February Favourites

I knew February was going to be a fun month, but it turned into an incredibly eventful one! In 28 days I celebrated my birthday, was showered with so many lovely gifts, added so many new beauty bits to my ever growing collection, created a bunch of posts I was really proud of, was featured on all WordPress Discover platforms, and welcomed a huge amount of new followers to my blog! So much to catch you up on since we last spoke! If you enjoy this post please give it a “like” and let’s crack on with things!


Like I mentioned before, I turned 19 at the start of February and with that I received a bunch of gifts! One of Mecca’s amazing membership perks is getting a free birthday gift and I received the Mecca Cosmetica Clean Slate Foaming Cleanser and Makeup Remover! This cleanser is a two in one and super versatile as you can use it in the morning to cleanse but also again at night to remove makeup. It’s super gentle and foamy so it feels amazing on the skin and has a lovely, subtle floral scent! Plus, the packaging is super chic. It’s full sized and I think it’s such a generous gift from Mecca! 


One of my best friends, Molly, was so generous and got me the new Too Faced Papa Don’t Peach blush for my birthday and I almost cried when I opened it. I’d seen it online and liked the look of it but just couldn’t justify buying it for myself. But I’m so freaking happy I have it because I’m obsessed with it! The shade is so perfect for everyday as it’s not too dark but isn’t just a sheer wash of colour. It’s also really pigmented without accidentally putting on too much. I also love the little tin packaging and can see myself using this for a long time!


Since I received the blush, it only felt right to wear it with its matching eyeshadow palette! I dug the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette out from my archives and used it pretty much non stop throughout February. I featured it in my “Summer Makeup Picks” and it really is so perfect for the hotter seasons. The shades are so warm and luminous and really compliment my complexion. I’ve also started using the warm matte “Puree” in my outer corner (instead of the dark brown shade “Charmed, I’m Sure” and using a lighter, terracotta shade like that to deepen the look made me fall in love with the palette all over again!


Keeping with Too Faced, I received the Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer from my family for my birthday after some very obvious hinting from my end, and I couldn’t be happier with it! It’s such a perfect bronzer for fair skin as it’s warm without looking orange, blends beautifully, looks so natural and smells like chocolate! I also don’t find myself ever accidentally overdoing it with this bronzer, which is something I’m always paranoid about. Definitely check this out if you’re fair and hunting for a great, everyday bronzer! I also love that it’s in its own individual package as using a huge contouring kit for only one shade is always a hassle. 


My last beauty favourite for the month is yet another gift I received from my gorgeous friend Amy, and it’s the Lush Cosmetics “The Comforter” shower gel! When I first smelt this I thought the sweet scent would be a little overpowering, but in the shower its such a beautiful product to use! It really does feel and smell so relaxing and soothing, and lives up to its description of “a cuddle in a bottle”. Plus, it’s freaking pink! I have such basic shower products so anything from Lush in my bathroom is such a bright, welcomed change. 



I really wanted an insulated water bottle for the new year as I’m sick of using plastic ones that sweat in my bag and go warm after a little while. Enter the Avanti Twin Wall Insulated Bottle in the shade “Champagne”. I saw this on sale in Matchbox and asked for it for my birthday and it has instantly become a favourite of mine. It’s so perfect for keeping you hydrated, especially during summer, as it keeps your water cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours, doesn’t sweat and leak and is environmentally friendly! I’m even sipping on it now as I write up this post. 



February gave us Valentine’s Day and as I was browsing my sister’s huge library of books she owns for some V-Day flatlay props, I came across Textbook Romance by Zoë Foster with Hamish Blake! This was written before the pair married and it’s such a hilarious yet informative guide to everything from singledom, getting the guy, dating, relationships and more. Zoë’s writing is so spot on and relatable, and Hamish has little hand written notes through the textbook. It’s such a good read and a nice change from the usual novels I read!



  • The cast of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 was “ruvealed” and I’m so excited for this next batch of queens to fight it out for the crown! The promo makes them all look genuinely unique and creative and just so visually stunning. I’m so excited for Aja, Kimora Blac, Alexis Michelle, Farrah Moan, Peppermint, Sasha Velour and Shea Couleé. It airs March 24th and I cannot wait! Drag Race season is the best season. 
  • After following a recommendation from a friend, I started watching Riverdale on Netflix and it’s actually so good! It’s based off the old Archie comics so it’s visually really pretty and animated like a comic book, and the storyline is really interesting! It gives me those CW vibes that you get from teen TV shows like Pretty Little Liars and Teen Wolf, and those dramas are always addictive! The only catch is Netflix only releases one episode a week on Fridays. 


  • Lady Gaga slayed February by performing at the Super Bowl then announcing she’s going to be a judge on the first episode of Season 9 of Rupaul’s Drag Race! So because of that I’ve been binging all of her music – can you binge on music? I’ve always loved G.U.Y from her album ARTPOP, but I’ve also recently discovered Venus and Artpop and I absolutely love them. 
  • I discovered this mashup of Starboy by The Weeknd and the Stranger Things theme Survive called Strangerboy and it’s freaking phenomenal! Listen to it here and give it some love.


  • Well, my “Valentine’s Day Brownies” was spotted by WordPress Discover and I became their featured blogger across all their platforms to celebrate Valentine’s Day! The exposure was so amazing and I have now displayed the little “Wordpress Discover” badge of honour on my blog’s sidebar that I was given! 
  • Due to the exposure, my little blogging family went from 273 followers to, as of today, 800 of you! The support has been so overwhelming and humbling and to know all my hard work is being enjoyed by so many more people is awesome. 

So, that was everything that happened in February! What was something you loved from the past month? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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All the love,



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    1. I can only talk for the blush and eyeshadow and I really love them both, but I don’t own the highlighting kit or the lip products! Definitely swatch the eyeshadow palette in store if you get the chance and see how you like the formula! The palette isn’t revolutionary or anything, but it is really pretty and I love the shades and looks I create from it! xx


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