Huge Skincare Haul!

In regards to discussing skincare on my blog, I either never mention it or post a gigantic haul – today is a gigantic haul kind of day! Due to my birthday happening recently – birthday haul blog post coming soon! – and picking up my quarterly Mecca Beauty Loop Box, I’ve accumulated a bunch of new skincare items! I need to thank one of my best friends in particular because she inspired this entire post with her ridiculously generous birthday gift of enough face masks to last me the foreseeable future. I have been dying to try some out but had no idea where to start, but she definitely came through for me! Here’s everything I’ve collected over the last few weeks, so I hope you enjoy this post and if you do, please give it a “like” so I know!


Face Masks 

Green Tea Nose Pack – “Formulated with green tea additives to remove oil and pore deep sebum.” Sign me the heck up. 

Choosy Peach – There’s no English on the packet besides the words “Vitamin-E, Collagen and Hyaluronic acid”, but it’s a mask for your lips! They have something for everything. Multi-masking is a thing and I’ll probably pair this one up with the previous mask!

Master Lab Intensive Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Sheet Mask – A mouthful, but this mask is all about hydration and since I’m on Roaccutane in this ridiculous Australian summer heat, this mask is at the top of my pile to use! I also love the packaging of this one. 

Medical White Hydrating Charcoal-Mineral Mask – It’s a mask, but it’s also a charcoal mask so therefore I am very excited to try this!


Pure Smile Peach Essence Mask – This is so cute! It’s all peachy and is a sheet mask. I think this might be one of the first I end up trying! 

Animal Otter Aqua Mask – YES. It’s an otter mask. I almost died when I pulled it out of the bag. This looks wild as it’s a picture of an otter on your face. I cannot wait to try this, oh my goodness. 

Medical Dress Code Black Mask Dress – This, again, looks wild! There’s not a lot of English written on the packet so I can’t tell what it’s main benefit is but I’ll report back.


Face Peeling Gel – Okay first off, the packaging on this is so damn gorgeous. I can’t tell what this is going to promise but I cannot wait to peel something off my face. Plus it smells like roses!

(Absolutely no idea what the true name of this product is) – Five words my friend, charcoal peel off face mask! I’m dying to try this, I’m worried it might hurt but I’ve been told it’s not tear inducing so I think I’ll be okay. I definitely recommend, with any new skincare item you try, to test a bit on your hand or on the side of your face a day before using it in case you skin doesn’t react well! I think I’m most excited to try this mask!

Josie Maran Whipped Mud Mask I received this tiny little sample in my Mecca Beauty Loop box and I’m pretty keen to try it! It’s described as an “argan hydrating and detoxifying treatment”. 



Mecca Cosmetica Clean Slate Foaming Cleanser – Mecca has a really wonderful rewards system and one of those systems is getting a free gift around the time of your birthday! I popped in store after getting an email saying my gift was ready and I was over the moon to see I received this cleanser/makeup remover from Mecca! It’s a huge bottle, it smells divine, it makes my skin so soft and completely breaks down my makeup while feeling super gentle. Plus, the packaging is so chic! Nicely done, Mecca. 



LUSH Cosmetics “The Comforter” Shower Cream – This is described as “a cuddle in a bottle” and that description alone makes me weak. This smells very sweet, but it might be a different story when I actually use it. The cream itself looks amazing though, it’s all pink and shimmery! 

LUSH Cosmetics “Over and Over” Bath Bomb – I absolutely love bath bombs so I’m so happy I received one from the same gorgeous girl who gave me a million face masks. I cannot wait to throw this in the bath and see it work its magic. 

So that’s every skincare item I have received recently! I really hope you enjoyed this skincare haul and if you did, please give it a “like” so I know!

What skincare items do you love? Have you tried any face masks, specifically peel off ones, recently? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

All the love



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  1. That lip mask looks so interesting!! I need to pick one up for myself! I did try the charcoal peel-off mask last night, it didn’t hurt very much at all to remove – although I would recommend building up the product as you do need something to grab on to to be able to peel it off in one go! I spread mine a bit thin and it took me ages to pick it off! xx

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