January Favourites

It’s the 1st of February and I’m getting in early to kick off another year of Monthly Favourites! January was the lazy recharge period we all desperately needed after a hectic holiday season. I’ve gone back to work recently and I actually feel refreshed and ready for the year ahead, so hopefully that mindset stays around for as long as possible! In January I found some new ride or die beauty favourites, finally sat down and watched/read things I’ve been procrastinating for months, hit another blogging milestone, drove two hours to see a sunflower field and felt way more creative than usual! So, let’s crack on with it and if you enjoy this post please give it a “like” so I know!



For Christmas I asked for the Kylie Cosmetics Burgundy Eyeshadow Palette and I’m so glad I did – I love it! I’ve done a full review on it complete with swatches and dupes which you can read here. It took me a moment to warm up to it and I explain that further in the post, but now that I’ve found my groove with it I can’t stop using it. The shades are so pigmented, easy to blend and stay on for hours.


Going hand in hand with the eyeshadow palette, I bought myself the Kylie Cosmetics Eyeshadow Brush Set and I’m in love with two of the brushes! These brushes don’t have names printed on them, but I love the long fluffy brush as it’s perfect for blending colours such as transition shades. The second brush I love it a small, less fluffy, tapered brush that’s perfect for adding darker colours to the outer part of the eye as it’s more precise. If you’d like me to do a dedicated blog post to this entire brush collection, let me know down in the comments!


In January I finally bit the bullet and ordered myself a Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick in the popular shade Mannequin (I have previously bought Anna Nicole, but it’s such a bright shade that I’ve only tried once, I don’t really count it as a proper purchase!). I did such a detailed review of this liquid lipstick, and every other liquid lipstick ever, in this comparison post so you can check that out if you would love to read so much more about it. But to cut a long story short, I am absolutely in love with Jeffree’s formula and this shade is my perfect nude. It feels so light weight on the lips, it’s mousse like and not runny at all, it’s so pigmented, is not drying in the slightest, has great staying power and just makes my lips look amazing. I love everything about this product except the owner, which is the only reason I haven’t bought everything he has to offer.


I bought myself the Too Faced Merry Macarons Eyeshadow Collection for Christmas last year, which you can read a full review on here, and along with the eyeshadow palette you also receive a mini version of their popular Better Than Sex mascara. Oh my god, I’d forgotten just how fantastic this is. I used to wear this everyday to school (which I find crazy to think about? It’s so dramatic but apparently 16 and 17 year old me was fine with that? I was a Drag Queen before I even knew about Drag Race) but I stopped using it as it always smudged on my lower lashes, giving me panda eyes. Maybelline’s Lash Sensational also entered my life and it’s more affordable price tag was way more inviting. Well, I finally got my life together and just use this on my top lashes to avoid smudging and holy shiz, it’s freaking amazing. My friend and fellow blogger Morgan put it perfectly in her 2016 Beauty Favourites – “false lash effect, no false lashes.” Run out and get it, the hype is real. People think it makes their lashes look clumpy, but if you wipe some of the excess mascara off the brush and back into the tube, you will have the most amazing lashes.



  • Stranger Things Season 1 – I have been meaning to watch this for ages and I want to go back in time and slap myself because WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG TO WATCH THIS IT’S SUCH AN INCREDIBLE SHOW! Honestly the acting, the script, the story line, the cinematography, everything is just so good. I watched this twice in January and I cannot wait for Season 2.
  • The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert – I really want to watch as many classics that I haven’t seen yet in 2017 and when I saw that Priscilla was on TV one night I almost cried tears of joy. This movie is amazing and I highly recommend it to everyone. I loved the drag, I loved the landscape, I loved seeing the drag against the landscape, not to mention the ABBA music used throughout – be still, my beating heart. It was so ahead of its time and I’m so glad it exists.
  • Lion – This movie is amazing! Definitely see it as it’s such an amazing true story and the way it was portrayed was just beautiful. I started weeping like six times during the whole thing but for different reasons. Plus, Dav Patel’s Australia accent is excellent.


I really want to read more before university starts back again at the end of this month. In January I finally finished a book I started ages ago – Beautiful Broken Things by Sara Barnard. It was such a good read and perfect for transitioning back into reading after such a long break. It’s all about female friendship and mental illness and I found it really refreshing. I also found all the characters to be nicely fleshed out and complex, plus it had a really amazing balance of funny moments woven into quite a heavy subject matter. It’s great more and more young adult books are dealing with mental illness and approaching them in different ways! Also, the cover is gorgeous and has all these reflective gold on it!



I mentioned the movie in my December Favourites, but oh my goodness I have been listening to the La La Land soundtrack practically non-stop this whole month. My favourites are Another Day of Sun, A Lovely Night and Someone in the Crowd.


In January my blog hit 10,000 views! That’s an amazing achievement and it’s so heartwarming to hit that milestone around my blog’s first birthday!

The Women’s March on Washington, and around the world, filled me with so many emotions. I was so overwhelmed and touched by the amount of people participating but also couldn’t believe it was a real thing that had to happen because a certain person is now in a certain seat of power.

I had a bout of creativity in January which was lovely and I made a lot of things just out of the sheer pleasure of it all. For the past year I’ve channelled all my creativity into my blog but because of the Women’s March I felt so inspired to draw something, so I did! I saw so many signs with messages that just made me go YES. I’ve done a bunch of other sketches plus written a few stories, so doing something different to blogging but also along the same lines of it is so therapeutic!


So that’s everything I loved throughout the month of January! What have you been loving recently? Leave me a comment below so we can chat!

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All the love,



Ps. It’s my 19th birthday tomorrow! I’m so excited and so I thought I’d mention it here. This was my last blog post as an 18 year old (!!!).

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  1. You’re killing this blogging game Jess!! Thank you so much for the shoutout and please do a review on the Kylie brushes!! Since your Burgundy Palette review I’ve been wanting to pick it up, and wondered if I should throw the brushes in with it! xx

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    1. Aw thank you so much!! ❤ No worries, as soon as I read your description I was like “YES THAT’S EXACTLY IT” 😂 Will do!! Plus doing a review will make me use them more, I’ve neglected a couple of them! Xoxo

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