10 Blogging Questions To Ask Yourself Before Hitting Publish

Creating a blog post takes time, effort, passion and the rest. It’s always so rewarding seeing the end result up on your page and having people come and enjoy it for all its worth. What majorly sucks though is hitting ‘publish’, only to scurry back to the inner workings of a post because you forgot some tedious, yet important, housekeeping. This has happened to me one too many times, but it was only when writing the Publishing + Final Touches part in “My Blog Post Creation Process” post that I realised I have quite a long, and helpful, mental checklist! I was tempted to go way more in depth in that post about these questions, but held back as I knew I could dedicate an entire post to it! While they’re pretty self explanatory, I thought these questions could help other bloggers or point out something they could include in their posts before sending their work off into the world. I’m always on the hunt to improve my blog and I take advice from everywhere, so I hope you find this post helpful! If you do, please give it a “like” so I know, and let’s crack with this checklist!

 1. Have I correctly tagged and categorised this blog post?

Whether your tagging and categorisation system is simple or complex, it’s always important to put your work in the right place. I find categorising things pretty simple as most of my posts fall into the beauty section, so “beauty” is my default setting. I used to include a million and one tags in my previous posts, but in the last few months I’ve really narrowed it down, as I’ve found that WordPress isn’t like Instagram and more tags doesn’t always equal more traffic to your blog. Make sure your original tags are always spelt right from the get go as well, as my “Seasonal Makeup Picks” tag wasn’t working at first because I originally misspelt it as “Season Makeup Picks”, so lesson learnt!

2. Are all the images I edited actually included in the post or have I forgotten some?

This has happened to me so many times! Somewhere during the shooting, editing, importing, and uploading routine I go through with my images, sometimes the occasional picture will fall through the cracks and get lost! Sometimes I can have posts with up to 13 images, so I always count to make sure I’m not missing anything important.

3. Is there a good balance of photos and text or do I have a giant chuck of text in a certain area that could turn a reader off?

Too much text instantly puts me off reading a blog post, so breaking up sections with images is an easy way to get your reader scrolling through your content. And yes, I’m aware this post is quite word heavy!

4. Are all the previous blog posts I mentioned in this post bolded and correctly hyperlinked?

Mentioning previous blog posts whenever you can is a great way of resurrecting those old, but still relevant, posts. Make sure you hyperlink them correctly and also check that those links work once your post has been published. I like to bold my links as well so it stands out more too, but that’s personal preference!

IMG_9110 (1)

5. Has this post been proofread multiple times with the mistakes amended?

Special shout out to one of my best friends who slides into my DMs whenever I have a giant typo in my posts – you know who you are, thank you for the heads up! Typos always throw a reader off, so carefully check through your work. A great way of spotting typos is reading your work in a different font, and even different colour. I proofread in the WordPress editing section, but I also proofread in the WordPress “Preview” view as it changes the font type and colour and looks like someone else’s work.

6. Have I attached my Featured Image?

This is easy to spot when you view your post through the “Preview” setting as the lack of image will jump out at you, but there have been times I’ve been in a rush and completely forgotten to upload one!

7. Have I included and correctly hyperlinked my other social media platforms somewhere in this post?

Always promote yourself! I always add links to all my social media platforms at the end of every blog post so people can easily click them if they are interested. Navigating blogs on mobile devices is always a bit clunky, so having your links somewhere easy to click on is crucial!

8. Have I prompted my readers to engage, such as reminding them to like the post or answer a question I’ve posted in the comments section?

I’m 100% more likely to comment on your post if you give me a question to answer. I love engaging with people, but sometimes just writing “great post!” seems a little lacklustre. When someone asks “what’s your current favourite eyeshadow palette for the summer months?”, as a fellow beauty junkie, I definitely have an answer prepared! So, that’s why I always leave a question, because I genuinely want to engage with my readers! I always add the reminder to like my posts too, because on both blogs and YouTube, I actually find the reminder effective and I do ended up hitting “like”.


9. Are my connected social media platforms filled out correctly, such as writing the tweet to this post that will be simultaneously posted on Twitter when I hit publish?

I’ve gotten into Twitter recently and, once you connect your blog with your Twitter account, you can simultaneously tweet about your newest post whenever it gets published! I now always make sure that little social media section is filled out. It’ll post your Featured Image in the tweet too, which is handy!

 10. Have I viewed this post using the “Preview” function WordPress provides to see if everything is formatted how I would like?

If you haven’t already guessed, I love the “Preview” function and give every post a scan through it before hitting publish. It’s particularly good for figuring out which size headings you want to use, seeing if your text/image balance is good, spotting if any posts aren’t hyper linked and noticing if anything is out of whack!

So those are the 10 blogging questions I run through before I hit publish on each of my posts!

What steps do you go through before you publish your work that I haven’t included here? Leave a comment below for others and myself, I would love to know everyone else’s little tips and tricks!

Also don’t forget to give this post a “like” if you enjoyed it!

All the love,



30 thoughts

  1. The social media account one is a great tip considering I failed at it! I’m so used to copying over my Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest links to the end of the post that I had forgotten I had changed my twitter name to match everything else – that was super fun having to go back and edit loads because I hadn’t checked it properly – oops! Such a useful post, thank you 🙂 xx

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  2. These are some ( no, all) really good tips; sometimes I get so excited to post that I have forget to attach images or set a featured image, sentences have errors and I am way too shy to promote elsewhere. However, I hope that I can think about these things the next time I post because I want to produce quality content as a priority.

    ~ Bre

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    1. Aw I’m so glad you found it helpful! No, you should be promoting whenever you can, don’t be shy! Exactly, it’s all about quality and not quantity, so don’t stress and give yourself time to read through everything carefully before posting 🙂

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