Beauty + Life Goals 2017

Since the word “resolutions” is always associated with failure and broken promises, this year I’ve opted to create myself some “goals” or reminders for the new year ahead. My mantra is usually something along the lines of “you got this girl, keep doing you”, which has proven successful so far. I’m so happy I can walk into 2017 feeling pretty damn content. I achieved a lot in the three big elements of my life in 2016; university, work and blogging. In 2017 I’m going into my second year of university where I’ve overcome the nervous, first year student moments but haven’t yet reached my final year – a happy medium. I still have my job at my old high school that I got last year which I find so incredibly rewarding. Blogging wise, I had an amazing experience last year with constantly publishing a lot of quality content that I was really proud of. I have so many ideas for blogging this year so hopefully they manifest before the semester starts where my blogging time is reduced! So, I hope you find my beauty and life goals for 2017 interesting or that they spark some inspiration for your own goals! If you do like this post please give it a “like” so I know, and let’s crack on with it!


Life Goals for 2017

  1. Drive more – I hated writing that just then because I hate driving, but that’s because of my lack of experience and confidence. I really want to overcome this obstacle in the next two years, so hopefully I can get as many hours as I can and tackle this in 2017.
  2. Bake more – I had way too much fun when I baked my Christmas Tree Brownies for Blogmas last year and got so much joy out of it all. So, I want to try and bake one thing a month in 2017 and get more and more skilled as I go. Imagine if I got this much joy out of driving!
  3. Exercise more – I got so slack with exercising in 2016, and if I’m planning on baking more, I have to work off those cupcakes and brownies!
  4. Get a HD in a university unit – I always aim for HD’s but I saw another blogger put this in a similar post and went “OH MY GOD ME TOO”. I have come so, so close so many times, so I’d love to get at least one this year.
  5. Read and watch more – I have such big “to read” and “to watch” lists and I always say “oh when I have time I’ll get into that”, but when I do have time I just end up on YouTube for ages.

Beauty Goals for 2017 

Now to the fun part! In no particular order, in 2017 I want to; 

  1. Buy less drugstore makeup – My friend and fellow blogger Morgan and I were talking about this and we both do drugstore hauls when the big sales are on, spend up, only to like one or two products. While there are some drugstore gems I will always repurchase and feature on my blog, and some favourites I am yet to try, a lot of the time high end products are actually worth it because they perform better. When you break it down, I’d rather put $50 towards a fantastic high end foundation that’s my actual skin tone and doesn’t oxidise than towards a lot of drugstore items are aren’t very pigmented, fade away a little while and just generally don’t sit on my skin as well they could. Quality over quantity. 
  2. Finally invest in a high end foundation – I just mentioned this before, but I’ve been into makeup for a while now and am still yet to commit to a high end foundation. I have tried to so many times but Mecca is always out of the testers for my skin tone, so I’ve had to wait. The other thing holding me back is the price, but like I said before, if I spend a lot at the drugstore, I can redirect that money into one quality product. 
  3. Fill the “gaps” in my makeup collection – There are some essentials I am still yet to buy as I always see them as “boring” products. I’m shocked I’ve lived in Australia my whole life yet I still haven’t viewed primers and setting sprays as essentials for our climate. I used to think a heavy duty foundation would make a primer useless, but they provide a smoother base and hydrate your skin, so there are heaps more benefits than I first realised. Other products I don’t own that I want to get are pencil eyeliners, a bronzer (that isn’t part of a contour kit), and MAC’s Fix+, among others I’m forgetting. 
  4. Incorporate sunscreen into my daily routine – Enough is enough, I always forget to wear sunscreen under my makeup because some of my foundations have SPF in them, but I really want better protection for summer so I just need a great one that’s made to go under makeup. I’m currently looking at the SPF50+ one from Mecca Maxima!
  5. To try more brands – In 2017 I want to finally buy a few things from MAC, Makeup Geek, Urban Decay and Makeup For Ever. There are so many items from these brands that I’ve looked at for years, and since I still want them all after all this time, I think I’ll finally take the plunge!
  6. Buy nice skincare items – Okay now we’re veering off from goals and just listing things I want to buy, but I have a reason! My skin got so dehydrated towards the end of 2016 so I want to change up my skincare ever so slightly and jump on the face mask bandwagon. I have really basic, gentle skincare items since I regularly see a dermatologist, so buying something gentle and hydrating would be good. Again, I’ve always seen skincare as boring, but I need to change that!
  7. Do more makeup tutorials on my blog and Instagram – For 2017 I really want to improve my makeup skills and post more “looks” on my blog and Instagram. I always talk about what products I use, but I never actually show myself wearing them. I also have so much fun with themed seasonal makeup picks for different season, so I can see myself really getting into that. I have something planned for my Summer Makeup Picks, so hopefully it actually happens!

So that’s everything I’m planning to achieve in some way in 2017! What are your goals for the year ahead? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear them!

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All the love,



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      1. You know it. Starting with live my life just not exist in it. I’m going to do anything thing and everything I’ve ever wanted. Being fearless is the resolution in finding my happiness will pair up nicely with that resolution. Turn there’s the every year weight loss resolution.

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  1. I actually have the same problem where I skimp on essential beauty products because I’d rather buy a flashy new palette or something else, so my primer sets and setting sprays are on the low end of the spectrum and I hate buying skincare products even though I probably should as the winter does a number on my dry skin lol. Best of luck with your goals!

    xx Heather |

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