Summer Makeup Picks

The days are longer, the beaches are busy and I’m having breakdowns while trying to get ready because it’s just so freaking hot – Summer is here! I can’t stand this season, my heart belongs to the heavy layers, cold mornings and hot drinks of Autumn and Winter. However, I do like makeup and change what I wear depending on the time of the year. When I think of Summer makeup I think of glowy, sun kissed, bronzed skin, warm eyeshadows and natural colours on the lips. Here are the beauty bits I’ve been wearing these past few weeks, plus some products that I can confirm stay on through the hottest of heatwaves. So, let’s crack on with things and if you enjoy this post please give it a “like” so I know!


A Summer Essential

SPF protection should be an essential for everyone for any time of the year, but especially during Summer! I’ll throw my hand up first and say I always forget to wear sunscreen under my makeup, and while our foundations sometimes provide a little protection, sunscreen has been proven to be one of the most important skincare items, so the higher the SPF the better! Mecca Maxima has a wonderful SPF 50+ sunscreen that’s been designed to sit underneath makeup, however it’s on the pricey side, so an alternative I use is the QV Face Moisturising Day Cream with SPF 30+. It’s like a moisturiser and it feels so light on your skin and doesn’t give you an overly greasy finish. I do recommend letting it settle into your skin for a few minutes before applying a foundation, just so it has time to do its thing.


A Sweat Proof Base

Revlon Colourstay is always a good choice but in Summer is really shines and lives up to its name of “Colourstay”. This foundation does not budge one bit! It’s been likened to Estée Lauders Double Wear foundation but is a fraction of the price. If I sweat with this on and blot myself with a tissue, the foundation doesn’t change or wear off in the slightest. Another Revlon product I’ve been using heaps recently as I took it away on holidays with me is their Sculpt + Highlight Contouring Kit in Light/Medium. In Summer I want to do my makeup as quick as possible and this quad has all the essentials. The contour shade is perfect for my skin tone and the bronzer is wonderful in getting that gorgeous, sun kissed look without looking orange – or having to go in the sun!


Getting a Glow

You’re bound to get a little sweaty and shiny in Summer, so why not take it to the next level and make it work for you? Two products I love reaching for throughout the year but especially for Summer are the NARS Orgasm blush and the BECCA Champagne Pop highlighter. The NARS blush is such a flattering shade, isn’t overly pigmented and works with every makeup look for me. Champagne Pop is literally popping on your skin and the warmest and darkest highlighter I own, so it’s great for warmer months as I feel like I can get away with it more. In Winter I would use a frostier, cool toned highlighter. On causal days though, I will reach for my Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter any day of the year.


Warm Eyes

I love me a warm, bronzy golden eyeshadow look so I’ll take any opportunity to talk about one. If you follow me on Instagram (I’m @jessica_riga, #spon) you’ll have know I took both these palettes away with me on holidays as they are perfect for this time of the year! I have slightly neglected my Too Faced Sweet Peach palette, but as it’s getting hotter is just screams Summer! It’s fruity themed and scented and the shades are very wearable. I do however find it a touch limiting in the amount of looks you can create. Too Faced seem to put a lot of brown shades in their palettes, which I don’t mind, except for the fact that this palette doesn’t have a shimmery gold in it. That’s a staple for me as I wear something like that everyday. It does make me experiment, and the shades are so warm, shimmery, glowy and Summery so I’ll definitely be using this more. If you’re interested in this palette, the entire Sweet Peach collection launches at Mecca Maxima in store and online January 31st!


My favourite eyeshadow look however comes from using the Zoeva Cocoa Blend eyeshadow palette. I use Substitute For Love and Freshly Toasted (the two warm shades on the bottom row) in my crease, Pure Ganache (the gorgeous shimmery gold) all over my lid, Beans Are White (the top black shade on the far right) in my outer corner and a mix of Bitter Start and Sweeter End in my inner corner (two top row shades on the left). This is one of my favourite palettes ever and I will use it every single day if I had to – I basically already do. The shades are so beautiful and warm and are just perfect for creating a nice, bronzy eye without going overboard and being too red or orange toned.

Final Touches + “Natural Skin”

Finally onto lips! I wear darker colours in the cooler months, so a lot of the time, and especially in Summer, I keep it simple. I have two current favourites at the moment and they’re both from Kylie Cosmetics. I have really been enjoying wearing her Matte Liquid Lipkit in the shade Exposed, it’s a normal to dark nude shade on me but it’s finally a liquid lipstick that doesn’t have a pink tinge to it! I’m branching out! I also have been loving her Metal Matte in the shade Heir! I wore it on New Years Eve and it’s so gorgeous. It does build up slightly on the inner rim of your lips and leaves a white line, so I just wipe it off. It works really nicely on it’s own but also over another shade. Look how gorgeous it looks in the tube as well!


Another product I have been experimenting with lately is the Too Faced Sketch Marker Liquid Liner, but not for doing eyeliner! While it works great for that, I’ve actually used it to apply fake freckles to my face. It sounds a little wild, but if you follow me on Pinterest (I’m @jessica_riga there too, #morespon) you’ll know I have a big board called “L O O K S” where I pin what I want to recreate. Well, the fake freckle trend has been on my mind for months now, so I finally recreated it! While I don’t think I’ll ever wear them out of the house anytime soon, I think it makes your makeup look so much more “natural” because your “real skin” is showing through. Here are swatches of all the products.


Finally, here’s me wearing almost every product I’ve mentioned in this post! I used just the Zoeva palette on my eyes, Champagne Pop as a highlighter everywhere and even in my inner corners, and I just wore Exposed on my lips, not Heir as Exposed dried down before I realised I should have blended Heir in! Regarding the freckles, I’m pretty happy with how my first attempt turned out! I think they look super cute for a “natural” Summer look if you’re thinking of trying them out. Since one of my 2017 Beauty Goals was to do more makeup looks and tutorials on my blog, Friday’s post will be a How To: Fake Freckles post, so check that out in a few days if you’re interested in seeing how I created these, how I wish I made them more natural and who I took inspiration from!


So those are my Summer Makeup Picks including a rare sighting of yours truly! I really hope you enjoyed this post and if you did, please give it a “like” so I know!

What products do you reach for in Summer? Leave me a comment below so we can chat!

All the love,



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