♡ Valentine’s Day Makeup Picks ♡

Whether you love it for loath it, there’s no denying that Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! I personally love the holiday and see it as a celebration of every form of love – not just romantic! Plus, it falls near my birthday, so I’ve always liked that my birth month is associated with hearts and love! I absolutely love curating seasonal makeup picks, so here’s a collection of beauty items I think are incredibly appropriate for this time of the year, no matter what your plans are for the 14th. Whether it’s because they’re pink, heart shaped, or smell like actual chocolate, these items make perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for a special beauty lover – i.e. you! If you like this post please give it a “like” so I know and let’s crack on!


While my YouTube subscription feed is full of burgundy eyeshadow looks for this upcoming V Day – more of that from me in my next post – there was no palette in my collection more appropriate to include in this post than the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons palette! I know the packaging is not everyone’s cup of tea, but I freaking adore it and think Too Faced found a perfect balance of fun without being gimmicky. It’s baby pink, has hearts embossed on the tin, the damn eyeshadow pans are hearts, AND it smells like chocolate – 11/10 right here. This palette has such a wonderful range of neutrals shades with pops of pink and purple that are surprisingly wearable. I think this palette is so versatile and can take you from day to night, so I definitely think it’s worth having a look at in store if you’re interested in it. You can read my entire review on the palette here


I promise this entire post isn’t just Too Faced products, but this next part certainly is! My birthday just passed and I was fortunate enough to receive the Too Faced Love Flush “Baby Love” Blush and the Too Faced “Milk Chocolate Soleil” Bronzer! I was so distracted by the gorgeous roses I was working with (another birthday present) that I completely forgot to take a photo of the inside of the blush, but it has such an intricate pattern of hearts and bunnies inside it – *insert all the heart eyes and crying emojis*. It’s just so cute. I absolutely love this blush, how pigmented it is, and the gorgeous packaging, so you’ll definitely hear more about it from me! The shade is also the same colour as the packaging, a matte, medium toned natural baby pink shade.

Another blush I own from Too Faced is the shade “Love Hangover” that I received for Christmas as part of their Limited Edition “Let It Glow” set. I’m so happy I picked this one up as it’s clearly way brighter than “Baby Love” and I don’t want to wear it every day, so it helped me decide which full sized blush to finally pick! I also have a tiny little blush brush from Too Faced as well and it’s, of course, pink and heart shaped too!


I’m also currently in love with the Too Faced Milk Chocolate bronzer. It’s such an incredible shade for fair skinned people to bronze with as you don’t end up looking orange, it’s pigmented but not overly so which makes it so easy to blend, and it smells like chocolate! Plus, the gold packaging is freaking gorgeous. Too Faced know their packaging! 

Onto lips, and yes, I have quite a few suggestions! Starting with liquid lipsticks, I have two brands whose packaging just screamed Valentine’s Day. Firstly, the Lime Crime Velvetine’s have red lids with pink roses on them – can I get an amen? Secondly, this formula does not budge once it’s on your lips, make of that for Valentine’s Day what you will! I have a bunch of matte shades by them and I absolutely love them, especially the shade “Bleached” which is is a medium to light nude with a peachy undertone. Another liquid lipstick brand with appropriate V Day ready packaging is Jeffree Star! His hot pink packaging grabs your eye straight away if his bold colour options don’t first. His shade “Anna Nicole” is super bright, bold and red. A more everyday shade I own by him is “Mannequin”. It’s seriously the most perfect nude ever. 


Onto more traditional liquid lipsticks, these metallic pink Rimmel London lipsticks are divine and so perfect for any time of the year, but especially now! They’re part of the Kate Moss collection and she has three nudes and three reds, all perfect for any Valentine’s Day look you want to create. You can ready my full review on them here!


Finally, the last item I spotted on my vanity that made me go “YAS GET IN THE FLATLAY HUNNY” was my Marc Jacobs Oh, Lola! perfume. I’m horrible at describing scents, but this is so light, fresh, feminine and floral without being over the top. Also, just take a moment to let the packaging wash over you. It’s a freaking rose! My job here is done. 

So those are my Valentine’s Day makeup picks! No matter what your plans are for next Tuesday, I hope you have a lovely day! 

Do you change up your makeup around Valentine’s Day? What are your thoughts on the products I mentioned above? Leave me a comment below so we can chat!

All the love,



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