Disappointing Products

Just like every beauty junkie, certain areas in my makeup collection are graveyards of foundations that don’t match, concealers that crease and matte liquid lipsticks that are definitely not matte. While my blog is full of honest, positive reviews where I rave over the sheer creamy pigmentation of an eyeshadow, with every amazing hit I buy there are definitely some misses. Since I’m slowly cleaning out my makeup collection, I couldn’t pass these items onto another place (i.e. the bin) without sharing why I find them so disappointing. From items that don’t do what they promise to makeup that just doesn’t live up the hype, here are some products that make me go “it’s a no from me.” If you enjoy this post or find it helpful, please give it a “like” so I know and let’s get on with it!


Note: With the exception of one, a lot of these products are affordable but I am in no way bagging out affordable makeup. There are some absolute gems you can pick up from Priceline, but I just find it more common to be disappointed with affordable makeup rather than high end. I also don’t own enough high end makeup to be disappointed in it!

L.A. Girl Pro Conceal Colour Correcting Concealers

I tried so hard to make these concealers work, only to be bitterly disappointed and left them to collect dust in my collection. The L.A Girl concealers are so hyped up in the beauty community so I thought they’d be a great choice. I see people concealing, contouring, correcting with these concealers – the whole shabang. But I can’t stand them! I find the colour correcting ones to be so bright when applied to your face. They aren’t a nice pastel shade that will blend into your skin and correct. They are bright green and bright yellow. Bye. Maybe I’m applying too much, but even the smallest amount, even blended into your skin, still feels vibrant. I also find all three of these concealers to be so dry and hard to blend, crease badly on me and just make my makeup look cakey. If these work for you I’m jealous because I really wish they did for me! These forever mock me on my blog’s home page as my review on them, which you can read here, is my 6th most popular post ever.


(So Freaking Many Of The) Rimmel Apocalips Liquid Lipsticks

I bought so many of these before I was properly, fully invested in the beauty community. I don’t think I even knew Mecca Maxima and Cosmetica existed when I bought these. This is a throwback. Basically, these Rimmel lip products are a bit of a mess. The two matte shades I own are not matte, they don’t dry down in the slightest and are basically lip glosses. The actual lip lacquers are very glossy but they bleed and feather out so much when on your lips. You would have to wear a lip liner with these, but even then I feel like they would still get everywhere. To top it off I can’t stand the smell of these, they smell like artificial cherries, just something really scented and heavy and fake. They are, however, very pigmented and the name is super clever, plus I love the packaging.


These are swatches of the products and you can see just how much they feather and move once applied. The two bottom shades are the matte shades which never dried, they honestly all applied the same and feel like the same formula.


Maybelline The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette

This palette have been given so many chances but just lets me down every time. It looks gorgeous and sleek and trendy. Everyone loves a neutrals palette, which is why so many people, including me, bought it. But it was too good to be true. After happily bringing this home with me, I realised it’s not very pigmented at all. Sure, you can make it work if you really needed to, like, really needed to. But if you’re someone like me who already owned a bunch of Too Faced palettes when they bought this, it’s an unnecessary and disappointing purchase. The quality is subpar and the shades are hard to blend and then blend into nothing.


I don’t think affordable makeup brands like Maybelline, Rimmel, Revlon and L’Oreal can do eyeshadows very well. If you’re looking for a good, cheap palette I cannot recommend Chi Chi Cosmetics enough. Some of their palettes are hit or miss, but I absolutely adore their Spices and Rich Gems palettes. Go forth and get that pigmentation. Another affordable eyeshadow brand is Morphe, however their palettes are also very hit or miss and their palettes are huge and overwhelming.

ColourPop “Glow” Shadow

Another eyeshadow I just don’t understand is the ColourPop “Glow” single shadow from the Kathleen Lights “Where The Light Is” quad, which is pictured above. That quad is so odd because it has this lacklustre single but also my all time favourite shade ever called Kathleen Lights. Basically, I don’t really like ColourPop matte shades, but this is a white matte shade that I find so random and useless for my skin tone. It’s not very pigmented, I don’t think it looks good on me and I find it difficult to blend and work with – I just don’t really get it!

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer

Okay this is partly my fault because I purchased the wrong shade of concealer, but I’m blaming Maybelline because they have a weird numbering/shade name system! “Fair” seems like the lightest shade in a range right? Wrong! “Light” is actually lighter than “Fair”. I can’t use this concealer and I’m annoyed. I can never find my actual shade but this post has motivated me to try and hunt it down again as some people have likened it to the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer.


Too Faced Born This Way Concealer

Probably the biggest let down of 2016 and that hurts to say. I tried to make this concealer work, heck it was even in my November Favourites. But since then I still cannot make it work for me. There’s a lot I love about it (the creamy texture, how it melts into your skin, the smell, packaging) but there is a lot I dislike, to the point where I cannot wear it. The formula is so wet and “moisturising” that it creases like you wouldn’t believe under my eyes. I put it on, look down to grab my powder to set it, and it’s creased. It bake it, it’s creased. I wipe it off, it’s creased. I can’t with this. It also doesn’t have a lot of coverage and makes my under eye area look ashy and cakey. It’s a no from me.

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

I swear this was everyone’s go to at some point, but I think things got lost in translation and people used to use this before realising how bad it is. It just doesn’t do it’s job. It makes my lashes sort of longer and sort of blacker, but it doesn’t add any volume, it clumps them together and it doesn’t lift my lashes at all. It’s just a real “eh” product.

L’Oreal Infallible 24H-Matte Foundation 

Another product I was bitterly disappointed by because of the sheer fact the lightest shade in the range is extremely dark, plus it oxidises! I can’t believe this shade is called “11 Vanilla”, it’s ridiculous and I warn any fair person to steer clear of this. I really wish they had a better colour range and I loved everything this foundation promised, which was medium to full coverage, matte, long lasting etc.


Rimmel BB Cream

Going from one extreme to the other, this BB Cream is sadly too light for me! My sister owns this in a much darker shade and it looks gorgeous on her, it’s so natural and undetectable and matches her skin perfectly. Apart from the shade, this felt like sunscreen on me. I couldn’t get it to work on my skin and felt like it didn’t have much coverage (even for a BB Cream) and ended up emphasising everything on my face, not evening anything out. I really wish this worked on me, so I’m going to one day try a better shade because my skin is much better compared to when I tried this ages ago!

So that’s it for what products I have found disappointing so far! It’s taken me years to end up with all of these and I don’t enjoy dragging products on my blog, so it might be quite a while until I do a part two!

What products have disappointed you? Tell me below in the comment section to warn me and others! If you enjoyed this post please give it a “like” so I know!

All the love,



13 thoughts

  1. I once got the wrong shade in the Maybelline fit me and hated it, a few years later picked up again in my right shade and now I loveeeeee it!!! Also L’Oréal infalliable matte is so hard to find your shade but luckily for me one of their shades is perfect for me so it’s my holy grail be completely understand where you are coming from 💖

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  2. Great post! I have to agree about the Rimmel Apocalips – those are a throwback! The glossy ones were the woooorst haha, so smeary! Such a shame the Fit Me concealer isn’t the right shade, I know that Light is always sold out! It’s amazing though, definitely try and hunt it down!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

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