Kylie Cosmetics Burgundy Palette | Review, Swatches + Dupes

Personally, in the beauty world, 2016 felt like the year of Kylie Cosmetics and burgundy eyeshadow shades – so it was only a matter of time before Miss Jenner released the ever so popular Kylie Burgundy Kyshadow Palette! Today, I’m finally reviewing it. I asked for this for Christmas and was lucky enough to receive it, so over the past few weeks I’ve been trying it out and I’ve finally settled on an opinion! I have never struggled to review a palette as much as I have with this. I went from wanting it desperately, excitedly using it, having my expectations not exactly matched, then completely loving it again. Below I break down everything from the price to the formula, how I feel about each shade, who I’d recommend this palette to and even mention a few dupes! So, let’s crack on and if you enjoy this review or find it helpful, please give this post a “like” so I know!



I absolutely love the Kylie Cosmetics packaging. I think the colour scheme is chic and timeless but very on trend and easily recognisable. The palette itself is made of glossy, hard cardboard and has a magnetic closure. It’s so sturdy and a perfect size, plus the palette has a decent amount of weight to it which adds to it feeling like an expensive item. I used to think palettes in cardboard packaging were flimsy, but Zoeva, Violet Voss and now Kylie have proven me wrong as your shadows are definitely secure in this packaging.



This palette is currently $42 USD and since I live in Australia I paid $55 for it. Since I bought a few lip products as well I qualified for free international shipping. I’m okay with paying $55 for this palette, but I wouldn’t want to pay anymore for it. Here’s a quick compare and contrast with two other eyeshadow palettes in my collection based on price and the amount of grams of shadow you get in the palettes.

Kylie Burgundy Kyshadow Palette: $55 for 12.6g

Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette: $52 for 11.4g

Violet Voss Holy Grail Eyeshadow Palette: $55 for 36g

I included the Too Faced palette because it contains 9 shadows, the same amount as the Kylie Burgundy palette. As you can see they have very similar prices for very similar amounts of grams. I also included the Violet Voss Holy Grail palette because, even though it has way more shadows, I bought it for a very similar price as the Kylie Burgundy palette (I cannot remember the exact price but it was around $53-$55!). As you can see, you definitely get way more bang for your buck with the Violet Voss palette. I’m only realising now how good value the Holy Grail palette is if you get it when the dollar is good! This pricing is just one of the reasons why I was so torn about how to judge this palette. I feel like detailed YouTuber Stephanie Nicole doing this intense price breakdown, so let’s move on to the actual shadows.



Overall, I was expecting super creamy shadows very similar to what Violet Voss and Too Faced shadows feel like. Kylie Cosmetics shadows aren’t like that, but they’re still great. These shadows are slightly more firmer to touch, but they still perform really well. In terms of Kylie’s matte shades in this palette, I think they’re amazing! They’re pigmented, soft and blend so easily on your eyes. They are also incredibly easy to build up so it’s almost effortless to get a really nicely blended crease, which is where I usually build up my matte shades.

In terms of her shimmer shades, there are some inconsistencies that I’m oddly okay with. I talk about this more below, but her bright copper shade LA is so pigmented and true to what it looks like in the pan. It’s the star of the palette in my opinion. Her other two shimmer shades, Dubai and New York, feel like a completely different formula. They are nowhere near as pigmented or shimmery as LA is. However, I’m actually okay with that because I’m way more inclined to use a bold shade like Dubai on my eyes when it’s slightly more sheered down. You can definitely build these shades up though, so you kind of get the best of both worlds. However, if you had your heart set on getting an ultra shimmery and pigmented burgundy shade in this palette with one swipe, you’re going to be disappointed. That sucks because it’s, well, a burgundy palette. Here are swatches and every shade expect LA (the coppery gold) has been swatched twice to show the true colour of the shadows and just how much they can be built up.



Overall you get 9 shades in this palette with 3 being shimmer, 4 being matte and 1 being satin. Here’s what each shade is described as on the Kylie Cosmetics website and what I think of them, plus how I use them.



Naked: “satin finish golden sand” – This shade is probably my least favourite out of the whole palette, but I think I need to figure out how to use it, and personally I think it’s probably better suited to anyone more tanned than me (which is like, everyone). Basically, it looks completely different from the pan to when it’s swatched. In the pan it looks very basic and muted, like a beige sort of colour. However, when swatched it has such a subtle gold champagne sheen to it. It’s gorgeous in theory, but when I add this to my inner corners to highlight, the yellow undertone to it just reminds me of the sleep that gathers in your eyes, which isn’t a cute look. Now that I think about it, this could be a gorgeous highlight, but in terms of putting this on my eyes or highlighting my brow bone, I’m just not a huge fan of it.

Beach:matte finish light warm brown” – Now we’re talking! One of my favourite shadows in the palette as it’s such a fool proof transition shade. You’ll most likely use this shade for every look and I can happily report that it’s such a gorgeous, soft, pigmented consistency.

Penny: “matte finish red orange” – Again, another one of my favourites in this palette. It performs exactly how you want it to, a beautiful matte that’s perfect for deepening the look and adding that perfect transition of red.



