Award Season Best Dressed 2017

Award season has just wrapped up which means I can finally share with you who I thought were the best dressed on this years various red carpets! From glamorous and romantic to daring and classic, the red carpets for 2017 were filled with jaw dropping moments and iconic fashion show stoppers. You’ll notice the same few designers popping up throughout this post, but what can I say, I’m a sucker for anything Valentino…McQueen…Givenchy…the list goes on! As always, if you enjoy this post please give it a “like” so I know and let’s get to the looks!


Like always, the Golden Globes delivered the goods. I’m always impressed with their red carpets, and this years was no exception.


Emma Stone in Valentino

Emma wearing this dress is now so iconic to me. When you’re Hollywood’s current IT film star, starring in a movie about wanting to be a Hollywood film star, singing a song called ‘City of Stars’, you’re not going to pass on a chance to wear a Valentino gown covered in stars. Be still, my beating heart. 


Lily Collins in Zuhair Murad

I gasped when I saw this. I clutched my pearls. It genuinely took my breath away. Lily Collins always brings it to the red carpet and this has become one of my all time favourite looks, not just from her but from everyone! Everything here just works without looking too matchy matchy or over the top. 


Blake Lively in Versace

What a queen! The gold accents and emerald jewels gave me vague Grecian goddess/Medusa vibes and I am here for that. Lively is such an amazon that she pulls it off effortlessly, plus the pockets are a nice, modern touch. 


The SAG awards offered us a much more high fashion array of looks, with sheer detailing being a clear favourite trend of mine among the celebs!


Claire Foy in Valentino 

I absolutely loved this look, so much so that I made it the star of my featured image! Foy is the leading actress in the Netflix Original The Crown, so this sheer collared number is so appropriate but also modern and glamourous. Also, I I highly recommend The Crown, it’s a little bit slow but so interesting!


Emma Stone in Alexander McQueen

Oh look another black sheer number! I absolutely loved this look from Emma, and I find it strangely satisfying to see her working a similar silhouette on all of this years red carpets. Put her looks against each other and it’s clear everything has been made to look very cohesive, even when she’s wearing different designers.


Taraji P. Henson in Reem Acra

Taraji has become a firm favourite of mine this red carpet season as she’s been bringing it every time. I freaking love this dress, the colour, the sheerness, the detailing, how it compliments her skin tone – everything is so on point. I guess I could go without the bows, but they provide a sort of anchor for the dress. I’d never heard of Reem Acra before, but she’s an American bridal and ready to wear designer from Beirut, Lebanon.


The British Academy of Film and Television Awards are pegged as the British Oscars, and their red carpet fashions certainly rival the American version! The BAFTAs red carpet has a touch of regalness, with structured gowns, heavy appliqué and sophistication all round.


Emily Blunt in Alexander McQueen

This gown is everything. Look at that embroidery! Look at those sleek ruffles that are actually sheer when she walks! This dress hits that hard to reach balance of structured yet flowy, modern yet traditional, which is something McQueen gets right every time.


Sophie Turner in Louis Vuitton  

I love anything that is long sleeved with a killer thigh high split and a plunging neck line. Sophie never disappoints me and this dress is so mature but still youthful. Plus, look at it sparkle!


Kate Middleton in Alexander McQueen

We were graced with actual royalty when Kate Middleton arrived! She brings it every time she’s out in public and this McQueen number is flawless. It accentuates her tiny frame perfectly and gives her volume without overwhelming her. She looked stunning but didn’t take anything away from the nominees!


I’m going to be honest and say that the Grammys disappointed me this year. People either went quite simple and played it safe, or did a gimmick. While there was plenty of the latter *cough* the ball pit dress, the monstrosity that was the ‘Make America Great Again’ dress *cough*, there were a few goddesses that sailed the ship home for us with their stunning looks.


Adele in Givenchy Haute Couture

This dress was perfect for Adele, it’s such an amazing colour for her and complimented her complexion wonderfully. So many people commented on how fresh she looked, and she was truly glowing. I also loved how her hair was put into a top bun for and after her performance, and it again just made her look so effortless and beautiful!


Beyoncé’s Performance Look

Alright, I’m bending the rules here a little bit, but I could not ignore this look and post this without talking about THIS MOMENT. Bey looked so stunning here, like her true form which is a literal god among us mere mortals. I’ve saved so many photos from her performance and one of them is even my lock screen background. If you know who created this, please leave me a comment below!


Solange Knowles in Gucci

The moon to Beyoncé’s sun, Solange Knowles knocked it out of the park for me in this gold Gucci number. This is art, and I don’t think anyone would be able to pull it off quite like she did. I love the transparent heel, natural up do and fresh skin. To me, everything here looks so balanced. Solange is wearing this dress, not letting it wear her.


We’ve finally made it to my favourite awards show, the Academy Awards! Yesterday gave us Hollywood glam and I was living for so many looks. It was actually so hard to narrow it down to just three, but these following looks were so divine they all deserved their own photoset.


Emma Stone in Givenchy Haute Couture

This look floored me. It’s so stunning and such an ode to old Hollywood and La La Land. This is such a finale look, and when you know you’re going to win, you’re going to wear a gold Givenchy gown to celebrate the moment in. I loved the red lip, the hair length, the fringe detailing, the silhouette of the gown, the minimal accessories – everything is top notch and such a show stopper.


Janelle Monáe in Elie Saab

This look too my breath away. I knew it was Elie Saab straight away as I’ve drooled over his looks too many times. The detailing, the sheerness, the ball gown skirt – this was just head to toe perfection. I love that Janelle keeps to a black and white colour palette, but this look was such an Academy Awards version of that, and she really hit the nail on the head. Her makeup was fresh and flawless and I think she stole the show (and my heart).


Taraji P. Henson in custom Alberta Ferretti

We’ve come to my final favourite look of the award season, and it goes to none other than the queen herself, Taraji P. Henson. This look killed me. This is sexy Hollywood glamour 101. This is what you wear going to the court to sign the divorce papers. This is what you wear at the funeral of your third husband who mysterious died and has left everything to you. This is everything. The dress is right, the jewellery is right, the body is right. This is my Top Toot of the Week. I could talk about Taraji for hours, so I’ll wrap it up here.

So those were my picks for best dressed for the 2017 award season red carpets!

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you did, please give it a “like” so I know!

Who did you think looked amazing? Or who do you think totally missed the mark? Leave me a comment below, I’d absolutely love to hear your thoughts!

All the love,



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