Top 10 Favourite Blog Posts From 2016

Welcome to my final blog post of the year! I say this every month, but I can’t believe this year has gone so fast. However, I remember sitting down and writing every single one of the 113 posts I’ve done, or setting up each flat lay, or excitedly writing down a new idea. Amongst all that content are definitely some favourites of mine that I just loved hitting “publish” on. So, like any good “End of The Year” countdown, here are my Top 10 Favourite Blog Posts From 2016! The posts mentioned here are the ones that I loved the writing, photography or overall concept of! So, let’s jump into it and if you enjoy this post, please give it a “like” so I know!


10. Reviewing YouTube Beauty Guru Collaboration Products

I love YouTubers and am always excited to see what collaborations they do and how the products perform. I saw that I owned so many bits and pieces from YouTubers so making this post was so fun and enjoyable! I have been so tempted to throw money at anything with their name on it, but I held back and am really happy with everything that I own from these people!

Reviewing YouTube Beauty Guru Collaborations.jpg

9. New Years Eve Makeup Picks

I had to mention this post, even though it’s so recent, for the sole reason that I loved how I wrote it. I somehow started referencing some of the top news stories from 2016 for my New Years Eve Makeup Picks and I’m so happy it managed to work, plus I love the photos! Classic lines include “give your cheekbones better structure than the American Electoral College using the…” and “for a lip option stronger than Britain’s current relationship with the EU, use the…”


8. 2016 Beauty Favourites 

Such a mammoth blog post to curate, photograph, edit and write up, but also so rewarding! I really like how my idea of putting the text in the middle of the makeup worked out, plus I just had so much fun talking about the best beauty bits from the year!

2016 Beauty Favourites.jpg

7. Affordable Gift Guide | Blogmas Day 4

I was so happy with how this Affordable Gift Guide turned out! I had no idea when I published it that it would become my third most popular post ever, but I’m so pleased people enjoyed it as much as I did! I really liked the gifts I picked out and thought it was a great post overall.


6. High End Gift Guide | Blogmas Day 3

I was obsessed with these photos when I took them and couldn’t wait to publish them! Look at that standing up flat lay with all those copper Christmas decorations! I was so proud of everything about this post from the photos to the concept to the actual gifts I recommended.

High End Gift Guide 1.jpg

5. Kylie Cosmetics “Candy K” Lip Kit Review

I was so incredibly excited to finally gets my hands on a Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit and even more pumped to try it out and write a review on it! Her packaging is so aesthetically pleasing so I love how the photos turned out, I wrote a very detailed review and I managed to get a good selfie for the post – good stuff!


4. Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette Review

Again, another post I was so excited to publish because I was so happy to finally own the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette! Everything about this post came together nicely, from the gorgeous peach toned photos to the close ups of the pans to my individual shadow descriptions, I was really happy with this post.


3. All That Glitters | Highlighter Review + Comparison

I really loved the concept of this post because I wasn’t motivated to do individual reviews on each of these highlighters, but combining them made the whole thing really fun to write about! I also love the photos I took for this post, they were really simple but effective and the use of star stickers to mimic the “shimmer” you get from highlighters was a nice, last minute touch. This even inspired one of my best friends and fellow beauty blogger Morgan to publish her own highlighter review and comparison!


2. Vampy Makeup Looks For The Spooky Season

I had way more fun with this post than I first anticipated. I absolutely love doing themed posts and I went all out with the Halloween props and gothic makeup packaging for this one. I loved the photos I took but also just the whole concept!

Trick or Treat.png

1. Create Your Own Eyeshadow Palette Tag

Annnnd taking out the number one spot is my Create Your Own Eyeshadow Palette Tag! Hands down this was my all time favourite blog post to create. I absolutely loved the idea of the tag as I had already created a palette in my head, so bringing it to life was amazing! I was so proud of what I achieved through photoshop and it was just a great combination of everything I love – makeup and drag queens. I spent about two or three weeks slowly chipping away at creating this palette and matching the perfect shade to each queen. I made so many mistakes on Photoshop but also learnt so much and then one day I just made it all in one go perfectly and was like “it’s time!”.

Jessica Riga Cosmetics Drag Queen Palette copy 2.jpg

Honourable Mentions

Happy 1st Birthday To My Blog

This was my first lengthy reflection post and I put off writing it for so long! I had no real idea what to write about, but then the day came to publish the post and I ended up writing almost 2,000 words on my blogging journey, why I love it so much and where I see it going in the future. So, I really love I was able to write something (or a lot) for it and I actually enjoy going back and reading it.


Christmas Tree Brownies | Blogmas Day 7

I love how these brownies turned out! I was so proud of my piping skills! And I immortalised it in a blog post which I can always look back on. Those brownies sparked a passion for baking which I want to dive way more into in 2017!

IMG_6665 copy.jpg

Affordable Makeup Haul

I was shocked at how good that photo came out and a day with that good natural lighting hasn’t happen again! That one photo makes this post make the honourable mentions list.

Affordable Makeup Haul 1.jpg

10 Things I Learnt In My First Year of University

I really loved this post even though a lot of it was written out of rage at my university/degree/the world one night during my career crisis phase. However, it was so therapeutic to write and publish. Reflecting is so important and being able to write down what I learnt or things to remember for next year made me realise “omg girl you got this”.

10 Things I Learnt In My First Year of University.jpg

So those were my favourite blog posts from 2016! I absolutely love blogging and everything about it and I’m so pleased I can look back on my first full year of blogging and celebrate the highlights! It was so hard to narrow this list down which I think is a wonderful sign of how much I enjoy what I do and is such a nice motivator to kick off 2017’s blogging chapter.

Thank you so much for supporting my blog this year, from checking in on my blog, to clicking on to read more, to liking my posts, to leaving a comment and for following me on so many platforms like WordPress, Bloglovin, Pinterest and Instagram! It all adds up and is such a beautiful reminder to keep going.

For the last time this year, if you enjoyed this post please give it a “like” so I know!

All the love in the world, thank you for 2016 and I hope you have a fantastic start to 2017,


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    1. I’m so sorry I only just saw that you asked what camera I use! I just use my iPhone 6 but I turn the brightness, contrast and sharpness up heaps when I edit my photos! I do that all in the Instagram settings! xx

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  1. I love this idea for a post!! Obviously I’m a massive fan of your blog so it’s so nice to see a round-up of all your fab posts (photography on point, seriously!). And thank you for the shoutout boo! xx

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