How To: Fake Freckles

A makeup trend I’ve been seeing all over Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube is the “fake freckles” trend. One of my 2017 Beauty Goals was to post more tutorials of sorts on my blog, and since I featured this look in my Summer Makeup Picks I thought I’d make a whole “How To” post dedicated to how I created my freckles! YouTube is the best platform for tutorials, but I thought I’d have a crack at showing you what inspired me, who I learnt from, which makeup items I used to create this look and tips on how I think you can make them look more natural! So, I hope you like this little speckled, freckled summer child look and if you do please give this post a “like” so I know! 


I get so much inspiration from Pinterest so when I saw picture after picture of people rocking freckles, whether they be real or not, I definitely wanted to give it a red hot go. Here are some of the looks that made me slam my finger on the “Save!” button.

Fake Freckles Blog Post Inspo.jpg

Who I Learnt From

In my eyes the reigning supreme of applying fake freckles is beauty influencer, and first ever CoverBoy, James Charles! I found this fake freckles tutorial from him the most informative. However, YouTube is full of tutorials so you’re bound to find heaps that will help you if you don’t like the technique James used! Glam&Gore did a tutorial where she had lots of freckles, all very small in very concentrated areas and it gives a completely different look – plus she used a sponge to apply them.

Products Used

A few months ago I bought the Too Faced Sketch Marker in Deep Espresso and since it’s a brown liner, not black, and I’m brunette I thought I’d give it a whirl and see how things went. I’m really happy with how this liner worked, it’s so pigmented but the tip is so fine that I found it super easy to apply tiny little dots everywhere.


Tips For a “Natural” Look

In every single tutorial I have watched, the main piece of advice is “freckles are all different sizes and shades“. If you want them to look as natural as possible:

  • Apply a first layer using a lighter product like a pencil, then blend them in by using using your finger to melt them into your foundation/skin. Alternatively, if you use a beauty blender or sponge to apply your foundation, apply your first layer of freckles and then use what’s left on your foundation sponge and dab over the top of them, making them look lighter. (I didn’t do this, but I wish I did!)
  • Go over with a second layer, these freckles will look darker and give your overall look more dimension and appear way more natural. You can use a darker product if you’d like, or you can continue using whichever product you used for the first layer. It’s all up to you and what you find easiest or most realistic!
  •  Apply them to the high points of your face as that’s where the sun naturally hits your face and where freckles most commonly appear. These places are your nose, cheeks, forehead and chin. These places will be the most “freckle concentrated” areas, but to make them look more natural, gradually scatter freckles around those places so you don’t have a harsh line where the freckles suddenly stop.
  • If you think they look fake, add more! If you apply three dots on your cheek, you’ll feel like you’re dressing up for a school play where the character has freckles. I find applying more and more gives a way more real effect.

How I’d Improve My First Attempt

While I’m really happy with how my first attempt when, next time I am definitely using a brow pencil to apply a sparse first layer as it would be less pigmented and therefore make them look more realistic. I’d then use my Too Faced Sketch Marker to apply more defined freckles in the higher points of my face. I would also bring the freckles down to my chin more, and a bit more on my forehead.


Overall, I’m really happy with how they turned out! If you found this helpful, informative or enjoyable please give it a “like” so I know! Also give this post some love if you’d like to see more looks, tutorials or “How To” posts from me!

Would you attempt fake freckles? Leave me a comment below so we can chat!

All the love,



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