My Blog Post Creation Process

Just like everything in my life, when it comes to producing each of my blog posts, I’m a sucker for a strict routine. Since I go through the same process each time before hitting publish on a post, I thought it’d be interesting to share that routine here on my blog! I always find these sorts of posts fascinating to read when done by other bloggers as everyone works in a slightly different way, but the end result is always something special. If you enjoy this post please give it a “like” so I know and let’s jump into it!

Idea Generation

Every blog post starts with an idea, and for me inspiration can strike at anytime from any source. I always aim to produce multiple blog posts per week, so in the space of a month I try to generate around eight to 15 ideas. My usual sources of inspiration range from what time of the year it is, such as doing Seasonal Makeup Picks with the changing of the seasons, what products are new to the beauty scene or my collection, what other bloggers are talking about or just simply what I want to read and write about.

What I find most helpful though is keeping a list of blog post ideas I’d like to create in the future. I have a giant list in the Notes section of my phone and it is the most satisfying feeling to place a little yellow tick to each idea once I’m finished with it! It also makes me realise just how much content I publish. I write down every idea that comes to find, some more interesting or thought out than others, but nonetheless all of them get written down.

Once we hit the start of a new month however, I open that list and see which posts would work for this time of the year and starting jotting them down in the monthly layout part of my planner. My Monthly Favourites post is always at the top of that list, then followed by reviews about new products I bought, hauls, round ups, comparisons, potential OOTD’s that inevitably fall through and the rest.

IMG_9110 (1).jpg

Flatlaying + Editing

Once I have an idea and know what I want to talk about, regarding which products I want to feature, it’s time to flatlay! I’m usually never stuck for ideas on how to take photos, but if I have an object or composition I just can’t get right, I’ll head over to Pinterest to see if anything jumps out at me. I have a flatlay board which is full of a bunch of ideas or just shots I think are super neat. Recently I’ve starting putting more thought it taking specific shots that will be posted on Instagram to alert my followers of a new post, and specific shots that will be used as the Featured Image for the post on my blog. I’ve never been completely happy with my Instagram feed but slowly this is helping things look a little bit more cohesive.

Once I’ve taken a million shots of the same image, I’ll go through and narrow down my favourites before putting them through my editing process. I’m in the middle of changing the way I edit my photos, but I usually put them all through FaceTune to clean up the background, then just up the brightness, contrast and saturation (only slightly though) in any photo editing app as I like my shots to look as fresh, bright and clear as can be. I’m way more motivated to write the post if I know what the finished photos look like.


I always, without a doubt, underestimate how long it takes me to write blog posts. I always think it’ll be easy and quick, but the majority of my posts lean towards being almost 900 to 1600 words long. My “Liquid Lipstick Comparison” post was 2977 words. I didn’t want to think about, see or wear a liquid lipstick for a month after that! I like to take my time when writing, and if I’m not interrupted I can sometimes take between one to two hours to full finish writing a post. Weirdly enough though, I always tend to write my blog posts in the Notes section of my laptop, as I find staring at the blank, white Word document screen a little stale and uninviting. Once I transfer my writing into the WordPress format it’s much easier to spot typos and correct your own work as the font style and colour changes. A few typos definitely do slip through though and that’s something I want to improve in my writing.


Publishing + Final Touches Checklist

Before I hit publish on a post I always ask myself a few questions to make sure I don’t need to scurry back into the inner workings of a blog post to edit some silly mistakes. These questions are:

  1. Have I correctly tagged and categorised this blog post?
  2. Are all the images I edited actually included in the post or have I forgotten some?
  3. Is there a good balance of photos and text or do I have a giant chuck on text in a certain area that could turn a reader off?
  4. Are all the previous blog posts I mentioned in this post bolded and correctly hyperlinked?
  5. Has this post been proofread multiple times with the mistakes amended?
  6. Have I attached my Featured Image?
  7. Have I included and correctly hyperlinked my other social media platforms somewhere in this post?
  8. Have I prompted my readers to engage, such as reminding them to like the post or answer a question I’ve posed in the comments section?
  9. Are my connected social media platforms filled out correctly, such as writing the tweet to this post that will be simultaneously posted on Twitter when I hit publish?
  10. Have I viewed this post using the “Preview” function WordPress provides to see if everything is formatted how I would like?

While these questions are pretty self explanatory, I’m planning on doing a follow up blog post to this one talking all about the above questions. So if you’d like to know more about why I run through these specific ones, keep an eye out!

So that’s everything I do when creating a blog post! From the initial idea to hitting publish, there’s a lot that goes into blogging, but I find every stage fun and rewarding!

What’s your blogging process like? Does it change every time or do you have to do one thing before the other, like myself? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear about your routine!

Also don’t forget to give this post a “like” if you found it enjoyable or helpful!

All the love,



27 thoughts

  1. OMG, you probably didn’t think of this while you were publishing this post but oh it was at the perfect time, seriously thank you 🙂 I’ve been all over the place with my blogging these days and it’s not making me very happy, however, I do go throught the same process at the end but my posts still don’t like yours lol this is getting long sorry! xoxo

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    1. Don’t apologise I love long comments haha! 😊 No worries, I’m glad I helped you in some way! Just keep persisting with your blog and you’ll fall back into a regular routine in no time! Xx


  2. Hey gorgeous!
    I’ve nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award. My blog post will be up today at 11:00 am UTC+01:00, which is 20 minutes from now!
    Love, Julia

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  3. Very helpful! I do something similar except I tend to write first and do photos last since I think of pics whilst I am writing. Following your flat lay board since I deff need to improve on that. ❤

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