A #LadyLike Night with ELLE x H&M

Last night I attended the #LadyLike Night hosted by ELLE Australia in collaboration with H&M for a night dedicated to discussing careers, success, fashion, personal style and what it means to be #LadyLike! It was such an incredibly empowering event with a panel full of inspiring, determined and genuine women. Editor-in-chief of ELLE Australia Justine Cullen hosted the event, with the panel including cake creative Katherine Sabbath, Lucy Feagins of The Design Files, H&M sport ambassador Amanda Bisk and Margaret Zhang of Shine By Three! I tried to soak up everything these women were saying, but I also wrote down a few of the quotes that really suck with me, took some snaps of the night and got to meet, talk to and get a photo with one of my biggest blogging inspirations! I hope you enjoy this post and if you do, please give it a “like” so I know, and lets get on with the #LadyLike Night!


The Set Up

Every H&M store is huge, but the Queen St Mall one is gigantic! I really loved how the event was set up as you were met with light refreshments and canapés as you made your way upstairs to where the panel was being held.


As you made your way through the store there were little stations where you could write what being “ladylike” meant to you and the two best responses won $200 H&M gift cards! I was in a rush and wanted to grab a great spot for the panel, so I didn’t manage to write something down, but here are some of my favourite responses from others!


An entire section of the store had been cleared away to make room for the stage, seating and standing areas. There were also heaps of cameras set up as the panel was live streamed on the ELLE Australia Facebook page!


Natalie and I arrived at the perfect time as, while there weren’t seats left, we got a spot right behind them and had such a great view – which also came in handy for photos!

The Panel

First up was cake creative Katherine Sabbath (middle) and Lucy Feagins (right) of The Design Files, and while I wasn’t familiar with them before last night, now I’m a huge fan! They’re both so down to earth and are great examples of how taking the risk of following your passions can really pay off! What I found really interesting was when asked what advice they would give to their younger selves, Lucy said that “leaning into things” is helpful because it makes everything seem less overwhelming. Looking at the big picture can be scary and off putting, but by leaning into each step, the next one will appear to take you down that path.


A term which kept popping up throughout the night was “side hustle”. I can’t remember who said it (fool!) but they said it’s so important to have one, such as a blog or anything creative, and to keep coming back to, because that’s why you started, that’s why you’re going down a certain path, because of the pure passion of it all. There were so many times during the panel when I just thought “omg yes exactly!“, and this was definitely one.

Next up was the uber successful and creative Margaret Zhang (actual queen) and H&M sport ambassador Amanda Bisk! I thought Margaret’s outfit was, as usual, incredible – and the best part is it’s from H&M! All the panelist where wearing the new season, so I definitely need to buy myself a few pieces!


I’m such a fan of Margaret so I was hanging on her every word, but here are the words of wisdom that struck me enough to write them down in the Notes in my phone! She spoke about how education is so important and to not take it for granted, and that “university is one of the first things you can finish yourself as an adult”. That hit a cord with me and gave me so much inspiration and motivation to totally kick butt in the next two years of my degree. Did I mention Margaret graduated university last year with a degree in Law and Commerce? I know right, she’s super human.

Amanda agreed and said to “never feel like you are wasting your time educating yourself,” because she did a business course when she was younger, never expected to use it, but now she definitely needs it with all her success!


When asked what advice they’d give to their younger self, they both agreed to not let things overwhelm you. “There is time, don’t feel like you’re running out of time, it’s okay if things begin to mould and change into different directions.”

Meeting Justine

I wasn’t sure if we would be able to mingle with the panelist, but as soon as it ended they started saying hello to everyone, so Natalie and I made a bee line to Justine, then Margaret! Justine is so warm and welcoming, and I thanked her for hosting the event and how amazing it is that people like her in the industry, being the editor of ELLE Australia, are so accessible through these events. I even got a photo with her!


Meeting Margaret

Where do I even start. Margaret had two lines on either side of her waiting to meet her, so I stood in one and waited while she spoke in depth to so many people, took heaps of photos (even a Snapchat!) and sat down and wrote a huge message in someone’s copy of her new book In The Youth of Our Fury: A Volume of Photo Essays by Margaret Zhang. Then it was my turn!

She turned to me and we both said “hiiii” as we hugged, and she apologised for being sweaty but then I babbled on saying “no are you kidding you look gorgeous”. Then I said “I know everyone has said this but I just find you so inspiring, not just in a blogging way but as a woman in general because you’re so intelligent and creative and you stop at nothing. I told my friends I was here and they want you to know they love you so much as well,” which made her go “aww thank you so much!” and clutch her chest. She then, get this, said to me “by the way, you have the most amazing eyes, they’re just so bright.” I died, then and there.

While my soul was being taken into the afterlife after being floored by her compliment, I then told her I have a blog, to which she replied “that’s so good!” and I asked her “what advice do you have for bloggers, especially in terms of not comparing themselves to others?” This isn’t word for word, but she said “well, blogging has changed over time, but find your aesthetic, find your voice, don’t be afraid to have an opinion, and just keep going. I don’t look at others. I only follow like 50 people on Instagram and they’re all hair dressers because I can’t do hair, and friends will ask me ‘why aren’t you following me on Instagram?’ and I’ll be like okay firstly that’s a stupid question, a friendship doesn’t equal a follow, secondly, I’m just doing my own thing!”

Then we hugged again and I asked if I could get a photo with her and she said yes and I passed my phone to a women who was part of running the event, and as she took my photo she said “okay this is the last conversation, everyone else can only get photos because of time issues.” How flipping lucky was I to get that interaction!  Here’s the golden ticket.


Then Natalie and I stumbled out of the store on the biggest high of our lives! Here is myself at the front of the store and my outfit of the night details!

Dress: H&M. Bag: H&M. Belt: Supré. Boots: Windsor Smith.

And there you have it! I had such a wonderful time at the event so I want to thank ELLE and H&M for putting on such a lovely evening for everyone!

Who are some of your biggest blogging inspirations? Leave me a comment below, I’d absolutely love to hear your thoughts and follow those creatives – if I’m not already!

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Al the love,



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