and shimmery and having amazing staying power, while the Australis shadow is also super pigmented, metallic and such a show stopper. The Australis Metallix shadow is also a great alternative if you don’t want to bother and deal with putting glitter on your eyes as it’s just as reflective and unique! I recommend applying all these single shadows using your finger as that’s the only way to properly pick up product. 


In terms of eyeshadow palettes I’m definitely going to be using my Violet Voss Holy Grail palette as it’s so pigmented, dramatic and full of gorgeous shades! 


For a liquid lip option that’s stronger than Britain’s current relationship with the EU, I’ve picked out the Too Faced Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick in the shade Sell Out. It has incredibly longevity, doesn’t dry out my lips or make them look wrinkly and feels really lightweight to wear! Since I want everything about this look to be quite glowy and shimmery, I’m planning to add on top the Hourglass Lip Gloss in the shade Ignite as it’s the perfect shimmery lip topper to give your lips some sparkle. 


Finally, a pair of statement earrings I’m planning on wearing are the Spirited Away Star and Moon earrings from Princess Polly. I freaking love these earrings as they’re super light weight but stunning, and are celestial enough that even Princess Leia would approve of them.


So, those are my New Years Eve Makeup Picks! What will you be rocking in a few nights time?

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  1. You’re little “side notes” really got me cracking up 😂😂 How do you even come up with things like “For a liquid lip option that’s stronger than Britain’s current relationship with the EU” Also loved every product you used and as always, photos on point👌💕

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