From the bustling streets of Milan to the city of love, I’m back with the second instalment of my Fashion Week series! Zuhair Murad is hands down one of my favourite designers of all time as I find his works so inspiring and contemporary, yet traditional and timeless. As I was looking through his Fall/Winter 2016/17 collection for this post, I came across his Spring/Summer 2017 collection and just knew this had to be a double feature. Here’s a run down of the theme of both collections plus my favourite looks straight from the runway.


With a collection appropriately titled “Boho Rapture”, Zuhair gave us a jubilant Bohemian queen that oozed spontaneity and flamboyance. An abundance of flares, bell sleeves, capes, pitched waists and regal shoulders stormed the runway, all adored with Murad’s signature embellishing. The collection was a mix of petticoats, sarouel pants, caftans and gypsy shawls, accessorised with broad brimmed felt hats, chokers and leather belts – the go-to accessories fit for the next Supreme. 

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A journey to Japan inspired Murad’s Spring/Summer 2017 Couture collection, as a spellbinding fireworks display he witnessed evolved into his masterwork “Fires Waltz”. Delicately re-embroidered Swarovski Crystals became incandescent filaments lighting up the garments as they strode down the runway. A nod to the eighties delivered a contemporary twist, with bouffant sleeves, coattails and voluminous mini skirts highlighting the collection. 

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See the garments live in action in the runway video below.

So those were my favourite designs from two of Zuhair Murad’s collections!

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I’ll be back with another collection and another capital soon!

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2 thoughts

  1. Hola! Mi nombre es Magdalena Coronel. La verdad estoy encantada con sus vestidos, me gustaria formar parte de su equipo de trabajo,se cortar, coser, bordar, hacer prototipos y hasta diseñar. Y tengo muchas ganas de seguir aprendiendo. Seria un honor trabajar en su empresa. Desde ya gracias por tomarse el tiempo y leer este comentario.


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