From the city of love to the land of double deckers, tea and Kate Moss, I’m here with the third instalment of my Fashion Week series! Today’s stop – London town! Here are my thoughts and favourite looks from the politically motivated, colourful collection showcased by Ashish, a London based designer. Basically, we’re transported to Kansas, where love definitely trumps hate.

The world of Oz inspired Ashish’s heavily symbolic Fall/Winter Ready-To-Wear 2017 collection, the runway a glistening yellow brick road which emerged from a broken heart. The collection was adored in sequins spelling out passionate, loving and bold appeals for resistance and solidarity aimed at the USA. A multitude of political messages were embroiled into the showcase, from the models sporting Mexican wrestling makeup to rainbow garments proudly stating phrases such as “Nasty Woman”, “Pussy Grabs Back” and “Love Sees No Colour”. The show was all-inclusive and uplifting, with Vogue fashion journalist Luke Leitch stating many audience members were in tears by the end.

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Ashish said “I was reading about how Oz was representative of Washington and how the hurricane of Dorothy was the political turmoil that happened at the time. It was so symbolic.”

“Every little thing was symbolic of what is happening now—we need to be united in a message of love and unity and stand up together against all the f***ed-up mess that is going on,” Ashish said. 

Ashish’s collection is by far the most political I’ve seen from fashion month, and his strong messages of unity and opposition are incredibly empowering, to say the least. See the rest of the collection here.

What do you think of Ashish’s collection? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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