LA:metallic finish true copper” – Come through true copper! This is my favourite shade out of the whole palette and the one I was most excited to try. A true gold with a coppery hint is what I wear everyday. At first I found it quite dramatic for everyday wear, but for those days I make it more neutral by putting “New York” on underneath it.

Burgundy: “matte finish bright red burgundy” – This shade represents the whole palette but I’ll be honest, I don’t use it that much! It’s gorgeous though as it’s that same, beautiful matte formula that blends and builds up so easily.

Dubai: “metallic finish burgundy” – Like I mentioned before, this shade is a bit of a let down pigmentation wise as it does not live up to what LA brings to the table. However, it’s still gorgeous as you can build it up or wear it subtly. It’s definitely not a BAM METALLIC BURGUNDY shade.



Brick: “matte finish dirty brick” – This shade is perfect for deepening any look and I love applying it in my outer v to add more depth. It’s more warm toned compared to “Almond”, the other matte brown in the palette.

New York: “metallic finish warm bronze” – Like I mentioned before, I love this shade for toning down LA or just deepening the whole look and giving everything a more smokey effect. Again, this shimmer doesn’t have the same knock out pigmentation that LA has but since it’s a dark shade I prefer that it’s on the sheer/build-able side.

Almond: “matte finish deep red brown” – Similar to Brick but with way less of a red undertone, so it’s more on the cooler side. I really like that there is both a cool and a warm brown in this palette as that actually makes a huge difference when applied on the eyes, and therefore makes this palette a little more versatile.


Overall Thoughts

Overall, I love this palette yet I’m weirdly hesitant to say that. I think that’s because, while I love some of the shades, there were some I was disappointed with that didn’t live up to my expectations. Because this palette has just nine shades, if you don’t like three of them that’s already a third of the palette you find disappointing. It feels like there’s not a lot of room for mistakes. However, in saying that, I absolutely love every other shade in the palette.

Another thing I thought I’d mention is since it’s a small palette with a very focused colour scheme, you can’t get a plethora of looks out of this palette. It promises to be a burgundy palette and that’s what it delivers and that’s fantastic. However, I don’t wear rich, red burgundy shades on my eyes every single day, so it’s not going to be your everyday “to-go” palette when you’re more of a neutrals girl like me.

Formula wise, I like it. The mattes are great but a lot of other palettes have great mattes too. The shimmers are either amazing or disappointing, so it’s those types of inconsistencies that make me question where or not this actually is a great palette.

Who Should Buy This

If you have your heart set on buying this specific Kylie Cosmetics Burgundy Kyshadow palette because you love Kylie, you love these sorts of shades, you love small palettes, then I think you’d enjoy it. I’m that person that really wanted this palette and I do really love it.

If, however, you’re after high quality pigmented burgundy shadows and you find brands, hype and packaging redundant, then I’d avoid this palette as there are so many other better burgundy palettes on the market. Which brings me to my final part of this post!


If you’re on the hunt for something else that delivers all the burgundy goodness, here’s what I recommend instead and why:

Violet Voss Holy Grail Palette: This palette is so gorgeous, such good value for money and has such a larger colour selection, but isn’t crazy big where you won’t use half the shades. It’s honestly perfect and I’ve done a huge review on it here. It’s currently sold out but will be coming back to Beauty Bay soon. The price has jumped though which is annoying.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette: I don’t own this palette, but it seems like everyone else does because that’s all the rave about! This photo is from the Sephora site and you can see it has a really lovely colour story.


Chi Chi Spices Palette: An affordable alternative! I always rave about this palette and recommend it to so many people. This product was out way before Anastasia and Kylie brought out their burgundy palettes. You can find this at Target or Myer if you’re from Australia. You can also check out my full review on the Spices palette here!

Makeup Geek Single Shadows: If you’d prefer you can actually pick individual shadows from Makeup Geek and make up your own palette! Here’s how someone has created their own Burgundy palette and stored in it a Z Palette.

Image result for makeup geek burgundy palette

So there you have it! I really hope you enjoyed this review of the Kylie Cosmetics Burgundy palette and found it helpful or interesting. If you did, please give this post a “like” so I know! I never usually include dupes for entire palettes in my reviews but there are just so many burgundy palettes on the market it’s hard to not compare them!

What burgundy palette do you love? Do you own any of the Kylie Cosmetics Kyshadow palettes? Comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

All the love,



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    1. Apparently the Burgundy palette is way better than her Bronze palette, especially the quality of the shimmer shades! So if you’re really curious to try out her shadows I recommend this palette, not the Royal Peach palette as that apparently has a terrible smell to it! Glad you enjoyed my review! Xx

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  1. I cant agree more 🙌🏻 And yes i bought it because i had no kyliecosmetics products, so it was my first kyliecosmetics after skipping the bronze palette 😂 And yes i love the pigments 😍 Your article is so details, its very helpfull, thankyou 😍

    Here is my review on them too plus the koko kollection pressed powder ❤️ please dont compare it 😂🙏🏻

    Hugs and Kisses,

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